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  • Latin name: Tetracycline
  • ATH code: D06AA04
  • Active ingredient: Tetracycline (Tetracycline)
  • Producer: Belmedpreparata of RUP (Belarus), Tatkhimfarmpreparata, Murom instrument-making plant, NIZHPHARM, Biosynthesis of joint stock company, Biochemist (Russia)


The operating drug component – tetracycline a hydrochloride. Medicine contains the following additional components in tablets: sucrose, talc, potato starch, calcium stearate, gelatin. The cover includes: gipromelloza, polysorbate, liquid paraffin, acid red 2C.

The oculentum Tetracycline in addition to active component contains sodium sulfite a feast, anhydrous lanolin, vaseline, ceresin, paraffin.

Release form

The round biconvex tablets Tetracycline in a film cover are issued. A kernel shade yellow, on cross section it is possible to see two layers. Besides, in drugstores it is possible to buy ointment and powder in ampoules.

Pharmacological action

Tetracycline – an antibiotic which belongs to the antimicrobic medicines intended for system use.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

On classification this drug is included into antibiotics of group of tetracyclines. It is active in relation to many gram-positive microbes: Clostridium spp., Staphylococcus spp., Listeria spp., Streptococcus pneumoniae, Bacillus anthracis, Actinomyces israelii. Besides, this means can be applied against many gram-negative microorganisms: Haemophilus ducreyi, Salmonella spp., Acinetobacter spp., Yersinia pestis, Haemophilus influenzae, Bartonella bacilliformis, Borrelia burgdorferi, Enterobacter spp., Bordetella pertussis, Klebsiella spp., Vibrio fetus, Shigella spp., Francisella tularensis, Vibrio cholerae, Rickettsia spp., Escherichia coli, Brucella spp.

Medicine is also active to Chlamydia psittaci, Treponema spp., Calymmatobacterium granulomatis, Chlamydia trachomatis, Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

Extent of absorption of drug at the prima on an empty stomach – 75-77%, in case of use during food absorption decreases. Active agent contacts proteins of plasma for 55-65%. At oral administration the maximum concentration in plasma is noted 2-3 hours later. It gradually decreases for 8 hours.

Getting to an organism, active agent accumulates in a liver, lungs, kidneys, and also in bodies which differ in the developed reticuloendothelial system. Content in bile approximately at 5-10 times more, than in blood serum. Tetracycline the hydrochloride also accumulates in a bone tissue, a dentine, fabrics of tumors, enamel of milk teeth. Gets through a placental barrier and into milk at a lactation.

Time of semi-removal makes 6-11 hours. For 20-50% medicine is excreted through intestines.

Indications to use

Indications to use of this drug the following:

From the listed diseases apply eye ointment, and to therapy of serious infectious diseases – tablets. From what ointment can be used in each separate case, it is desirable to consult to the doctor. It is quite often appointed instead of eye drops.

About the tablets Tetracycline (from what and in what dose to apply), it is also best of all to consult with the specialist. In certain cases it is appointed, for example, at quinsy. Besides, specialists sometimes recommend to use Tetracycline from spots.


Contraindications are following:

  • leukopenia;
  • age till 8 flyings;
  • hypersensitivity to medicine components;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • kidneys/liver dysfunction.

Side effects

Possible side reactions:

Application instruction of Tetracycline (Way and dosage)

For those to whom appointed ointment Tetracycline the application instruction reports that medicine needs to be used outwardly. It is applied in a small amount on affected areas by 1-2 times daily.

For intake appoint the tablets Tetracycline, the application instruction reports that at the same time it is desirable to wash down them with liquid. Perhaps two schemes of use:

  • 0,25-0,5 g are 4 times/days old;
  • 0,5-1 g every 12 hours.

In day it is impossible to take more than 2 g medicine. For children aged from 8 flyings two schemes of use are also possible:

  • 6,25-12,5 mg/kg every 6 hours;
  • 12,5-25 mg/kg every 12 hours.

The application instruction of Tetracycline from spots specifies that the dosage has to be about 0,5-2,0 g a day in the divided doses. When the state improves (as a rule, 21 day later), the dose is gradually reduced to 0,125-1 g. Then it is desirable to use drug in a day. When using ointment it is applied with a thin layer precisely on the inflamed sites by 2 times daily. A use course – 3-14 days.

