Testis compositum

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  • Latin name: Testis compositum
  • Producer: Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH (Germany)


1 ampoule (2,2 ml) includes a complex of specially picked up substances of various nature of an origin in homeopathic dilution of "D".

In cultivation of D4 – Panax ginseng, Testis suis; D6 – Vitex agnus-castus, Acidum ascorbicum, Kalium picrinicum, Caladium seguinum, Strychninum phosphoricum; D8 – Phosphorus, Cor suis, Damiana, Phosphorus, Embryo totalis suis, Curare, Lytta vesicatoria, Manganum phosphoricum; D10 – Selenium, Ferrum phosphoricum, Magnesium phosphoricum, Zincum metallicum, Diencephalon suis; D13 – Cortisonum aceticum, Glandula suprarenalis suis; D28 – Lycopodium clavatum, Conium maculatum. The mass part of all active ingredients is equal to 22 mg.

Additional components: water for infection, sodium chloride (for forming of an isotony).

Release form

The Heel company lets out Testis a compositum in the form of injection solution in ampoules, on 5 or 100 pieces in secondary packaging.

Pharmacological action

Vasodilating, trophic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, stimulating (in relation to sexual to glands of men).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Testis a compositum is homeopathic multicomponent medicine which effect of all active ingredients is directed to regulation of functionality of male gonads. Drug is characterized by vasodilating, anti-inflammatory and metabolic efficiency which is based on activation of internal protective forces and reserves of a human body, and also on normalization of its broken functions.

Indications to use

Use Testis a compositum is shown for treatment of various disorders of function of gonads at the men observed at:


Before accepting Testis Kompozitum, it is necessary to be convinced of absence at the patient of personal hypersensitivity to the ingredients which are his part in particular it concerns an alien animal protein.

Also drug is not appointed to boys aged till 12 years.

Side effects

Occasionally observed the side effects of drug connected with personal hypersensitivity. At in administration of foreign proteins in the homeopathic dilution exceeding D10 they can get a form of anaphylactic reactions.

Testis Kompozitum, application instruction

The single dosage prescribed patients after 12 years makes 2,2 ml (1 ampoule). In case of therapy of acute states daily use of a single dose for 3 days is shown. Further treatment, and also therapy of diseases of a chronic current is carried out by 2-3-times administration of drug in a week. Carrying out in oil, p / to, and in/in injections is allowed. Reception of injection solution orally is also possible for what contents of one ampoule are dissolved in 5-10 ml of water and drink with a drug delay in a mouth for several seconds. The course of monotherapy or complex treatment lasts 3-6 weeks.


About cases of accidental or deliberate overdose by injection solution Testis Kompozitum it was not reported.


Testis Kompozitum can be appointed in parallel with the other drugs used for therapy of dysfunction of male gonads and is often applied in complex treatment.

Terms of sale

Drug belongs to prescription HP therefore it is possible to buy Testis Kompozitum only according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

The maximum temperature of storage of ampoules with injection solution – 25 °C.

Period of validity

Of the date of production specified on packaging – 5 years.

Special instructions

At identification of any side effects, and also at inefficiency of treatment it is necessary to interrupt temporarily therapy and to consult with the doctor appointing drug.



  • Testis a compositum 2,2ml solution for injections No. 5 to an ampulybiologisha Haylmittel Heel Gmbh
  • Testis a compositum 2,2ml solution for injections No. 100 to an ampulybiologisha Haylmittel Heel Gmbh

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  • Testis a compositum solution for in 2.2ml amp No. 5, Biologische Heilmittel Heelgermaniya
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