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  • Latin name: Terbinafine
  • ATH code: D01BA02
  • Active ingredient: Terbinafin (Terbinafine)
  • Producer: Biosynthesis of joint stock company, VERTEKS, VIPS-MED Firm, Bioky closed joint stock company, Kanonfarm production closed joint stock company, Medisorb (Russia); Belmedpreparata of RUP (Republic of Belarus), Aurobindo Pharma (India)


As a part of tablets Terbinafin contains active agent of a terbinafin a hydrochloride, and also additional components: MKTs, lactoses monohydrate, potato starch, talc, primelloz, aerosil, magnesium stearate.

Cream Terbinafin contains active component of a terbinafin a hydrochloride, and also additional components: the benzyl alcohol, stearic acid distilled glitserol, vaseline, emulsifier, water, trietanolamine.

Ointment contains in structure active component of a terbinafin a hydrochloride, and also additional components: methylparahydroxybenzoate, carbomer, liquid paraffin, polysorbate, sodium hydroxide, propylene glycol, water.

Terbinafin spray contains active component of a terbinafin in structure a hydrochloride, and also additional components: macrogoal 400, water, propylene glycol, alcohol.

Release form

Several forms of this medicine which are applied outwardly, and also tablets to oral administration are made:

  • tablets Terbinafin on 250 mg, in packaging can be 7 or 10 tablets, tablets white, or yellow-white color, with risky and a facet;
  • use cream outwardly of 1%, white, homogeneous has characteristic aroma;
  • ointment;
  • spray.

Pharmacological action

Terbinafin is a fungicidal, antifungal drug. Shows activity almost to all types of a fungus which can strike a human body. In small concentration shows fungicidal action of rather mold mushrooms, dermatophytes, to some species of dimorphous mushrooms. On mushrooms barmy it is possible both fungicidal, and a fungistasis.

Its therapeutic action is defined by the destroying influence on a membrane of cells of mushrooms, and also in view of specific inhibition of a skvalenepoksidaza (it is the enzyme important for normal function of a membrane of a cell of a mushroom).

Under the influence of Terbinafin products of ergosterol owing to which lack of a cell of a mushroom the amount of squalene increases stop. As a result there is an inactivation of all fermental systems, and the cell perishes.

Active component does not influence system of P450 cytochrome, therefore, does not affect process of a metabolism of hormones or other drugs.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

At oral administration of medicine there is a fast absorption of active agent from a digestive tract. Its partial metabolism occurs in a liver, as a result, its bioavailability decreases to 40%. Only slightly bioavailability of medicine is affected by meal therefore to adjust a dose there is no need.

The greatest concentration of drug in blood is observed 2 hours later after the pill of 250 mg was taken. 99% of active agent in blood contact proteins of plasma.

Also the drug epidermotropnost, that is its greatest number is noted onikho-(concentration, optimum for therapeutic effect) collects in hair, integuments, nails, and also in hypodermic cellulose.

In an organism of a terbinafin the hydrochloride biotransformirutsya in metabolites which do not show antifungal activity. The most part them is removed with urine. The elimination half-life is equal to 17 hours.

Terbinafin's cumulation at reception is not noted. Its efficiency is identical to all patients, regardless of age of the person. In the presence of pathological changes in a liver and kidneys medicine biotransformation can be slowed down. As a result, its concentration in biological liquids increases and the period of circulation of medicine in blood increases.

At Terbinafin's use locally no more than 5% of active component get to blood.

Indications to use

In the instruction indications to Terbinafin's use specified that all forms of medicine are applied at diseases which were provoked by drozhzhepodobny, mold mushrooms, and also dermatophytes.

Means in tablets is shown to apply at diseases of a fungal origin which were caused by sort Trichophyton dermatophytes (T. Mentagrophytes, T. verrucosum, T. Violaceum, T. Rubrum, T. tonsurans), Microsporum canis, Epidermophyton floccosum, and also sort Candida mushrooms. Tablets are appointed at a trichophytosis, a microsporia, an onychomycosis, an epidermophitia, candidiasis.

As a rule, Terbinafin in tablets appoint at the extended and expressed symptoms. At the same time to carry out treatment multi-colored depriving tablets inefficiently.

For what cream, ointment and spray and whether it is necessary to use these local means, the specialist has to define.

