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  • Latin name: Travatan
  • ATH code: S01EE04
  • Active ingredient: Travoprost (Travoprost)
  • Producer: LLC Olcon Farmatsevtika (Russia)


Travatan contains in one milliliter of eye drops: 40 mkg of active ingredient of a travoprost + edetat dinatrium, trometamol, castor oil 40 polyoxyethylene hydrogenated, water, chloride a benzalkoniya, boric acid, Mannitolum, solution of sodium hydroxide or acid chlorohydrogen.

Release form

Medicine is let out in the form of the transparent colourless solution inclined to opalescence. Solution can have a yellowish shade.

Medicine is sold in bottles with a capacity of 2,5 ml, in packages from aluminum foil, in a cardboard pack 1 bottle.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The operating means component – analog of F2a of prostaglandin, his main selection antagonist having the high level of similarity to specific receptors of prostaglandin. Means is capable to reduce intraocular pressure, to increase outflow of liquid from an eye.

Approximately in 120 minutes after use of drops decrease in intraocular pressure begins to happen, the maximum effect of drug is observed in 12 hours. Effect of the medicine lasts about days.

During clinical trials it was proved that Travatan it is possible to combine with other protivoglaukomny means, such as Timololum and Brimonidin. At patients with an open angle glaucoma or the increased intraocular pressure at daily use pressure decreased approximately by 30%.

Drug belongs to group of radio pro-drugs. After an instillation active components are absorbed through an eye cornea, there is a reaction of hydrolysis of isopropyl ether to formation of active free acid. The maximum concentration of active metabolites are observed in 60-120 minutes, after reception. The elimination half-life makes about 90 minutes.

Drug in the course of a metabolism through kidneys is removed. It is not required to adjust a dosage to persons with a renal or liver failure.

Indications to use

Medicine is appointed with the increased intraocular pressure, an open angle glaucoma.


Drug is not appointed at the age of less than 18 years, at an allergy on any of means components.

With extra care means is applied at an aphakia, a psevdofakiya, the damaged back capsule of a crystalline lens, a uveitis, an acute iritis.

Side effects

Clinical trials during which Travatan used as monotherapy and in combination with other means were conducted. Any serious ophthalmologic or system side reactions were not revealed.

Were most often shown:

  • headache;
  • hyperemia of an eye, conjunctiva or sclera;
  • photophobia, opalescence in an anterior chamber of an eye;
  • irritation of an eye;
  • decrease in visual acuity and feeling of a foreign body in an eye;
  • puffiness, lachrymation;
  • active growth of eyelashes or their decolorization.

After a while the hyperemia passed. At 80% of the studied patients the hyperemia was poorly expressed. Also at prolonged use of means there was a hyperpegmentation of an iris of the eye or skin around eyes.

At use of means were seldom observed:

  • the accelerated heartbeat, bradycardia;
  • herpetic keratitis;
  • change of the ABP;
  • sonitus, increase of the DOG level;
  • allergic reactions;
  • dysgeusia, dizziness;
  • dispnoe, asthma, cough, nose congestion;
  • cornea erosion, uveitis, keratitis, iridocyclitis;
  • syndrome of a dry eye, blepharitis, puffiness of eyes, mydriasis, cataract, asthenopia;
  • erythema, hypertrichosis, allergic reactions on skin, madaroz;
  • indisposition, adynamy, muscle and bones pains.

Application instruction of Travatan (Way and dosage)

Drug is intended for ophthalmologic use.

Eye drops use once a day. Medicine is dug in in a conjunctival sac, best of all before going to bed.

Before the first use it is necessary to break off a bottle dropper tip.

After an instillation it is recommended to close an eye or to make lacrimonasal occlusion for decrease in probability of development of system side reactions.

The course of treatment is established by the attending physician.

If you use in addition one more medicine in the form of drops, then it is possible to dig in it in 5 minutes.

After passing of a course of treatment other ophthalmologic drug it is necessary to take a break for days, then it is possible to use drops Travatan.

It is necessary to avoid contact of a dropper with a mucous membrane of an eye or a century.

At disturbances in work of a liver or kidneys correction of a daily dosage is not required.


Messages on overdose eye drops were not.

It is supposed that at overdose the frequency and expressiveness of side effects can increase, in particular a hyperemia and to develop the irritation of an eye. It is in that case recommended to wash out eyes warm water, to carry out symptomatic therapy.


Medicine can be combined with other drugs, in particular with ophthalmologic means. The interval between use of drops or gels has to be not less than 5 minutes.

Terms of sale

To get means the recipe can be required.

Storage conditions

To store far from children. Temperature condition from 2 to 25 degrees.

Period of validity

Period of storage of a bottle 2 years. After opening drug can be stored within a month.

Special instructions

Eye drops can lead to discoloration of an iris of the eye of an eye. It occurs owing to increase in number melanosy. Therefore the patient before an initiation of treatment needs to be notified on a possibility of such irreversible changes. Change of color of eyes can happen for several years. As a rule, gray-blue, brown-blue, yellow-brown or green-brown eyes become darkly brown. Process stops after the drug use termination.

Also medicine at prolonged and systematic use is capable to change structure of eyelashes, to increase their length, thickness, quantity and to change color.

At hit of drops on skin it is necessary to wash away them water to avoid system absorption of drug.

Before use of means to gently remove contact lenses and to put on them in 15 minutes after procedure.

If the patient after use of medicine has a sight misting, then it is not necessary to steer the car in such state.

Travatan's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

There is a number of analogs of Travatan: Glaumaks, Ksaloptik, Latanoks, Vizipres, Ksalatan, Lanotan, Latanoprost Farmakhem, Prolatan, Unilat, Lumigang, Taflotan.


  • Travatan 40mkg/ml drops eye 2,5ml bottle-kapelnitsaalcon-Couvreur

Drugstore of IFC

  • Travatan of an eye. cap 40mkg/ml fl-cap 2.5ml, Alcon-Couvreurbelgiya
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  • Travatanalcon-Couvreur (Belgium)


  • Travatan of 40 mkg/ml 2,5 ml of a drop glazn.
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