Third month of pregnancy

The third month of pregnancy (9-12 weeks) very important period, both for health of mother, and for normal development of the child. At this time the feelings connected with pregnancy become aggravated the discomfort which usually is the satellite of the first trimester of incubation of a fruit decreases. As a rule, at mother the emotional state changes, there are appearance changes connected with changes of a hormonal background.

The main manifestations of pregnancy of the third month can bring some discomfort. Most often it is connected with hormonal failures, there are small headaches, weight increases. The normal increase in weight makes 3-4 kilograms. During this period it is important to eat, lead usual active lifestyle properly. Occur as well skin changes, glands produce more oils, and skin becomes velvety and gentle, but their surplus can promote opposite effect to developing of acne rash.

On the third month the stomach begins to be rounded that leads to discomfort in an abdominal cavity. The sharp movements lead to a pricking or weight in a peritoneum. By the end of the first trimester the woman needs to learn to move smoothly as further the stomach will grow, and it will be more difficult to make it. As for an emotional state that, as a rule, it improves. If in the first two months the woman is disturbing, he is visited by fears, then on the third month of pregnancy the confidence in the feelings and forces appears, there are no thoughts of the wrong course of pregnancy any more.

Fetation on the third month of pregnancy

Most of all third month is important for the correct development of the child. During this period the mass of a fruit reaches 20-30 grams, and the size of 8-9 cm. At the child internals, a liver, kidneys actively develop. The circulatory system is formed, there are first lymphocytes and substances which in the subsequent will turn into hemoglobin.

The brain forms and develops, by the end of a trimester the fruit is already capable to feel pain. Gradually the hypophysis which is responsible for production of hormones and gland responsible for digestion forms. On the 10th week forming of eyes, a mouth, an intestinal path comes to the end. Hardening of bones, development of generative organs begins. The movements of a fruit are not notable yet, but it moves. Squeezes cams, turns golovkuv the different parties. Opens a mouth and does the first attempts to suck a finger. On the 11th week the voice device forms.

To the termination of the third month of pregnancy it is important to pass inspection to define possible rough malformations. On the 12th week pulse of a fruit from 130 to 150 beats per minute it is also already possible to find such deviation as inborn heart disease.

On the first trimester the placenta and an umbilical cord completely forms, they will provide communication of mother and child until the end of pregnancy. Through a placenta the fruit receives oxygen and other necessary nutrients, through it also exchange products are removed.

Complications of the third month of pregnancy

Третий месяц беременностиWithin the third month future mother is recommended to visit surely the doctor as all bodies of yet not born kid by this period already almost completely are created. During this period only full medical examination will help to reveal whether is not present in fetation of any disturbances. Frequent complications of pregnancy of the first trimester are caused by strengthening of signs of pregnancy, hormonal failure, the wrong way of life of the pregnant woman. All these complications at moderate manifestations pregnancies, natural to the third month.

As a rule, displays of toxicosis on the third month of pregnancy weaken, but happens and vice versa. Toxicosis develops into such complications of the third month of pregnancy as frequent severe vomiting almost constant nausea. It leads to the fact that the organism loses liquid, the body weight as the woman practically cannot eat is lost. Loss of liquid can lead to poisoning with usual products. Decrease in level of glucose in blood, and also leads lowering of arterial pressure to feeling of weakness and faints.

If signs of pregnancy are characteristic on the first month, then at the end of a trimester they can be considered as complications, and future mother before a rising from a bed is recommended to eat at first cookies, or to drink a cup of tea, to sit a little on the edge of a bed, and then to try to rise slowly. It is necessary to eat food each two-three hours, and absolutely gradually not to cause additional load of the alimentary system. Try to forget about coffee, satisfy thirst only with rather weak tea or mineral water. That each meal did not cause in you the subsequent vomiting, try to exclude from the diet on the third month of pregnancy all food stuffs, the smell or outward of which causes in you disgust.

Changes of a hormonal background in an organism of mother involve complications from the alimentary system. Often after meal the sensation of discomfort in a gullet, heartburn appears. Often pregnant women have locks. It is connected with the fact that hormones influence intestines muscles which in turn relax. Intestines begin to work more slowly, at the same time the increased uterus presses on it, causing swellings. For the same reasons, and also owing to the fruit pressure upon blood vessels there can be hemorrhoids. The complicated movement of blood in the field of an anus leads to a phlebectasia and emergence of this complication.

