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  • Latin name: Theraflu immune
  • Active ingredient: Ascorbic acid, Ekhinatsei extract, Zinc gluconate
  • Producer: Novartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)


1 bag includes Teraflya Immuno 100 mg of ascorbic acid; 80 mg of extract of a purple cone-flower and 52,25 mg of a gluconate of zinc.

In addition: magnesium stearate; magnesium citrate; sorbitol; talc; sukraloza; karmeloza of sodium; silicon dioxide; citric acid; lemon and orange fragrances.

Release form

To Terafl Immuno it is made in the form of powder (granules) for peroral (in) reception. Secondary packaging includes 10 bags of drug on 2 grams.

Pharmacological action

Stimulating immune system, compensating for the deficiency of vitamin C and zinc.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug to Terafl Immuno is registered as the dietary supplement (dietary supplement) possessing thanks to effects of the active ingredients, the immunostimulating efficiency.

The ascorbic acid which is a part of this dietary supplement is very important for normal functioning of a human body. She takes part in processes of carbohydrate metabolism, redoxreactions, blood coagulations, permeability of capillaries, synthesis of collagen, steroid hormones and procollagen, and also increases resistance of an organism to various infections.

The microelement zinc is also vital to a human body. Without its enough (about 2-3 grams) full course intracellular (growth and a metabolism) processes, proteinaceous synthesis, digestion of fats and carbohydrates is impossible. Zinc stimuliruyushche influences immune system, increasing anti-virus, antineoplastic and antibacterial protection, promotes the fastest healing of wounds, supports and improves memory, olfactory and flavoring sensitivity. Favors to forming and normal functioning of generative organs, provides transparency of a crystalline lens and stability of a retina of an eye, and also many other things.

The purple cone-flower possesses fungicidal, bacteriostatic, antiinflammatory and virostatic effects, strengthens a leukopoiesis, production of hyaluronidase oppresses, activates macrophages, lymphocytes and granulocytes, increases protective forces and reserves of an organism, stimulates immunity.

Indications to use

Teraflya Immuno is recommended for use:

  • for prevention and treatment (complex) catarrhal painful states (for the purpose of simplification of their current and decrease in possible approach of complications);
  • in the period of epidemics (as immunoexcitant);
  • at defective food (as an auxiliary source in an organism of hydroxycinnamon acids, zinc and vitamin C);
  • at the raised exercise and neuroemotional stresses.


Teraflya Immuno is not recommended to accept (without appointment of the doctor) at:

  • the increased personal sensitivity to powder ingredients;
  • pregnancies/lactations;
  • the general progressing diseases;
  • aged till 14 years.

Side effects

At personal sensitivity of the patient to one or several ingredients of granules forming of allergic manifestations is possible.

Application instruction

The instruction recommends oral administration of powder of drug for Teraflya Immuno. Granules from a bag should be poured out directly on language. There is no need to wash down powder with water.

Internal daily reception of contents of 1-2 bags is shown to patients after 14 years. It is not necessary to exceed the made dosing recommendations. It is better to limit duration of use of drug 3 weeks.


At uncontrollable use the surplus in an organism of zinc and/or vitamin C can be observed.


Data on pharmacokinetic interaction of ingredients of powder with medical drugs are absent.

Terms of sale

BUD Teraflyu Immuno treats OTC medicines.

Storage conditions

Temperature indicators of storage of granules (in an original packing) – to 25 °C. It is not necessary to accept drug from the damaged bag.

Period of validity

36 months from the production moment.


  • Doppelgerts Immunotonik;
  • Bittner Immuno;
  • Immunomax.;
  • Biostim;
  • Melonella;
  • Betulayn;
  • Timusamin;
  • Immuno-Shild;
  • Propolin;
  • Maksifam;
  • Alkimer;
  • Will direct, etc.

To children

Reception of granules till 14 years is not recommended.


  • To Terafl Immuno No. 10 paketikinovartis Farm
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