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  • Latin name: Tri-Regol
  • ATH code: G03AB03
  • Active ingredient: Ethinylestradiol (Ethinylestradiol), Levonorgestrel (Levonorgestrel)
  • Producer: Gideon Richter (Hungary)


Tablets include such active agents as ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel.

Treat additional components: talc, silicon dioxide colloid, lactoses monohydrate, starch corn, magnesium stearate.

The cover consists of sucrose, talc, titanium dioxide, a macrogoal 6000, ferrous oxide red, calcium of a carbonate, a kopovidon, silicon of dioxide colloid, povidone, a sodium karmelloza.

Release form

Tri-Regol is issued in the form of tablets, coated.

Pharmacological action

Three-phase oral contraceptive means.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug belongs to the contraceptive combined medicines.

Levonorgestrel reduces production of gonadotropic hormones therefore the ovum ripens more slowly and the ovulation does not come.

Ethinylestradiol, in turn, increases viscosity of cervical slime and reduces probability of passing of spermatozoa to a uterus.

Besides, Tri-Regol contributes to normalization of a menstrual cycle as supplements the level of endogenous hormones.

Drug is well absorbed in intestines at oral administration. It is processed in intestines and a liver, then removed through kidneys and intestines.

Indications to use

Need of peroral contraception. Treatment of frustration of a menstrual cycle.


Use of drug is contraindicated at:

  • age 40 years are more senior;
  • pregnancy and feeding by a breast;
  • heavy itch and idiopathic jaundice of pregnant women in the anamnesis;
  • diseases of a gall bladder;
  • smoking aged from 35 flyings;
  • to thrombembolia and thrombosis, and also predisposition to them;
  • diabetes mellitus in a severe form;
  • wrong lipometabolism;
  • vesical drift;
  • migraines;
  • otosclerosis with hearing problems;
  • recent surgeries;
  • insufficiency of enzyme which is necessary for milk lactose digestion;
  • hypersensitivity to medicine components;
  • liver diseases;
  • heavy cardiovascular and cerebrovascular changes in the anamnesis;
  • vulval bleedings of not established etiology;
  • drepanocytic and hemolitic anemia;
  • malignant tumors;
  • chronic colitis;
  • Marfan's syndrome;
  • phlebitis;
  • extensive injuries.

With care this medicine needs to be applied at:

Side effects

Side effects of Tri-Regola, as a rule, following: discomfort when using contact lenses, intermenstrual bleedings, changes of weight, nausea, a liquid delay, change of a libido, feeling of intensity of mammary glands, eels, irritability, a depression, a hyperexcitability, mammary gland pains, a headache, migraine, deterioration in sight, a hypomenorrhea, an amenorrhea.

These side reactions temporary also pass without special treatment. In rare instances tumors can develop, appear a lupus erythematosus, ulcer colitis, hepatitis, an illness Krone, jaundice.

Besides, increase in amount of triglycerides of a blood plasma, reduction of tolerance to glucose, fatigue, increase of level of sugar in blood, a chorea, an otosclerosis, an embolism of a pulmonary artery, thrombophlebitis of deep veins of the lower extremities, increase of the ABP, a venous thromboembolism, thromboses, vomiting, a zhelchekamenny illness, diarrhea, pancreatitis, skin rashes, an exudative multiformny erythema, a hair loss, the small tortoiseshell, a knotty erythema, change of secretion of a vagina, a hloazma, emergence of a secret from mammary glands, vagina mycoses was infrequently noted.

Also such side reactions as dizziness, aggravation of epilepsy, a hypertrichosis, seborrhea, heavy feeling in legs are possible.

Application instruction of Tri-Regola (Way and dosage)

The instruction on Tri-Regol describes that a pill needs to be taken on one in days at the same time. The course begins from the first day of periods and is expected 21 days. After that there has to be a week break for menstrualnopodobny bleeding. After that a pill begins to be taken from the first packaging again (even if bleeding still is). At first it is necessary to take 6 pink pill, then – 5 white and after – the 10th yellow color.