In addition to nausea, frequent vomiting, inevitable locks on the third month of development of pregnancy future mother quite often faces quite frequent faints that is already considerable complication. Faints and frequent feeling of weakness which to the termination of the first trimester of pregnancy already have to end can arise owing to lowering in blood of future mother of level of glucose, or confirm considerable lowering of arterial pressure. If you felt weakness, try to sit down or conveniently to lay down near an open window and to relax properly, avoid carrying close clothes. Every two-three hours eat rolls, natural yogurts, fresh fruit, and also have a glass of whole milk.

Many future mothers complain of bleeding of gums at the time of the termination of the first trimester of pregnancy. At the time of forming of a fruit in an organism of mother there are essential changes, and a gingiva become vulnerable and often begin to bleed. To prevent possible development of tooth caries and not to bring the infection affecting an oral cavity, modern physicians advise to brush teeth to pregnant women absolutely later of each, even small meal. Use only a soft brush, and at emergence of the slightest signs of bleeding of gums surely address the stomatologist.

Fetation on the third month of pregnancy also influences health of mother. All of you begin to complain of heartburn more often, it is necessary to observe the following recommendations. Eat only in the small portions five-six times a day, eliminate "harmful" products because of which you have a heartburn from a diet. During meal you sit only directly, otherwise heartburn will amplify, and also watch temperature of the consumed products. Avoid the use too cold, and also write more hotly, using only products of room temperature.

The diet of the pregnant woman, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, should not include neither the peppered, nor put too much salt products, the fried and fermented food is also recommended to be avoided. You sleep in such pose that your head during a dream always remained in slightly raised situation. Accept any medicines capable to normalize digestion only with the permission of your attending physician. As a rule, heartburn at future mothers arises owing to influence of the special hormone of pregnancy interfering normaln6omu to digestion. Therefore pregnant women after food quite often have unpleasant feelings of pain, burning or discomfort in a gullet caused by hit in a gullet of gastric acid.

On the third month of development of pregnancy the increasing fruit begins to press quite strongly on intestines therefore keep to the special diet contributing to normalization of its work. Between meal surely drink fresh fruit juice, use a significant amount of the purified water. Eat the food capable to break up in intestines to separate fibers, for example, vegetables, fresh fruit, cereals. For half an hour till a breakfast it is possible to drink in the morning a cup of warm tea where the lemon piece is added. During the third month of pregnancy to future mother warm soups, prunes and other available dried fruit are simply irreplaceable. Also easy physical exercises will not prevent. If locks proceed within a week, see the attending physician and ask it to prescribe suitable laxative.

Quite often pregnant women face the phlebectasia standing which is followed by quite painful feelings. If you observe a phlebectasia, try to spend standing much time. Try to have a rest sitting more, and during such rest raise legs a little up. Modern physicians recommend to carry to pregnant women with symptoms of a varicosity to wear special elastic tights, but only the attending physician has to make competent recommendations.

If at you at night quite often arise not only spontaneous onychalgias, but also muscular spasms, try to massage a sore leg. After short massage try to get up and to walk slowly on the room that will allow to improve microblood circulation for a while. As a rule, spasms contact a lack of calcium of an organism of future mother therefore consumption in food of the products saturated with calcium – cottage cheese, sour cream, milk will allow, to reduce a little painful manifestations.

One more sign of complication on the third month of pregnancy – emergence of puffiness at future mother. At the same time puffiness of legs and hands arises owing to the liquid which is late in an organism, often hypostases develop at the level of anklebones. Every time during rest to reduce puffiness of legs, enclose under them a soft small pillow that your legs were higher than the level of a body. If hypostases arise on hands and in a front zone, this factor can be a gestosis sign therefore at pronounced puffiness surely consult at the doctor.

