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  • Latin name: Tobradex
  • ATH code: S01CA01
  • Active ingredient: Dexamethasone (Dexamethasone) and Tobramycinum (Tobramycin)
  • Producer: Alcon-Couvreur N.V. S.A. (Belgium)


Active components of eye drops are (a dosage at the rate on 1 ml of medicine):

As supportive applications which help active ingredients to have the pharmaceutical effect fully are used:

  • chloride benzalkoniya;
  • edetat dinatrium;
  • sodium chloride;
  • anhydrous sodium sulfate;
  • tiloksapol;
  • hydroxyethylcellulose;
  • sulphuric acid and/or sodium hydroxide before finishing rn;
  • the purified water to 5 ml.

In turn the oculentum of Tobradeks consists from (amount of active components at the rate on 1 g of drug):

  • Tobramycinum – 3 mg;
  • dexamethasone – 1 mg;
  • anhydrous chlorbutanol;
  • mineral oil;
  • white vaseline.

Release form

Pharmaceutical drug in pharmaceutical booths is delivered in two main types:

  • Drops for Tobradex eyes in the bottles droppers expected 5 ml of medicine with the special doser "Drop Tainer" ("Drop Teyner"). Liquid look as suspension of white or almost white color. In cardboard packaging one bottle is located.
  • Homogeneous oculentum of Tobradeks of white or almost white color in aluminum tubas, on 3,5 g everyone. 1 tuba is enclosed in a cardboard pack.

Pharmacological action

Eye drops of Tobradeks – the combined pharmaceutical drug possessing antibacterial and antiinflammatory actions which are provided thanks to the main making medicine components. Such complex of active agents allows to reduce considerably risk of an infection and to liquidate the major etiological factor of pathology of the visual device – the harmful microorganisms brought on an eye surface.

Tobramycinum is the substance possessing properties of an antibiotic which belongs to group of aminoglycosides and is produced by a colony of streptococci (Streptococcus tenebrarius). The wide range of bactericidal action covers such harmful microorganisms as:

  • Staphylococcus, in particular golden and epidermal staphylococcus (Staphylococcus aures and Staphylococcus epidermidis), including the strains which developed resistance to penicillin (beta laktamaza, developed by such microflora does not influence power of therapeutic effects of an antibiotic);
  • Hemolitic types of streptococci of type A and microorganisms of this family which do not possess aggression antigens to blood little bodies, for example, the activator of a typical lung fever (Streptococcus pneumonia);
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa (pyocyanic stick);
  • Escherichia coli (colibacillus);
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae (klebsiyell of pneumonia);
  • Enterobacter aerogenes (enterobakteriya anaerobic);
  • Proteus mirabilis and Proteus vulgaris (proteas false jalap and proteas vulgaris);
  • Morganella morganii (morganella blinking);
  • Haemophilus influenzae and Haemophilus aegypticus (hemophilic stick and Koch-Uixa's bacterium);
  • Moraxella lacunata (Moraksa-Aksenfeld's stick);
  • Acinetobacter calcoaceticus;
  • Neisseria pneumonia (pneumonia neysseriya).

Dexamethasone, other main component of ointment of Tobradeks, – a steroid of a glucocorticoid origin which has the antiallergic, antiinflammatory and desensibilizing effect. Thanks to the chemical structure has also anti-exudative effect, suppressing inflammations in a phase of generation of pathological contents.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

System absorption low at topical administration of medicine.

Indications to use

  • prevention of infections in postoperative leaving (for example, after removal of a cataract or a foreign body);
  • bacterial infection of the eye device;
  • blepharitis – an inflammation of an upper or lower eyelid;
  • conjunctivitis – an eye conjunctiva inflammation;
  • keratitis without damage of an epithelium – eyeglobe cornea pathology;
  • virus keratitis, the caused such activator as Herpes zoster;
  • treatment and preventive therapy at traumatologic damage of eyes.


  • the individual hereditary or acquired intolerance, hypersensitivity or idiosyncrasy to compound components of pharmaceutical drug;
  • viral diseases of the visual device (in particular a keratitis, caused by a virus of herpes (Herpes simplex), chicken or natural pox);
  • mikobakterialny infection of eyes (the causative agent of this disease the known stick of Koch or Micobacterium tuberculosa is all);
  • conservative treatment after operational removal of a foreign body of a cornea;
  • fungus diseases of covers of an eyeglobe;
  • purulent pathology of an eye;
  • age category of patients till 1 year.

Also there is a number of morbid conditions when it is necessary to use pharmaceutical drug with care, only under control of the qualified medical personnel, for example, at a hospital treatment in ophthalmologic department. Treat these diseases:

  • glaucoma;
  • the hereditary or acquired thinning of a cornea.

Side effects

Usually therapy by medicine takes place without explicit complications as the main operating components are transferred by an organism well, however in some cases conservative treatment the following side effects can be observed by the drug Tobradex:

  • allergic reactionsan itch, a hyperemia or a swelling a century and conjunctivas, a face edema, rash, an erythema;
  • increase of intraocular pressure;
  • feeling of a foreign body in an eye;
  • decrease in visual acuity;
  • photophobia;
  • long mydriasis (long mydriasis);
  • the subkapsulyarny cataract localized in back part;
  • delay of reparative and regenerator mechanisms in open wounds;
  • dizziness and headache;
  • bitter smack in a mouth;
  • plentiful rhinorrheas;
  • laryngospasm;
  • at patients with the hereditary or acquired thinning of a sclera its perforation can develop (the risk considerably increases at a long course of treatment);
  • consecutive infection (content in Dexamethasone glucocorticosteroid medicine in a complex with an antibiotic component Tobramycinum leads to easing of immunity in relation to fungal microflora, that is invasions can develop from it like microorganisms – a typical symptom is emergence on a cornea it is long not healing ulcers).

