Grass infusion – diseases down with!

Herb infusions are fine addition to the main treatment appointed by the doctor. Use of infusions practically does not bear any side effects, being not expensive, but effective remedy of fight against any illness.

Examples of collecting from which prepare infusions:

Leaves of coltsfoot ordinary — 10 grams
Grass of a field horsetail — 30 grams
Leaves of a plantain big — 20 grams
Flowers of a primrose spring — 40 grams

Accept such infusion in the warmed-up look, on a third or a quarter of a glass at cough.

Leaves of coltsfoot ordinary — 20 grams
Root of a glycyrrhiza naked — 30 grams
Leaves of a plantain big — 30 grams
Grass of a violet three-colored — 20 grams

This infusion is accepted at a respiratory disease in a warm look, it is better before food not to mix it with the digested food, on 3 times during the day, at cough on a third – a quarter of a glass.

The ephidrosis for removal of the increased body temperature causes the infusion prepared from such collecting:

Flowers of a pharmaceutical camomile — 25 grams
Linden flowers — 25 grams
Peppermint leaves — 25 grams
Flowers of black elder — 25 grams

Infusion from these plants is accepted in a hot state, on 2-3 glasses (200 ml.) during the day.

And here infusion from collecting a root of a glycyrrhiza (40 grams) and lime color (60 grams) causes also fluidifying of a phlegm that leads to department of a phlegm and mitigation of cough.

Cough and inhalations with infusion of pine kidneys, also reception of this infusion inside calm. Also inhalations are carried out from 2% by solution of baking soda.

Use of inhalations with essential oils, for example anisic oil is rather effective. Also it can be applied as an expectorant which helps department and removal of a phlegm. For this purpose 2-3 drops of oil add to a tablespoon of warm water and drink 4-6 times in a day.

According to researches, at thermopsis grass infusion use viscosity of a phlegm, as well as its gnoynost decrease by 2 – 2,5 times. Thermopsis infusion (for preparation take 1 gram of a thermopsis and 200 pure ml) is appointed on one tablespoon to drink on six – eight times during the day.

The grass of a thyme possesses both the expectorant action and calming the tussive center, at the same time infusion from it possesses weak bactericidal action. Apply it according to 1 Art. to a spoon on 3 times in a day.

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