In packaging the order of drug intake is specified by numbers and shooters. If one packaging contains 28 tablets, after reception of dark yellow it is necessary to pass to brown (do not contain hormones), and the following course in 28 days needs to be begun without breaks.

If reception of a tablet is missed (there passed more than 36 hours), reliability of contraceptive protection is not guaranteed. On the first and second week of a cycle in case of such admission the application instruction of Tri-Regola advises to take next day at once 2 pill.

If 2 tablets in a row are passed at once, it is necessary to accept the next 2 days on 2 tablets, after that to continue a course, as usual. At the admission on the third week of a course the seven-day break does not become.

The admission of tablets does not belong to brown. They contain iron, and they are applied to maintenance of a continuity.

If drug is appointed for treatment, its dosages adjust individually.


At doses much at patients nausea, headaches, uterine bleedings is noted. In this case it is necessary to see a doctor urgently. The symptomatic treatment, is possible a gastric lavage.


It is necessary to take with caution Tri-Regol together with:

  • Ampicillin, chloramphenicol, Penicillin B, tetracyclines, Digidroergotamin, Phenylbutazone, Rifampicin, Neomycinum, streptocides, some anticonvulsant drugs and tranquilizers, Ketonazol – reduction of efficiency of contraceptive means is possible;
  • tricyclic antidepressants, beta-blockers, Maprotilinum – increase of bioavailability and toxicity of these means is possible;
  • Bromocriptinum – efficiency can decrease;
  • the anticoagulants derivative of an indandion or coumarin – need of control of a prothrombin time, correction of dosages can appear;
  • anti-diabetic drugs for oral use, Insulin – correction of dosages can be necessary;
  • hepatotoxic means – increased risk of strengthening of a hepatotoxic.

Terms of sale

Medicine is on sale only according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Means needs to be held in the place, unavailable to small children. Temperature has to be not higher than 25 0C.

Period of validity

Drug period of validity – 5 years.

About Tri-Regol

The contraceptive tablets Tri-Regol receive comments the most different, as well as the majority of other hormonal contraceptive means. They are ideally suited for someone, and someone gains a set of undesirable side effects. Though in the majority About Tri-Regol after all positive. Some girls even "appoint" it to themselves, without council with specialists. And in most cases problems with pregnancy after cancellation of a course are not observed.

Opinion of doctors on Tri-Regole, as a rule, positive. They are quite often appointed to patients for normalization of a menstrual cycle. Reviews of doctors of Tri-Regol are reduced to the fact that this rather harmless means for small money. Nevertheless, the effect of oral contraceptive means is very individual. Some specialists neglect necessary analyses therefore happens and so that drug does not suit on a number of indicators to patients to whom it was appointed. It also leads to emergence of undesirable side reactions. So it is necessary to appoint Tri-Regol only after the corresponding analyses.

The price of Tri-Regola where to buy

The price of Tri-Regola in comparison with a number of similar means is considered very available. For this reason it is quite often recommended by specialists. The price of Tri-Regola in the packaging expected 21 tablets, on average about 200 rubles.


  • Tri-regol No. 21х3 tabletkigedeon Richter
  • Tri-regol 21+7 No. 28х3 tabletkigedeon Richter
  • Tri-regol No. 21 tabletkigedeon Richter
  • Tri-regol 21+7 No. 28 tabletkigedeon Richter

Drugstore of IFC

  • Tri-Regol tbl p / about No. 63, Gedeon Richtervengriya
  • Tri-Regol tbl p / about No. 21, Gedeon Richtervengriya
  • Tri-Regol tbl p / about No. 21+7, Gedeon Richtervengriya
  • Tri-regol tbl p / about No. 84, Gedeon Richtervengriya
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  • Tri-regol the tab. p / about No. 21 Gideon Richter
  • Tri-regol the tab. p / about No. 21 Gideon Richter
  • Tri-regol the tab. p / about No. 21 Gideon Richter
  • Tri-regol the tab. p / about No. 21 Gideon Richter


  • Tri-regol No. 21 tab./complex
  • Tri-regol No. 21х3 tab./complex
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