Testosterone is the main men's hormone which is produced in cells of seed plants at men. Besides, in small amounts it cosecretes also ovaries at women, and also bark of adrenal glands at both floors. Testosterone is a product of a peripheral metabolism.

The early serious studies of testosterone were conducted in 1935 when it was succeeded to make its partial synthesis and to establish its structure.

Testosterone is really one of the most active and considerable among other hormones which are produced in a man's organism. It regulates development of sexual characters in teenagers and boys in the course of maturation. Testosterone supports and also development of muscles stimulates processes of synthesis and growth of a protein, adjournment of calcium in bones. Also one of its major roles consists in regulation of sexual behavior of the man, emergence of an inclination and sexual interests. This hormone is responsible for a sexual response, rise of sexual energy, and not only from men, but also from women. Testosterone has the defining influence on a sexual vlechecheniye of the man, an erection. Therefore especially it is important at advanced age as during life its level decreases that is reflected in force of sexual opportunities and appetites. After forty years concentration of hormone decreases by 1% a year, as a result by 60 years the organism receives less the fifth part. At this time the so-called "man's climax" is shown — immunity, working capacity decreases, there come attacks of irritability and melancholy, sleeplessness, memory impairment, the number of muscle bulk decreases, bones become fragile, the volume of muscle bulk decreases, osteoporosis can develop, the amount of fatty tissue uvelichivayesnizhatsya a potentiality, erectile dysfunction can develop, decrease a libido, brightness of an orgasm decreases, sharply let know about themselves age illnesses. Besides, the lowered testosterone level strongly increases risk of development of cardiovascular diseases.

Testosterone exerts impact and on a female organism thanks to the fact that even rather low level of this hormone is sufficient for an adequate sexual response as women are more sensitive to testosterone.

The lowered testosterone is dangerous not only to men of mature old age. Joint researches of endocrinologists and cardiologists led to identification of one of basic reasons of approach of a myocardium at young age is a temporary shortage of testosterone in an organism. Stresses, an overstrain, starvation, long diseases – all this leads to decrease in concentration of hormone. Ways of increase in concentration are not difficult, they are good men, mainly athletes are known to specialists, however, use them only in one purposes – for increase in muscle bulk.

As showed numerous researches, it is necessary to support testosterone at the normal level not necessarily by means of medicines. It can be done by the healthy balanced nutrition. At first it is necessary to take care of the normal level of zinc, its shortcoming results in lack of sexual desire both at men, and at women. It is necessary to include in a diet bread, seafood, brown rice, fast low-fat meat, vegetables, fragile cheeses. Also it is worth being convinced that the organism has enough vitamins B6and B12, and also other vitamins of this group, they carry out testosterone to a normality.

One of the main carriers of testosterone in an organism is cholesterol. Therefore its fast falling leads to deterioration and sexual life. At a rigid diet when falling of level of cholesterol is possible, also the level of testosterone can fall. If this situation puts you in a difficult situation, it is necessary to consult with the nutritionist, he will prompt as keeping to sports way of life and a diet to normalize cholesterol level.

Alcoholic beverages are capable to prevent production of testosterone strongly. It is connected with the fact that alcohol reduces synthesis of this hormone. Excess weight is also opponents of hormone. Extra kilos of fatty weight can bring the man over time into the person of an average floor as at increase in fat by 30% many organism stops production of testosterone, having begun production of women's hormones. Therefore the man's figure sometimes can becomes effeminate. In this case power exercises can help. Specialists found out long ago that such trainings return hormone to normal concentration.

The increased level of testosterone is also dangerous, as well as lowered. First of all, it exerts impact on a brain as its cells are not noted by resistance to big concentration of hormone. The increased level of testosterone is capable to break membranes of cells, to activate so-called "killers", to lead to fragmentation of DNA. Excess of hormone can be determined by frequent attacks of aggression, excitability, irritability and even tendency to a suicide. In that case when the raised testosterone is to results of reception of special drugs, the worst outcome is possible: hormone almost completely sticks to be developed by an organism.

Testosterone holds a specific place in life of athletes, especially bodybuilders. It is connected with the fact that growth of muscle bulk by 70% depends on testosterone level: the it is lower, the is more slowly gathered muscles grow. Athletes accept special additives and synthetic analogs of hormone that often negatively affects on health, such experiments with endocrine system and a hormonal background cannot be carried out safely without control of the doctor.

Testosteronzameshchayushchy therapy

Quite naturally there can be a question whether it is capable to lead additional testosterone to normalization of sexual function of the man? When the synthetic analog of drug was only output, it was appointed practically to any man with impotence problems. However doctors were surprised that the positive take was observed in extremely exceptional cases.

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