At a tetracycline brucellosis the hydrochloride is used on 0,5 g every 6 hours. The course is expected 3 weeks, at the same time intramuscular injections of Streptomycin in a dosage of 1 g every 12 hours and once a day do the first week during the second week of therapy.

In case of uncomplicated gonorrhea an initial one-time dosage – 1,5 g. After that it is necessary to accept 4 days on 0,5 g every 6 hours. The general dose makes 9 g.

At syphilis it is necessary to accept 0,5 g every 6 hours. At an early stage of a disease medicine is taken for 15 days, in a late stage – for a month.

In case of uncomplicated urethral, rectal and endocervical infections which are provoked by Chlamydia trachomatis it is necessary to accept in days 0,5 g 4 times. Therapy is expected at least a week.


At overdose side reactions can amplify. Treatment depends on symptoms.


Extent of absorption of drug decreases at reception of antacids which include aluminum, calcium and magnesium, and also medicines with iron and Colestyraminum.

Use of medicine also reduces action of the bactericidal antibiotics interfering synthesis of a cell wall.

The combination to Chymotrypsin leads to increase of active agent of Tetracycline and duration of circulation.

Drug reduces action of estrogensoderzhashchy contraceptive means for oral administration and increases probability of emergence of bleedings of "break". In combination with Retinolum the risk of increase of intracranial pressure increases.

Terms of sale

Medicine is sold in pharmacy chain according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Optimum temperature of storage is not above 20 °C. Medicine needs to be protected from small children.

Period of validity

Three years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

The following drugs which are specified how analogs of Tetracycline are known:

  • ointment Tetratsiklin Akos;
  • tablets Tetracycline of Lekt.

In recipes on Latin it is possible to notice that all medicines have the same active agent. However to what ointment Tetratsiklin Akos and other analogs can be applied in each separate case, it is better to consult to the doctor.

At pregnancy (and lactations)

This means is contraindicated at pregnancy. Passing through a placenta, tetracyclines accumulate in bones and dental germs of the developing fruit. They are capable to break a mineralization and to cause heavy disturbances in a bone tissue.

Medicine cannot be applied not only at pregnancy, but also at a lactation. It is capable to get into breast milk and to influence negatively a condition of bones and teeth of the baby, to provoke reactions of a photosensitization, and also candidiasis of a mouth and vagina.


  • Tetracycline 100 of mg No. 20 of a tabletkibelmedpreparata
  • Unguentum Tetracyclini of 3% 15gnizhfarm joint stock company
  • Tetracycline with No. 10 nystatin 100000ED tablet/biosynthesis/biosynthesis of joint stock company
  • Unguentum Tetracyclini of eye 1% 3gtatkhimfarmpreparaty joint stock company
  • Unguentum Tetracyclini of eye 1% 10gtatkhimfarmpreparaty joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Tetracycline gl.maz 1% 3 g *, Tatkhimfarmpreparata (Kazan) Russia
  • Tetracycline tbl p / about 100 mg No. 20, Biosynthesis (Penza) Russia
  • Tetracycline + Nystatin tbl p / about 100 thousand. No. 10 piece, Biosynthesis (Penza) Russia
  • Tetracycline ointment of 3% 15 g, Biosynthesis (Penza) Russia
  • Tetracycline tbl p / about 100 mg No. 20, Belmedpreparata (Minsk) Belarus
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  • Tetratsiklinvitamina (Ukraine, Uman)
  • Tetratsiklinborshchagovsky HFZ (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Tetratsiklinnizhfarm (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod)
  • Tetratsiklinvitamina (Ukraine, Uman)


  • Tablet tetracycline, coated 0.1g No. 10borshchagovsky HFZ
  • Tablet tetracycline, coated 0.1g No. 10borshchagovsky HFZ
  • Unguentum Tetracyclini of 3% 15 g


  • Tetracycline of 3% 15 g ointment in a tuba
  • Tetracycline of 1% 10 g ointment glazn. Tatkhimfarmpreparata (Russia)
  • Tetracycline of 1% 3 g ointment glazn. Arpimed of Ltd company (Armenia)
  • Tetracycline of 1% 3 g ointment glazn. Tatkhimfarmpreparata (Russia)
  • Tetracycline hydrochloride of 100 mg No. 10 tabl.p.o.
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