As a rule, cream should be used at the fungal diseases provoked by mushrooms of Candida, Microsporum canis, Trichophyton, Pityriasis, Epidermophyton floccosum.

Also ointment and cream use at candidiasis, defeats of the integuments provoked by dermatophytes, multi-colored herpes.


Use of medicine in the form of tablets at such diseases and states is contraindicated:

  • liver diseases in a chronic or active form;
  • renal failure in a chronic form (KK less than 50 ml/min.);
  • the age of the patient till three years and its weight is up to 20 kg;
  • lactose intolerance, lack of lactase, glyukozogalaktozny malabsorption;
  • lactation;
  • high sensitivity to means components.

Carefully tablets Terbinafin people should appoint with a chronic renal failure (with glomerular filtering more than 50 ml/min. on the basis of Reberg's test), hemopoiesis disturbances, alcoholism, endocrine diseases, psoriasis, vasoconstriction of extremities, tumors, a system and skin lupus erythematosus.

At Terbinafin's reception it is necessary to carry out accurate control of a condition of a liver and kidneys. It is necessary to cancel at once tablets Terbinafin or Terbinafin Teva if the following symptoms are shown:

  • abdominal pain;
  • nausea;
  • deterioration in appetite;
  • jaundice;
  • weakness;
  • urine darkening;
  • light kcal.

Drug forms should not be applied to local use at hypersensitivity and display of an allergy.

Relative contraindications to use of such means are:

  • tumors;
  • alcoholism;
  • liver and renal failure;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • narrowing of a gleam of vessels;
  • hemopoiesis disturbance;
  • age of the patient till 12 flyings.

Side effects

At reception of tablets at patients such side effects can be shown:

  • feeling of pain and weakness in epigastric area;
  • deterioration in appetite;
  • cholestasia;
  • taste disturbance;
  • allergic reactions;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • lowering of the level of thrombocytes and neutrophils in blood.

At topical administration of means the itch, burning and a hyperemia in those places where means was put can be noted. Allergic manifestations in rare instances can develop.

Application instruction of Terbinafin (Way and dosage)

Tablets Terbinafin, application instruction

The doctor has to determine duration of reception of tablets, considering weight of an illness. Children should accept means after food, it is necessary to do it once a day. When determining a single dose of medicine it is necessary to consider the body weight of the child.

Children whose weight less than 20 kg, 62.5 mg of drug, children weighing from 20 to 40 kg – 125 mg receive, children weighing from 40 kg — 250 mg

Adult patients receive 250 mg of a tablet Terbinafin Teva or Terbinafin once a day or twice a day on 125 mg.

Duration of treatment depends on a disease. At a dermatomycosis of feet it is necessary to take a pill from 2 to 6 weeks.

At candidiasis of integuments, a dermatomycosis of extremities, trunks, shins treatment lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

At infections of pilar part of the head treatment lasts 4 weeks.

At an onychomycosis effective treatment of an illness is possible on condition of administration of drug for from 6 to 12 weeks. Sometimes, on condition of the reduced growth rate of nails at the patient, treatment can be longer. The effect will be noted in several months after end of a course of treatment.

Ointment Terbinafin, application instruction

Ointment or cream apply on the struck places 1-2 times a day. Before putting means, it is necessary to clear and dry up very carefully affected skin. It is necessary to apply means with a thin layer on affected areas and on the areas adjoining to them and slightly to rub it. If in development of an infection at the patient emergence of an intertrigo is noted, after drawing means these places can be covered with a gauze. It is reasonable to do it if ointment or cream put for the night.

Duration of treatment depends on a disease. At candidiasis of integuments, a dermatomycosis of extremities, trunks, shins it is necessary to put means for 1-2 weeks.

At treatment multi-colored depriving – 2 weeks.

Treatment of a dermatomycosis of feet continues 2-4 weeks.

At mycosis of nail plates means is put within 3-6 months.

As a rule, clinical manifestations decrease after the first days of use of medicine. It is necessary to consider that at irregular drawing means or the premature termination of therapy the infection can renew. Provided that in two weeks of regular use of Terbinafin of display of an illness do not decrease, it is necessary to see a doctor and to specify the diagnosis.

Spray is used outwardly, it is necessary to use it 1-2 times a day.


