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  • Latin name: Tonsilotren
  • ATH code: R02A
  • Active ingredient: Atropinum sulfuricum D5, Hepar sulfuris D3, Kalium bichromicum D4, Silicea D2, Mercurius bijodatus D8
  • Producer: Deutsche Homoopathie-Union DHU-Arzneiraittel GmbH&Co. KG. (Germany)


Feature of drug Tonzilotren is an existence of a multicomponent kernel from biologically active agents which active interaction provides effective pharmacological influence on an organism. So entered medicine:

  • bikhromisty potassium – 50 mg;
  • mercury diiodide – 25 mg;
  • Atropini sulfas – 12.5 mg;
  • calcium sulfide – 10 mg;
  • silicon acid – 5 mg.

The operating kernel of drug is supplemented auxiliary with substances:

  • monohydrate of lactose – 122. 5 mg;
  • sucrose – 24 mg;
  • magnesium stearate – 1 mg.

The dosage is specified in mass recalculation one tablet of drug Tonzilotren.

Release form

White opaque tablets (single dark gray impregnations can meet) a ploskotsilindrichesky form with a slanted edge, with a light sulphurous smell or absolutely without it. Tablets in blisters from aluminum foil or a film of PVC on 20 pieces, in packaging – 3 blisters (60 tablets) are packed up.

Pharmacological action

Tonzilotren is a homeopathic medicine (the homeopathy is a nonconventional direction in medicine, by the pseudoscientific principle "similar I cure a way of conservative sanatsionny therapy similar" or "like cures like"), that is this medicine not in its primordial understanding. First of all, such pharmaceutical unit has completely plant and animal origin that cannot but render a favorable effect on a human body.

Drug has antiinflammatory effect, however the mechanism of similar effect is studied by pharmacologists-clinical physicians not up to the end, in structure there are no active ingredients which interact with cyclooxygenase (the main mechanism of effect of typical antiinflammatory medicine not of steroid structure – braking of synthesis of this enzyme).

Tonzilotren moderately stimulates immune system of an organism:

  • strengthens nonspecific barriers of an oral cavity;
  • activates production of antibacterial substances;
  • stimulates antiviral protection of a throat;
  • increases synthesis of lymphocytes of different fractions;
  • reduces duration of maturing of lymphocytes;
  • increases products of cytokines (for example, interleykina-2) and other biologically active agents (gamma interferon) in the presence of the active center of an inflammation.

Also Tonzilotren stimulates reparative processes of an organism – promotes fast regeneration in places of primary affects (completely recovers structure of initial fabric) and to reduction of the almonds hypertrophied owing to an inflammation.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The homeopathic medicine is multicomponent therefore precisely to track metabolic ways of each biologically active agent in the conditions of clinical experiment it is not provided possible.

Indications to use

Tonzilotren is appointed at such diseases as:

Also Tonzilotren joins in the scheme of conservative rehabilitation of postoperational removal of almonds as the homeopathic medicine considerably promotes activation of local regenerative processes. Thus the course of a complete recovery after surgical treatment several times decreases.


Tonzilotren it is necessary to refuse a homeopathic course of treatment at:

  • hypersensitivity to compound components of drug;
  • individual intolerance of active ingredients;
  • age of the child till three years (because of insufficiency of evidential clinical base of pharmacological researches of this segment);
  • glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption;
  • insufficiency or lactose intolerance and its derivatives.

At a hyperthyroidism (a disease of a thyroid gland which is followed by the strengthened products of thyroid hormones) it is necessary to use a homeopathic medicine only under careful supervision of qualified specialists of the general medical practice.

Side effects

In the course of conservative treatment by a homeopathic medicine undesirable reactions are observed extremely seldom, usually Tonzilotren is had well, without any foreign side effects even by children of younger school age.

However at the increased individual sensitivity to components of drug or a hereditary idiosyncrasy considerable strengthening of a sialosis (hypersalivation) can be observed, it is in that case recommended to reduce a dosage or to temporarily stop medicine reception.

Tonzilotren can cause allergic reactions in the form of skin rash in isolated cases or a skin itch that is observed much more often. Both result of pharmacological treatment are strict indications immediately to stop a therapeutic course of homeopathy and to address the qualified specialist of traditional medicine.

Also after Tonzilotren's reception such adverse effect as dispepsichesky digestive disturbances in the form of epigastric pain (area where costal arches meet in one point with a breast), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea can be observed.

Application instruction of Tonzilotren (Way and dosage)

Tablets should be rassasyvat slowly for half an hour to food to increase coefficient of optimal effect of biologically active components. The course of conservative homeopathic treatment is appointed by the qualified specialist in an individual order. Usually duration of therapy makes about 6-8 weeks.

The dosage for adults makes – on 1 tablets each hour, but no more than 12 per day, within 1-2 days, there will not come primary improvement yet. Further on 1-3 tablets, depending on weight of a clinical case, 3 times a day to an absolute recovery.

For children till 12 flyings the dosage decreases a little – on 1-2 tablet each 2 hours within 1-2 days, then on 1 piece 3 times a day for a clear victory over morbid condition.

Children of younger age should not give a tablet entirely. It is much more effective to dissolve it in a small amount of boiled drinking water or to give in the crushed look sublingual (under language).

The instruction on Tonzilotren also recommends to conduct repeated courses of homeopathic treatment several times a year that the effect of active components remained as long as possible.


The confirmed clinical data on overdose by homeopathic medicines at the moment are not available, that is action of the raised Tonzilotren's doses is unknown.


The homeopathic course of treatment Tonzilotren does not exclude use of other medicines.

Terms of sale

In pharmaceutical booths it is released without prescription form as homeopathic medicines are not considered as traditional medicines.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to save in the dark, dry place unavailable to children of younger age at the room temperature (about 15-25 degrees Celsius).

Period of validity

5 years.

Special instructions

Separately it should be noted that Tonzilotren's tablets contain carbohydrates that is by all means important for people with a diabetes mellitus. So the maximum single dose of a homeopathic medicine (12 tablets) includes 0.25 HE.

Homeopathic medicines – special group of pharmaceutical means, at treatment which there can come primary deterioration (cm definition "homeopathy"). In that case follows will immediately stop the use of medicine and to ask the qualified specialist for appropriate assistance.

Tonzilotren does not exert pathological impact on ability to steer cars or other vehicles (or potentially dangerous by types of activity) which requires the increased concentration, diligent attention and speed of psychomotor reactions that testifies to relative stability of effect of drug.

Tonzilotren's analogs

Analogs of drug are understood as medicinal substances with the same unlicensed name or the ATH-code as at Tonzilotren, however it is not necessary to change self-willedally a course of conservative therapy, first of all it is worth consulting with the qualified druggist or the specialist, not always the listed below drugs are identical on pharmacological action and indications:

  • tablets Anaferon;
  • syrup Immuno-tone for use inside;
  • Thymalinum Lyophilisate for solution for injections;
  • suppository Polidiksony;
  • solution for injections Timogen.


  • Tonzilotren No. 60 of a tablet

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  • Tonzilotren tbl No. 60, Deutsche Homoopathie Uniongermaniya
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  • Tonzilotren No. 60 of the tab. Deutsche Homoopathie Union (Germany)
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