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  • Latin name: Tenoten
  • ATH code: N05BX
  • Active ingredient: Antibodies to mozgospetsifichesky S-100 protein
  • Producer: Physician's Materia NPF Holding of Ltd company (Russia)

Tenoten's structure

Tenoten's structure following: one tablet contains 3 mg affinely of the cleared antibodies to mozgospetsifichesky S-100 protein (mix of cultivations C30, C12 and C200), and also additional components among which – lactose.

Composition of children's drug Tenoten following: 3 mgaffinno the cleared antibodies to mozgospetsifichesky S-100 protein (mix of cultivations C30, C12 and C50), and also additional components, among which – lactose.

Release form

Tablets for a rassasyvaniye are packaged in strip planimetric packagings, in each packaging – 20 tablets. In a cardboard box it is put one or two such packagings.

Pharmacological action

Tablets Tenoten are a homeopathic medicine which renders antidepressive, antialarming and anti-asthenic impact on a human body.

Medicine Tenoten effectively strengthens the central nervous system, promotes improvement of memory and concentration of attention. Drug promotes training. Besides, drug increases the level of body resistance of the person staying in a condition of a stress, intoxication, hypoxia. Tenoten is not soothing, means does not exert sedative impact on an organism.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Medicine regulates functional activity of S-100 protein. As a result, in an organism metabolic processes are normalized, and also return to normal mechanisms of activation and braking of TsNS.

Drug also inhibits peroxide oxidation of lipids.

At a hypoxia, intoxication, and also at the patients who transferred an acute disorder of blood circulation in a brain, drug makes neurotyre-tread influence, promotes restriction of a zone of damage.

The drug pharmacokinetics is not studied today.

Indications to Tenoten's use

Indications to Tenoten's use the following. Drug for adults is used at treatment of the patients subject to constant stresses, at what strong irritability, neurotic conditions, psychosomatic frustration, feelings of causeless alarm is noted.

Adult Tenoten is appointed also to people who suffer from the organic lesions of TsNS provoked by injuries or disturbances of a cerebral blood flow.

Tenoten is applied to children in the course of treatment of patients at whom moderately expressed functional and organic lesions of TsNS which are followed by concern, uneasiness, irritability, deterioration in concentration and memory are noted. Also will be applied at apathy or a hyperactivity of TsNS.

The instruction at reception by children has to be surely carefully studied. Responses of those who used drug for treatment should not be the management to use of means without preliminary appointment of the doctor.


Contraindications at Tenoten and Tenoten's reception children's the following:

  • individual intolerance and high sensitivity to drug components;
  • galactosemia, lactose intolerance, glyukozo-galactose sprue;
  • Tenoten is not appointed to children till 18 flyings;
  • Tenoten children's is not appointed to children till 3 flyings.

Side effects

Sometimes at use of drugs the following side effects are noted:

  • allergic reactions;
  • sleeplessness if drug was accepted at once before going to bed.

Other side effects practically do not develop.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

Before using drug, the summary has to be in details read by the patient to define from what a tablet and whether there is a need to conduct such course of treatment.

Tenoten for children is accepted sublingual, regardless of the meal period. The tablet has to keep in an oral cavity until it not to be dissolved completely. It is not necessary to chew or crush a tablet before reception. If Tenoten is appointed to small children, it is possible to dissolve a tablet in a small amount of water – no more than 15 ml.

As a rule, application instruction of Tenoten following: to children about one tablet three times a day is appointed. The instruction on children's Tenoten provides that the course of treatment drug proceeds from one to three months. How to accept children's drug, it is necessary to consult to the pediatrician as in each individual case the dosage and duration of therapy is appointed only by the doctor.

If there is such need, medicine is taken longer period, or after a while tablets to the child are appointed again. It is desirable to accept drug not later, than in two hours prior to a dream.

How to accept the adult Tenoten, it is necessary to learn from the attending physician also previously. Means is also accepted sublingual, regardless of the meal period.

Reception of 1-2 tablets no more than 4 times a day is generally appointed. Treatment can continue from 1 to 3 months. If after completion of treatment the condition of the patient did not improve, it is necessary to consult with the doctor and, perhaps, to repeat a therapy course drug. It is possible to learn about treatment by Tenoten on the website tenoten.ru in more detail.


Overdose by means is not described, symptoms of poisoning with drug were also not noted. At overdose those symptoms which are described in the section on side effects can be noted by drug.


Tenoten is combined with other medicamentous drugs.

Terms of sale

It is released in drugstores without recipe.

Storage conditions

Drug Tenoten has to be stored in the dry, dark place, temperature at the same time should not exceed 25 °C. Means should be protected from children.

Period of validity

Period of storage — 3 years. After the expiration of this term drug cannot be accepted.

Special instructions

Wikipedia demonstrates that lactose therefore to the patients having a galactosemia, a lactose intolerance or a sprue of a galactose or glucose, it is undesirable to accept drug is a part of means.

Means does not need to be used later, than in two hours prior to a dream.


Tenoten's analogs are drugs of Nott, Afobazole, Sedavit, Nervokheel, Fitosed, Tripsidan, Sedafiton. All these drugs makes similar impact on an organism. The price of analogs can differ in this or that party.

Tenoten or Afobazole — what is better?

Both drugs have similar indications, however Tenoten makes more expressed impact, and influence from reception of Afobazole is noticeable after a course of treatment. Besides, in responses it is noted that after Afobazole of patients it is more expressed drives at a dream. At drugs the different producer, besides, Tenoten – Bol expensive drug.

That it is better: Glycine or Tenoten?

Both drugs exert similar impact on an organism. Glycine — less expensive drug, it makes sedative impact, and also has some other indications. Glycine needs to be accepted, and also to give to children only on doctor's orders.


  • Tenoten No. 40 of the Physician's tabletkimateri NPF Holding of Ltd company
  • Tenoten children's No. 40 of a tabletkimateri of the Physician NPF Holding of Ltd company

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  • Tenoten tbl for a rassasyvaniye No. 40, Materia of the Physician NPF Holding of Ooorossiya
  • Tenoten children's tbl for a rassasyvaniye No. 40, Materia of the Physician NPF Holding of Ooorossiya
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  • Tenoten of a tablet nurseries No. 40materia of the Physician (Russia)
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  • Tenoten of the tab. detsk. Physician's No. 40materia
  • Tenoten of the tab. detsk. Physician's No. 40materia


  • Tenoten No. 40 of the tab. gomeop. Physician's Materia Holding (Russia)
  • Tenoten children's No. 40 of the tab. gomeop. Physician's Materia Holding (Russia)
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