Practically all future mothers suffer because of severe pains in spin on the third month of pregnancy. Pain arises owing to significant growth in the fruit leading to increase in the sizes of an abdominal cavity. As a result of the woman who is in the family way becomes it harder and harder to move, the exercise stress considerably increases, as a result of a back muscle very much are tired. In certain cases the dorsodynia is a consequence of the arisen infection in kidneys or a bladder, and at intolerable pains the only recommendation – the timely address to the professional doctor.

The dorsodynia on the third month of pregnancy will disturb less future mother if the pregnant woman begins to adhere to the following recommendations. Remember that heavy objects are strictly forbidden to be lifted to the women who are in the family way, and the footwear should be chosen only on a low heel. It is possible to recommend to make short walks and to have a rest much more often, and during rest sitting it is obligatory to enclose a convenient pillow under a back. During a dream you lay down sideways, and draw in knees to a body. Supporting back muscles in a tone, carry out the easy physical exercises recommended by the doctor.

The third month of pregnancy can will be complicated by development of hemorrhoids, quite often it is impossible to prevent such complication as during increase in a fruit future kid quite strongly presses on blood vessels of mother. The blood flow in an organism of the woman is broken, the movement of blood on venous vessels around an anus is extremely complicated owing to what at an essential phlebectasia at the woman hemorrhoids develop. The first symptoms of hemorrhoids at pregnancy are, pain, irritations, bleedings from an anus, especially during a chair.

Hemorrhoids quite often are a consequence of a lock therefore during pregnancy it is necessary to try to prevent emergence of a lock, consuming fibrous products in food and consuming daily enough liquid. At the same time long stay standing is not recommended, and the pregnant woman has to watch with special care purity of an anus.

Abdominal distention at pregnant women on the third month turns out to be consequence of increase in the uterus putting pressure upon intestines. Future mothers watching a condition of own health can recommend to avoid the use of dishes which contain excessive amount of fats. At abdominal distention do not take the drinks fermenting in intestines, for example, of juice and milk. And it is necessary to eat through short periods, as often as possible, and absolutely gradually.

The frequent urination during pregnancy occurs owing to increase in uterus sizes because of what pressure upon a bladder increases. The pregnant women facing a frequent urination should not drink before going to bed a significant amount of liquid, exclude from a diet water-melons and other fruit with high content of liquid. Even if you feel thirst, drink only not carbonated mineral water or svezheotzhaty juice which are not causing abdominal distention.

Emergence of extensions in a stomach you should not be afraid, they appear already at the time of increase in the stomach from behind growth of a fruit. Though extensions are quite easily pigmented, as a rule, after childbirth they are practically at once provided, and quickly enough disappear almost completely.

Dangerous symptoms at pregnancy

Третий месяц беременностиIf the complications described above are natural to most of the women who are in the family way, then during pregnancy some women face also more dangerous symptoms. These symptoms testify to a certain danger of health of mother, threat of an abortion or are dangerous to full-fledged fetation. See a doctor immediately in any situation if you notice though insignificant manifestation of the following symptoms: bloody allocations from a vagina, quite fast swelling or flowing off of legs and hands, an insignificant vision disorder, sanious plentiful allocations from your vagina.

In a case when in a zone of an abdominal cavity you feel acute pains, it is necessary to see the attending physician immediately. Quite often future mother is disturbed in an abdominal cavity, especially in its lower part, it can be also normal manifestations of pregnancy of the third month. But, if pain attacks so strong that on feelings is reminded by gripes, these dangerous symptoms can be a consequence of not cured annexation or an exacerbation of appendicitis. Similar acute pains quite often are a misbirth harbinger.

During the day it is necessary to see a doctor if you observe any of the following signs, also dangerous symptoms at pregnancy: body temperature increases higher than 38 °, the frequent repeating vomiting, considerable swelling of legs and hands, the repeating intolerable headaches, strong burning, or considerable pains during an urination. Even if you felt groundless weakness or fatigue, dizziness is already dangerous sign. Surely turn taking out and on such symptoms as a skin itch and diarrhea, a fruit immovability, a heavy urination and excessive thirst, considerable addition in weight for only several days.

