Types and types of hair

Hair are an integral part of our everyday life. We got used to wash the head in the mornings, to brush the hair, be cut and to watch in every possible way the outward. However not many it is aware that they can have problems with hair. As they possess very difficult structure, and even bear in themselves a genetic code of the owner. The hair can tell a lot of things about his owner. All are reflected in hair your harmful and addictions, problems from a metabolism, or excessive nervousness. Cases when the police managed to catch the criminal only thanks to the hair which accidentally dropped out at that, or a shred of hair which was pulled out by its victim are known. About types of hair, their types, diseases, and possible problems with them the speech in this article will also go.

Types of hair

As much already know, hair can be normal, fat, dry. It is accepted to mean their types by these definitions. In principle types of hair at the person can depend on his way of life, its habits (both bad, and good), on what food is consumed, and in addition also how the person looks after himself.

The person can have oily hair for several reasons. Naturally it depends on work of sebaceous glands which regulate distribution of fat on all head in general. As a rule, the increased fat content is the certificate that the person consumes too much caloric, greasy food. However, it is also necessary to note that in many cases fat content of hair is caused by too frequent washing of the head. Fat content can depend also on way of life of the person. For example the one who often should prepare in kitchen needs to dress constantly a hat for hair as fat contains in couples which proceed from the prepared food, it at all desire, or unwillingness also does hair fatter. It is also necessary to note that the more often the person will change a pillowcase at a pillow on which he sleeps, the hair will be afterwards less fat (if to wash them before going to bed, certainly).

As a rule advise that who has oily hair to wash the head more often. However, the washing of the head is made more often, the, respectively quicker the head zhirnet. For prevention many hairdressers advise to wash the head each two days, one day — using shampoo, and the second — having just rinsed them under warm water. If the person spends a lot of time at home, and is not going to get out somewhere, he can advise to forget for a while about washing of the head and to wash it only if it is required where - or to be chosen.

Типы и виды волосDry hair in essence are more problem, than fat. If in a case with the first it is necessary to observe a certain prevention, then in a case with dry everything is far more difficult. Hair of dry type by the nature very and very thin, often happen fragile, their excessive loss is not excluded. Usually dry hair demonstrate that their owner in an organism has few vitamins and that it incorrectly eats. At people with dry hair dandruff is most often shown. As it was already told, a lot of things are influenced also by the food consumed by the person. However not only the consumed food, but also a metabolism in an organism, and in general a set of factors which are connected both with food, and with how the person conducts the life can influence it.

Considering that dry hair demonstrate insufficiently good work of sebaceous glands, the person needs to eat as much as possible greasy food. In addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to availability of vitamins B an organism, that is to eat as much as possible vegetables and fruit, or broth as a part of which there have to be much both vegetables, and meat. It will help to saturate an organism with much-needed fats, and vitamins. Also that at whom dry hair are advised to pay attention to water with which they wash the head, and to shampoo which use. In addition to everything, it makes sense to visit the doctor and to pass inspection with the purpose to learn what problems with an organism and a metabolism. It makes sense to stop dyeing hair, or to do a chemical wave.

The mixed type of hair is something average between fat and dry type. As a rule, these hair are fatter in the field of roots, and, passing to tips smoothly become drier. With this type of hair everything is clear — it is desirable to process roots any substance for an oily hair, and - to grease tips and the middle with something, intended for dry hair. Tips of such hair as a rule split.

Normal hair. These are hair which not too quickly zhirnet, as a rule they reach fat content peak in 5-6 days (at normal leaving, and moderately humid climate). Hair normal moderately thick, do not break, behind them the minimum leaving is required. 1-2 times a week are enough to wash of them. Normal hair as the rule - demonstrate to the correct metabolism in an organism, and that behind their carrier habits are not found any harmful.

Let's not forget that care of hair in addition, in many respects depends on their length. Is short, average length, and long.

Short hair most often occur at men. Their length makes from four to seven centimeters. 1-2 times a day are enough to comb of them. If them not to let grow, and they do not curl, it is possible and once (morning). It should be noted that short hair, usually not too quickly zhirnet, and hair of average length drop out less than long, or. The short hairstyle does not go to most of women, however at correctly picked up style can look very not bad.

Hair of average length are hair which length varies from seven to fifteen (on average) centimeters. Hair of such length occur at most of women. The good stylist is capable to make just a masterpiece of hair of such length. Care of them demands more efforts, and means, than behind short hair. It is necessary to wash the head of times in two days that hair did not lose their volume. It is necessary to comb them at least two-three times a day that they did not sputyvatsya, and in an effect were normally washed out.

