Teraflya LAHR

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  • Latin name: TeraFlu LAR
  • ATH code: R02AA
  • Active ingredient: Benzoxonium chloride + Lidocaine hydrochloride
  • Producer: Novartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)


1 tablet includes 1 mg of benzoxonium of chloride and 1 mg of lidocaine of a hydrochloride.

In addition: cellulose microcrystallic; sorbitol; sodium saccharinate; macrogoal 6000; corn starch; sodium chloride; citric acid; fragrance orange; magnesium stearate.

100 ml of spray include: 0,2% of benzoxonium of chloride and 0,15% of lidocaine of a hydrochloride.

In addition: 0,0025% of menthol, 10% of ethanol (96%); 0,0581% of Acidum hydrochloricum (0,1 N); 15% of glycerin; 0,01% of oil of a peppermint; to 100% of the purified water.

Release form

Teraflya LAHR it is made in the form of tablets for a further rassasyvaniye on 8; 16; 24 pieces in secondary packaging, and also in the form of spray in bottles on 30 ml in secondary packaging (together with a nozzle sprayer).

Pharmacological action

Mestnoanesteziruyushchy, antiseptic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Teraflya LAHR is a remedy from group of the antiseptic agents possessing also mestnoanesteziruyushchy activity which are intended for use in the LOR-expert.

Quaternary ammonium salt benzoxonium chloride, thanks to the cationic structure which is contained in it, is characterized by membranotropny efficiency and shows the expressed antibacterial (antimicrobic) activity on the relation generally to gram-positive microorganisms (in a smaller measure influences gram-negative strains of bacteria). Also the antifungal and anti-virus effects directed to suppression of membrane viruses are inherent in benzoxonium (including viruses of herpes, flu and a parainfluenza).

Anesthetic reduces lidocaine at local use for treatment of ENT organs or completely levels the painful feelings in a throat noted when swallowing.

Absorption of benzoxonium is almost equal to zero. In human plasma this drug is not found, its accumulation in fabrics does not happen. About 1% of the accepted dose of benzoxonium is defined in urine.

Absorption of lidocaine at oral administration happens in an oral cavity through her mucous membrane. Metabolic transformations are carried out in a liver at "the first passing". Bioavailability of lidocaine at such route of administration equals about 35%. Products of its metabolism are excreted with urine, in not changed form less than 10% of drug are removed.

Indications to use

Appointment Teraflya LAHR is shown for therapy of the diseases of an infectious and inflammatory etiology proceeding in a drink and an oral cavity including:


Use Teraflya LAHR is forbidden:

  • at a pregnancy/lactation;
  • aged till 4 years;
  • at personal sensitivity to any of HP ingredients or to ammoniac connections.

Side effects

Occasionally at use Teraflya LAHR the reactions of local character which are shown irritation which are temporary are observed.

In isolated cases noted the allergic manifestations which are expressed developing of urticaria, and also hypostases of a throat and/or person.

In case of use of drug for more than 14 days sometimes registered coloring of teeth and/or language in brown color (reversible).

Application instruction Teraflya LAHR

To adult patients the application instruction of tablets Teraflya LAHR recommends to rassasyvat 1 tablet of drug each 2-3 hours. In case of manifestation of heavy symptoms of a disease the rassasyvaniye of the 1st tablet Teraflya LAHR each 60-120 minutes, but taking into account the greatest possible daily dosage equaling to 10 tablets is allowed.

The nursery (after 4 years) a daily dose of drug makes at most 6 tablets, with preservation of the recommended reception frequency – 1 tablet each 2-3 hours.

Rassasyvaniye of tablets should be carried out slowly, up to their full dissolution.

Teraflya LAHR the application instruction recommends to use spray to patients after 4 years of 3-6 times at 24 o'clock. Once adult patients can make up to 4 sprayings, children are more senior than 4 years – no more than 2-3 sprayings.

Spray Teraflya LAHR needs to be sprayed holding a barrel with drug in an oral cavity strictly vertically.

In a case when for 5 days of use of any of dosage forms Teraflya LAHR the simplification of symptomatology is not observed, it is necessary to stop the carried-out treatment and to see the attending physician.


At accidental or deliberate oral administration of excessive dosages Teraflya LAHR (any of its dosage forms) display of nausea/vomiting is possible. The mass part of lidocaine in drug is insufficient for forming of any negative symptoms.

As treatment of the above-stated states recommend to eat the ovalbumin which is previously shaken up in water or to drink milk.


At parallel use of anionno-active agents (including toothpaste) decrease in medical effect of benzoxonium of chloride is observed.

Terms of sale

Spray and tablets of drug are nonprescription.

Storage conditions

Each of pharmaceutical forms of drug has to be stored at a temperature up to 30 °C, tablets should be preserved in the dry place.

Period of validity

It is possible to store tablets for 3 years, spray for 5 years from the moment of their production.

Special instructions

Exclusively local use of spray Teraflya LAHR is allowed.



  • Teraflya LAHR ml spray 30 flakonnovartis Farm
  • Teraflya LAHR No. 16 tabletkinovartis Farm
  • Teraflya LAHR Menthol No. 20 tabletkinovartis Farm

Drugstore of IFC

  • Teraflya Lahr spray 30 of ml, Novartis Pharmashveytsariya
  • Teraflya Lahr tbl for rassasyvaniya No. 20 menthol, Novartis Pharmashveytsariya
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  • Teraflya LAHR spray bottle 30 mlnovartis Konsyyumer Hels S. A. (Switzerland)


  • Teraflya LAHR spray fl.30 mlnovartis Konsyyumer
  • Teraflya LAHR spray fl.30 mlnovartis Konsyyumer
  • Teraflya LAHR spray fl.30 mlnovartis Konsyyumer
  • Teraflya LAHR spray fl.30 mlnovartis Konsyyumer


  • Teraflya LAHR of 30 ml spray mestn. flacon.
  • Teraflya LAHR of tab. No. 16 for rassas.
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