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  • Latin name: Tempalgin
  • ATH code: N02BB72
  • Active ingredient: Metamizole sodium + Triatsetonamin-4-toluolsulfonat (Metamizole sodium + Triacetonamino-4-toluenesulfonate)
  • Producer: Sopharma AD, Bulgaria

Tempalgin's structure

Active components are a part of tablets: metamizole sodium and triacetonamine-4-toluene sulphonate.

Additional components: wheat starch, povidone, magnesium stearate, methacrylic acid, methylmethacrylate copolymer, dibutyl phthalate, macrogoal, talc, titanium dioxide, glitserol, castor oil, dye.

Release form

Tempalgin in the tablets with a film covering packed on 10 pieces into blisters on 2, 10 and 30 blisters in a pack is issued.

Pharmacological action

Tablets Tempalgin possess anksiolitichesky, analgeziruyushchy, febrifugal and antiinflammatory action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This drug is soothing and a sedative. Its action is caused by the substances which are its part.

Metamizole sodium has the anesthetizing and moderate antiinflammatory effect which is provided with inhibition of cyclooxygenases of the 1st and 2nd type.

Tempidon helps to eliminate concern, to get rid of fear, to reduce motive excitement and slightly the ABP. These substances are capable to exponentiate action of each other.

Fast absorption from a gastrointestinal tract is characteristic of drug. Its action is shown in 30 min., and the maximum concentration as a part of blood is found 1-2 hours later. Substance metabilizirutsya in a liver. Drug is removed from an organism in the form of metabolites and part in an invariable form together with bile and urine.

Indications to Tempalgin's use

The main indications to Tempalgin's use:

  • various pain syndromes – neuralgia, head and a dentagra, migraines, mialgiya;
  • visceral painful manifestations, for example, renal, intestinal, and also hepatic colic;
  • decrease in weak pain syndromes after inspections and operations.

Tempalgin's contraindications

The main contraindications to use:

  • arterial hypotension;
  • deficit glyukozo-6-fosfatdegidrogenazy;
  • severe forms of insufficiency of functions of a liver and kidneys;
  • hemopoiesis disturbance;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • aspirinovy asthma;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • children's age.

Side effects

At reception of tablets Tempalgin of M side effects can develop: headaches, dizziness, hallucinations, jaundice, cholestasia, giperfermentemiya, hyperbilirubinemia, epigastric pains, vomiting, nausea, failures of pressure, tachycardia, cyanosis, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis, proteinuria, oliguria and so on.

Besides, development of allergic effects in the form of the small tortoiseshell, a Quincke's edema, a skin itch, an exudative erythema, bronchospasms, an acute anaphylaxis is not excluded.

Tablets Tempalgin, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of Tempalgin recommends to take a pill inside, after the use of food, plentifully washing down with water. The dosage of drug depends on expressiveness of painful manifestations and specific features of the patient.

To adults usually appoint in day on one piece to 1-3-times reception. At the same time the maximum one-time dosage cannot be more than 1 tablet, daily – to 4 pieces. During performance of stomatologic procedures it is necessary to take one pill for half an hour before intervention.

Also the summary to drug reports that children of 15 flyings can take no more than 2 pill a day.

Duration of therapy should not exceed 3-5 days. More than this term drug is accepted only on doctor's orders.

Tempalgin at pregnancy

Reception of this drug at pregnancy is contraindicated. Also it is necessary to refrain from use of tablets when breastfeeding.


In cases of exceeding of a dosage of drug undesirable symptoms of various degree of complexity can be shown. It is known that overdose causes tachycardia, vomiting, drowsiness, arterial hypotonia, abdominal pains, short wind, disturbances of consciousness and a spasm. Also the liver or renal failure is not excluded.

At the same time treatment in the form of a gastric lavage, uses of enterosorbents and other symptomatic therapy is carried out. In more hard cases the artificial diuresis and a hemodialysis is appointed.


The drug combination to derivatives of a fenotiazin causes a hyperthermia. At the same time the analgesic effect can amplify tranquilizers and calmatives.

The probability of development of a leukopenia increases at appointment with cytostatics or Thiamazolum.

This drug can lower concentration of Cyclosporine as a part of plasma, increase efficiency of GKS, hypoglycemic means, indirect anticoagulants and Indometacin.

Weakening of inductors of liver enzymesphenylbutazone or barbiturates is also possible. Mutual strengthening of toxic effects at simultaneous use of metamizole sodium, NPVS, number of oral contraceptives, Allopyrinolum and tricyclic antidepressants while Propranolol, Codeine and blockers of receptors of H2 are capable to slow down elimination of this medicine is not excluded.

Special instructions

Simultaneous use of Tempalgin with X-ray contrast agents, colloid blood substitutes and Penicillin is forbidden.

Reception of this drug can sometimes lead to development of an agranulocytosis therefore when temperature climbs the unclear reasons, the fever, pharyngalgias, the complicated swallowing, stomatitis, a vaginitis or a proctitis appears, treatment cancellation is required.

Long administration of drug – is more than a week, is possible only at control of a condition of blood and functions of a liver.

Tempalgin is not appointed for treatment of acute pain syndromes in a stomach.

Anksiolitichesky action therefore during treatment it is necessary to abstain from performance of dangerous types of activity at which special attention and speed of reactions is required is characteristic of this drug.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is possible to store tablets at the room temperature, in the dry place unavailable to children.

Period of validity

4 years.

Main analogs: Tempanginol, Paracetamol, Kardiomagnil, Amizon and Tantum Verde.


It is established that this medicine strengthens effect of ethanol. Therefore during treatment it is better not to take alcohol.

About Tempalgin

Numerous About Tempalgin point that often he is quite effective. Tablets well help at monthly, from a dentagra and from a headache. At the same time patients quite often discuss tablets Tempalgin from what they help best of all?

It should be noted that this drug affects all people differently. For example, at someone it in addition to elimination of pain syndromes also lowers or increases pressure, and someone does not feel any effect at all. As a rule, the reason of it is covered not in intensity of painful manifestations, and in the caused their reasons.

Sometimes messages meet that patients long time take this medicine as anesthetic. As a result they begin to be interested at forums how Tempalgin acts from what helps and for what he is usually appointed? Cases when people reduced painful manifestations by means of these tablets that led to development of chronic forms of a disease are known.

Of course, there are cases when reception of the anesthetizing drugs is need. However if pains do not pass, then it is necessary to see a doctor. It is important to know, accepting Tempalgin from what it helps and what it can lead to. Development of pathological processes and complexity directed by the exact diagnosis is not excluded.

Tempalgin's price where to buy

The price of tablets Tempalgin varies within 103-400 rubles.


  • Tempalgin No. 100 tabletkisopharma AD
  • Tempalgin No. 20 tabletkisopharma AD

Drugstore of IFC

  • Tempalgin tbl p / about No. 20, Pharmachim/Sopharmabolgariya
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  • Tempalginsopharma (Bulgaria)
  • Tempalgin of a tablet coated No. 20sofarma (Bulgaria)


  • Tempalgin of the tab. p / about No. 10sofarma
  • Tempalgin of the tab. p / about No. 10sofarma


  • Tempalgin No. 20 tabl.p.o.
  • Tempalgin of M of 500 mg/ml 2 ml No. 10 solution for in.amp.
  • Tempalgin of M of 500 mg No. 20 of table.
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