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  • Latin name: TeraFlu Bro
  • ATH code: R05X
  • Active ingredient: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Camphor, Peruvian balm
  • Producer: Novartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)


1 gram of ointment includes Teraflya Bro 125 mg of racemic camphor, 60 mg of the Peruvian balm and on 50 mg of essential oils of an eucalyptus and rosemary.

In addition: carbomer 974P, % polysorbate 20, 30 sodium hydroxide solution, the purified water.

Release form

To Terafl Bro it is made in the form of ointment for external (local) use, on 40 grams in a tuba.

Pharmacological action

Expectorant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Ointment to Terafl Bro is the local combined remedy which efficiency is directed to elimination of negative symptomatology of painful conditions of ways of breath (cough, cold) and is caused by influence of the active ingredients of a plant origin included in a basis of ointment. Drug is characterized by anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antiseptic and bronkhodilatiruyushchy action. Eliminates adverse displays of catarrhal diseases and ORZ, and also stimulates respiratory processes, without irritating at the same time healthy integuments.

Indications to use

Appointment is shown to Terafl Bro in complex treatment at infectious and inflammatory painful conditions of the ways of breath proceeding with cough symptomatology:

  • bronchitis (acute and chronic);
  • tracheitises;
  • ORZ;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • catarrhal diseases.


Use of ointment is contraindicated at:

  • the epileptic syndrome observed in the anamnesis;
  • personal sensitivity to its ingredients;
  • the skin pathologies or damages which are present at places of expected putting drug;
  • aged till 3 years.

Side effects

When using ointment there can theoretically be negative allergic manifestations. In case of detection of such reactions it is necessary to report about their development to the attending physician.

Ointment to Terafl, application instruction

The instruction on ointment to Terafl Bro assumes its exclusively local (outside) use.

Recommend to patients after 3 years drawing a small amount of ointment 2-3-times at 24 o'clock for average and upper speak rapidly spins and a thorax. After easy embrocation and its full absorption it is necessary to cover a drug site of application with dry warm fabric.


At an accidental or deliberate proglatyvaniye of ointment the symptoms caused to influence of eucalyptus oil and camphor can be observed including: spastic pains around a stomach, nausea/vomiting, the expressed dizziness, face reddening, headaches, the complicated breath, spasms, a delirium, oppression of activity of TsNS, a coma.

The main treatment has to consist in cleaning of a gastrointestinal tract, reception of sorbents and laxative drugs. At display of spasms in the conditions of a hospital barbiturates of short action or in/in administration of Diazepam can be appointed.


When using drug according to the instruction (outwardly) its significant interactions with other remedies were not revealed.

Terms of sale

Ointment to Terafl Bro belongs to the HP nonprescription list.

Storage conditions

The most admissible temperature of storage of ointment is equal to 30 °C.

Period of validity

5 years from the date of production, specified on packaging.

Special instructions

Always it is necessary to remember that this ointment is intended only for outside use (it is necessary to avoid oral administration of drug).

It is not necessary to allow hits of ointment on the damaged integuments, burn surfaces, and also on mucous (in particular it concerns covers of a nose and mouth).

Use of this outside drug does not lead to irritation of healthy integuments, and also forming of fat traces on clothes.



  • To Terafl Bro ointment 40 of tubanovartis Farm

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  • To Terafl Bro ointment 40gr. tuba., Novartis Consumer Health/Novartisshveytsariya
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