Healthy food during pregnancy

Третий месяц беременностиNutrients during pregnancy are simply necessary for the woman, and daily it is necessary to consume not less than 2500 calories, at the same time the daily diet of the woman, as a rule, on average increases by 300 calories. At the same time the main thing in a diet of the pregnant lady is not the quantity of the eaten products, but their highest quality. As in each product the ratio of proteins and proteins differs, various products have to be provided to the menu. The women who got used to eat rationally even before conception of the kid can diversify own diet only slightly.

It is necessary to enter four groups of various products which physicians recommend to consume daily into a diet of the pregnant woman. Rice and other cereals, potato and macaroni, and also bread belong to the first group making about 70% of a diet of the woman who is in the family way. But these products are not recommended to be combined with any fats, otherwise future mother can put on weight considerably. Products from the coarse flour containing necessary amount of fibers will become the best option.

The second group of products includes vegetables and fruit in the fresh or frozen look, any exotic fruit which are not causing an allergy, grapefruit, lemons, and also ripe oranges belong to them. During pregnancy the color and white cabbage, carrots and broccoli, spinach and beet, sweet pepper and a celery, tomatoes will help to fill up a reserve of vitamins. At the same time seasonings, use of a thyme and bitter pepper it is necessary to avoid.

To the third group of products, irreplaceable during the third month of pregnancy, belong meat, bean, eggs and nuts, fish, and their consumption saturates mother's organism with proteins for full pre-natal development of the child. But it is necessary to consume only simple meat without the content of fat, peas, the boiled eggs, thanks to these products reproduction of cells of an embryo amplifies, production of blood amplifies. Contained in fish and meat iron ustaivatsya by an organism of future mother much quicker, than a similar element in vegetable products. And full-fledged comprehensibility of iron from vegetables and eggs is promoted by the parallel use of orange or apple juices.

The fourth group is the milk and various dairy products differing in the considerable content of calcium. Remember that without calcium the nervous system will normally not function, and the kid will not receive the major elements necessary for full development of his bone tissue. Try to consume only the fat-free dairy products to avoid increase in amount of the consumed fats.

Bearing the child to women it is necessary to avoid consumption of the following products. First, very caloric products, including the glazed baking, sweets and sugar. Secondly, including butter, and all dishes it is better to bake various fats of animal origin in an oven or on a gratara.

In addition to iron and calcium, various vitamins the third month of pregnancy demands also other microelements, future mother shall use the products containing folic acid. This acid is irreplaceable when forming a nervous system of the kid, his vitals and a backbone also form under the influence of folic acid. Choosing products, you remember that the normal level of folic acid contains in usual cabbage, lettuce leaves and a cauliflower, grapefruit and tomatoes, nuts and carrots, and also in fish.

If future mother does not consume amount of folic acid, necessary for it, in food stuffs, this means is recommended to be accepted in addition. That during pregnancy at future mother anemia did not develop, and together with it and complications of the third month of pregnancy, the woman needs the regular use of such mineral as iron. It contains in eggs and red meat, dark root crops, sardines, nuts. And reception of modern ferriferous drugs on an empty stomach twice a day will help to avoid diarrhea and emergence of nausea.

The use of calcium will allow future mother to keep the teeth healthy as at its insufficient quantity the developing fruit will take away from your organism that will negatively be reflected in your bones and teeth. Build the food during pregnancy so that the necessary amount of iodine came to your organism. Lack of this element quite often leads to a spontaneous abortion, the brain of the kid develops defectively, and intellectual lag of the child in certain cases can be observed. To refill balance of iodine in an organism, use better iodized salt which is recommended to be stored only in the closed vessel.

Each woman during pregnancy has to exclude completely alcoholic beverages, including red wine. Even by scientists it is proved that red wine will not be able to prevent development of anemia, and even absolutely insignificant doses of alcohol negatively influence fetation on the third month of pregnancy. Accepting medicinal plants or medicamentous vitamins, surely consult with the doctor as overdoses vitamins A are rather dangerous to the kid. Consumption of tea and coffee increases risk of development of anemia, at the same time caffeine can lead even to a spontaneous abortion.

Do not consume during pregnancy of various crude products, subject all meat to heat treatment, and – you boil milk, at the same time till the birth of the kid forget also about crude eggs. Check a period of validity of all acquired food stuffs, every time prepare for yourself only fresh dishes, without warming yesterday's food, carefully wash all vegetables.

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