Типы и виды волосAs long consider hair which length makes at least 20 cm. Their length can reach as 40, so 60 and more see. Such type of hair is very rare as behind them the permanent care is necessary. Hair of such length should be washed a minimum of times a day, they need to be combed constantly as very often they are braided and overwound among themselves. Considering what it is necessary to pass through that who wants to keep really beautiful long hair, they do not enjoy wide popularity.

In addition, we will not forget also about such thing as baldness. Baldness can come owing to anything. Though, men most often grow bald, in certain cases hair can drop out also at women (at chemotherapy, for example). So, basic reasons of baldness, as a rule constant stresses, a chronic sleep debt, or shortage of any vitamins are.

Let's notice also what there are types of baldness. Baldness can be cicatricial, or not cicatricial. Cicatricial baldness can will be shown as a result of what - or external injuries of hair and skin from which they grow. It can occur in a consequence of any injuries, and harmful effects on the head in general, and root area of hair in particular. Not cicatricial call that type of baldness which is shown rather because of a condition of an organism. Generally, and whole, this type of baldness meets more often. As a rule, if the person uses drugs, or substances which harmful influence a metabolism in an organism, hair begin to drop out by itself. In this case there is a problem of development of hair follicles, and, as a result — disturbance of normal growth of hair.

One of the most widespread diseases of hair is seborrhea. There is an ordinary opinion that dandruff and seborrhea are two different diseases. However, it will be more correct to tell that dandruff is a consequence of seborrhea. Dandruff is formed in a consequence of the wrong, or too frequent washing of the head. The matter is that it is parts of the died-off skin which so, or otherwise, but remain on the head. As a rule, dandruff arises on the head with very plentiful indumentum. Seborrhea, in turn represents very and very serious problem. I will note also that seborrhea is one of the main reasons of emergence of complexes in teenagers. On gravity degree it does not concede to eczema. Seborrhea it, as the rule certificate of misoperation of sebaceous glands, in this case — reduction, or on the contrary — increase in amount of skin fat on a covering not only the heads, but also all body in general. Though, despite it, seborrhea arises in places where the bigger number of hair grows.

Distinguish two types of seborrhea — dry, and fat. Dry seborrhea consists in insufficient allocation by an organism of skin fat, as a result, the most part of the area of hair is covered with the died-off parts of skin of which will not so just get rid (dandruff). They can also be observed at people who are not cut, and do not pay due attention to the hair. Their hair lose the gloss, often break, and begin to drop out much. This process in addition to everything, very and very often can demonstrate emergence of a fungus in the field. Normal hair of such problems do not bring, in a case when behind them the correct leaving is conducted. If, the head constantly itches, and itches, skin dermatitis already progresses.

Типы и виды волосFat seborrhea represents excessive release of skin fat therefore all covering of the head becomes excessively fat, hair begin shines with excessive amount of fat, and having run once a hand over similar hair, it is possible to feel all fat on the fingers, having just rubbed them the friend about the friend. Also, in a case with fat seborrhea on the head small abscesses which, fortunately, behind the plentiful number of hair are not so simple for noticing begin to appear.

For treatment of seborrhea there is such thing as diagnosis of diseases of hair in a trikhologichesky office. Thus to you will help to cure not only seborrhea, but, having carried out diagnosis, will help to find any else diseases of skin, or a hair.

Against the seborrhea it is necessary to use special shampoos, and also masks for hair and lotions which will help to normalize grease secretion of skin of your head.

To prevent emergence of seborrhea (dandruff), it is regularly necessary to check the head and hair regarding any deviations. If those are available, it makes sense to buy suitable shampoo, or just to consult to the specialist in the field. Sometimes happens rather just regularly to wash the head, or if something happens, to replace shampoo which you use. Though cases when problems with hair arose as a result of their washing under water not of the best quality are known.

In general, if to carry out the correct care of the hair, not to be nervous and to lead a healthy lifestyle, with your hair everything has to be as it should be, and no diseases in principle should arise.

In conclusion we will tell several words about value of hair in our life. Hair, the head covering in essence is not simple, namely what is the same integral part of our organism as, say, ears, or fingers. Not without reason at ancient Slavs long hair at men were considered as force sign, and at female chastity. In ancient folklore there are notes about the fact that at Slavs it was accepted to think that long hair in addition to all above-mentioned, attracted all negative power which initially intended to the person. Girls specially grew hair, and carried braids on a belt, and at some length reached even a knee. Unfortunately, presently all are in a pursuit of fashion, and the rare girl will honor traditions of the ancestors.

In many cases, hair carry out also protective function for the head. With long, and rather volume hair if winter not too frosty, it is possible even to go without cap.

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