If there was Terbinafin's overdose in the form of tablets, at the patient rash, nausea, a headache, vomiting, dizziness, pain in epigastric area, a frequent urination can be noted. It is important to carry out a gastric lavage, also practice reception of absorbent carbon, a symptomatic treatment.

There are no data on overdose of medicine in the form of outside means. At accidental intake of means in the form of ointment or cream nausea, a headache, dizziness, pain in epigastriums can be shown. In that case carry out a symptomatic treatment, reception of absorbent carbon is shown.


At Terbinafin's use impact on clearance of drugs in which metabolism the system P450 cytochrome participates can be noted. It is Tolbutamidum, Cyclosporine, oral contraceptives.

Increases concentration H2-gistaminoblokatorov in a blood plasma.

Slows down Rifampicin removal, in turn, Rifampicin increases its clearance twice.

At women who use oral contraceptives disturbance of a menstrual cycle is possible.

Terfenadin inhibits CYP2P6 isoenzyme that conducts to an obstacle of a metabolism of tricyclic antidepressants, beta adrenoblockers, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, antiarrhythmic drugs, monoaminooxidase inhibitors In type, antipsychotic drugs.

Under the influence of Terbinafin the clearance of caffeine for 21% goes down, at the same time the period of its semi-removal increases by 31%.

Has no effect on clearance of Digoxin, Phenazone, Warfarin.

At a concomitant use with ethanol or with the drugs exerting hepatotoxic impact the probability of medicinal damage of a liver increases.

Terms of sale

Tablets are released according to the recipe of the doctor, means for external use – without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store Terbinafin at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees, in the place, unavailable to children.

Period of validity

It is possible to store means 2 years.

Special instructions

At treatment of an onychomycosis for six weeks it is not required to delete plates of nails which were struck.

It is important to consider that at irregular use of medicine and the premature termination of its use there can be a palindromia.

Existence of other diseases at the patient can influence duration of treatment by Terbinafin.

System use of means at patients with an onychomycosis is reasonable only at total defeat of the majority of nails, in the presence of a hyponychial hyperkeratosis, and also in the absence of effect after topical treatment.

At people with diseases of a liver the clearance of a terbinafin can be lowered.

In the course of treatment it is necessary to control indicators of activity of hepatic transaminases in blood.

Developing of hepatitis and cholestasia later after an initiation of treatment is possible three months, but it occurs only in rare instances. If the patient has signs testimonial of abnormal liver functions, medicine is cancelled.

Carefully appoint drug to the patients having psoriasis as medicine can provoke an exacerbation of this illness.

It is necessary to follow carefully all rules of personal hygiene in the course of treatment not to allow repeated infection. After completion of treatment and (two weeks later after the beginning) it is necessary to practice in its process antifungal processing of socks, stockings, footwear.

The irritation can provoke cream or Ointment Terbinafin why it is impossible to allow hits of these means in eyes. If means got into eyes, it is necessary to wash out them clear water at once. If symptoms of irritation do not disappear, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

In case of allergic manifestations medicine is cancelled.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs in tablets are drugs Lamikan, Onikhon, Terbizil, Binafin, Ekzifin, Mikonorm, Terbinafina a hydrochloride, etc.

Analogs of means Terbinafin for external use are drugs Termikon, Lamizil Uno, Terbinoks, Terbizil, Mikonorm, Lamitel, Terbinafin-MFF, etc.


  • Terbinafin-Tev of 250 mg No. 28 tabletkiteva Pharmaceutical
  • Terbinafin of 250 mg No. 10 tabletkibioky closed joint stock company
  • Terbinafin of 1% cream 30gverteks of closed joint stock company
  • Terbinafin of 1% cream 15gverteks of closed joint stock company
  • Terbinafin-Tev of 250 mg No. 14 tabletkiteva Pharmaceutical

Drugstore of IFC

  • Terbinafin cream of a tube of 1% 15 g, Zaorossiya's Vertexum
  • Terbinafin cream of a tube of 1% 30 g, Zaorossiya's Vertexum
  • Terbinafin tbl 250 mg No. 10, Zaorossiya's Vertexum
  • Terbinafin ointment of a tube of 1% 15 g, Moscow FF (г.Москва) Russia
  • Terbinafin-Tev tbl 250 mg No. 28, Tevaizrail
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  • Terbinafin-kv tablets 250 of mg No. 14 Kiev vitamin plant (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Terbinafin-kv table of 250 mg No. 14
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