Herbs during pregnancy. Whether it is safe?

Already in the ancient world people knew that some plants are rich with phytohormones and they can be used as contraceptives or, on the contrary, stimulators.

Pregnancy – a state which not all women transfer absolutely without problems with health. And, being afraid to do much harm in case of an indisposition to future kid, ladies address the help of medicinal herbs, believing that harm from them will definitely not be. However, elementary ignorance of properties of plants can play a fatal role.

Alas – on each grass the text is not necessary just as it becomes on boxes with drugs: "contraindications at pregnancy". But they – too medicine. Therefore before resorting to the use some of them, it is better to consult at first with the doctor or the phytospecialist. Herbs have soft, imperceptible force. We got used to them as to something harmless, everyday. But the organism of the pregnant woman is full of surprises. Also there can quite be a trouble – the abortion, bleeding, etc. provoked by the strengthened heartbeat, a diarrhea or something else. So, in the first three months it is better to avoid in general reception of any grass cocktails, dietary supplements, infusions.

It is possible to make an exception only for such delicate grasses as a camomile and ginger. The camomile possesses antiinflammatory action, reduces such problem as gas generation, helps out at locks, well affects a nervous system. Only it is better to drink such tea not more often than couple of times a day. Ginger helps to get rid of displays of early toxicosis – nausea attacks, it should be added to tea or there are cookies with ginger. And it is the best of all to use during pregnancy herbs only in the form of tea.

And what herbs constitute danger to future mother? First of all – overseas. If you got used to include east teas in the diet – refuse this tradition until the kid is not born. Alas – but also many family, homebrew plants are undesirable these important nine months: so tasty, loved by many marjoram, the nutmeg which became very fashionable recently, almost all types of a wormwood pleasant the aroma a juniper, a celandine big, a rue and others. Very popular garlic, a purple cone-flower, a ginseng are officially not included, so to speak, into risk group, however it is better to avoid after all and their use as no data on influence on a fruit exist.

But and the list of useful grasses for pregnant women too not short. One of the most recommended remains a pine-forest uterus (or an ortiliya one-sided) – it the unwell compatriots still our great-grandmothers successfully used. Except that she acts as diuretic, disinfecting, powerful antineoplastic, resorptional and antiinflammatory action, a pine-forest uterus also heals a number of gynecologic diseases: an inflammation, impassability of uterine tubes, commissural processes, polyps on a uterus, an erosion and many other things. Moreover – this grass helps to strengthen a fruit, is used for the prevention of an abortion, and also helps at toxicoses. In passing the plant will help at diseases of kidneys and a bladder.

On the eve of childbirth it is good to poprinimat tea with raspberry leaves – they help to soften sheaves around a parturient canal that will accelerate genital process. However, you should not drink such tea earlier, than in eight weeks prior to turning point, otherwise instead of advantage it is possible to do itself harm – to cause premature births. From toxicosis – especially morning — tea with fennel is also effective (but - no more than 2 mugs a day). It is worth leaving in the diet also a dogrose if you got used to drink its infusion, only, besides, not in such concentrated look, and in the form of tea.

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