Tobradeks, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The instruction on eye drops of Tobradeks indicates that it is extremely easy to use pharmaceutical drug for conservative therapy of diseases of the visual device. It is necessary to apply 1-2 drops each 4-6 hours, placing medicine directly in a conjunctival sac. In the first 24-48 hours the dosage can be increased to 1-2 drops with a temporary interval only at 2 o'clock at the corresponding indications.

To use drug in the form of ointment slightly more difficult. First of all, because of unpleasant feelings of a foreign subject on an eyeglobe it is not so convenient to use such pharmaceutical form. As well as drops, an oculentum it is brought in a conjunctival sac. Before use it is necessary to wash up carefully hands that the antibiotic simply was not spent for their clarification from harmful microflora.

The head is rejected back then delay a lower eyelid and bring about 1,5 cm of ointment. Further it is necessary to open and close several times eyes, thus pharmaceutical drug will evenly be distributed in a conjunctival sac. It is necessary to watch that the tip of a tuba did not concern integuments, an eyelash or a mucous membrane of an eye, as well as in a case with hands, medicinal abilities of active components will decrease if not to follow this rule. After ointment use the tuba is densely closed.

Duration of conservative therapy is determined by the attending physician, as a rule, the scheme on 3-4 drawings a day is applied. Between putting ointment it is necessary to observe the time interval making not less than 6 hours. In case of the admission of a dose it is filled as soon as possible, but not less than in 1 hour prior to following. It is not necessary to increase independently amount of the used ointment of Tobradeks as it can cause overdose or emergence of other undesirable effects of treatment.


At overdose by Tobradeks the following symptoms can be observed:

  • strengthening of side effects;
  • irritation and hyperemia of a mucous membrane of an eye;
  • intensive itch;
  • plentiful dacryagogue and rhinorrheas;
  • swelling century;
  • increase in arterial inflow of a conjunctiva.

The specific pharmaceutical antagonist for drug of Tobradeks at the moment does not exist therefore at overdose medicine uses a symptomatic treatment. So for the purpose of stopping of this condition of an eye plentifully wash out warm water and appoint medicamentous therapy of the shown undesirable effects of conservative sanitation.


In case of complex therapy together with other ophthalmologic drugs of local action, it is necessary to do an interval between use of medicines not less than 5-15 minutes, depending on individual appointments of the attending physician.

Before Tobradeks's use, it is necessary to remove contact lenses that they did not act as the additional barrier interfering penetration of active active ingredients. Again it is possible to dress lenses not earlier than in 15 minutes after entering of pharmaceutical drug into a conjunctival sac (these temporary intervals need to be observed regardless of a medicine form).

Drops of Tobradex can be appointed against system treatment aminoglycosides, however is in that case strongly recommended to watch an overall picture of blood as one of components of pharmaceutical drug is Tobramycinum which by the nature belongs to group of aminoglikozidny antibiotics constantly.

During conservative therapy by Tobradeks it is necessary to avoid use of the medicines possessing such side effects as ototoksichesky, nephrotoxic and neurotoxic as potentiation is possible owing to what strengthening of adverse effects of treatment is observed.

Terms of sale

Drug is not released in pharmaceutical booths freely, it is possible to buy it only at presentation of the corresponding receptor form certified by the attending physician.

Storage conditions

Drug should be stored in the place, unavailable to children of younger age, it is obligatory in vertical position and at temperature condition from 8 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

2 years for the sealed cardboard packaging. After openings of a bottle or a tuba – 4 weeks.

Special instructions

Before each use of medicine capacity with suspension should be stirred up that compound components did not stagnate at the bottom by gravity. And after – it is necessary to close densely a bottle that Tobradeks did not disappear.

It is not necessary to touch with a doser tip an eye, first of all, because it can cause unpleasant feelings. Also so it is not recommended to do because of reflex closing a century, it reduces efficiency of the operating drug components, creating additional barriers to passing and increasing duration of therapeutic manipulation.

After use of drug of Tobradeks perhaps temporary illegibility of sight therefore it is not necessary to steer the car or other potentially dangerous mechanisms, so far an opportunity to see completely not to be recovered. The exact period of resuming of visual abilities should be learned from the attending physician or the qualified druggist.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Tobradeks – the combined drug which to some extent is unique as in the structure at the same time contains such components as a strong antibiotic of group of aminoglycosides and a steroid of a glucocorticoid origin that meets not in each medicine. Auxiliary compound components allow to use Tobradeks with the minimum quantity of side effects from treatment of a disease of the visual device and even in pediatric practice after 1 year. Therefore analogs of drops are so not numerous. The following number of drugs possesses similar pharmacological action: Tobreks, Deksatobropt, Betagenot, Garazon, Dexonum.

It is necessary to distinguish Tobreks from these medicines especially. It is most often used as the competing drug in a conservative course of treatment of ophthalmologic problems because in the structure has the same aminoglikozidny antibiotic (Tobramycinum) and delivered in pharmaceutical booths in the form of eye drops. So it is better to use Tobreks or Tobradeks and whether it is possible to replace independently their therapeutic effects with each other?

The answer to the matter is covered in compound components of pharmaceutical drugs. Tobradeks, in addition to Tobramycinum, contains such biologically active agent as dexamethasone – the steroid glucocorticoid having the widest range of therapeutic effects. Thanks to this highlight, Tobramycinum acts as the antiallergic, desensibilizing and anti-inflammatory drug. These properties allow to give safely superiority in treatment of diseases of an eye of an infectious etiology of Tobradeksu.


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