Thirty-minute trainings promote intensive weight loss

If the person carries out every day the hours-long exhausting trainings, it does not mean yet that he will be able quickly to grow thin. According to scientists which the other day was published in the authoritative edition "The Telegraph", for receiving good result enough every day to carry out half-hour trainings. Such sports mode through certain time will allow to lose one third more than the weight, than it would occur if the person trained every day on one hour.

To confirm this thesis, special experiment in which 60 people having moderate exceeding of normal weight took part was made. For thirteen weeks all participants carried out the program of trainings offered them. A half of people trained, carrying out versatile exercises, on half an hour every day. Other half of participants carried out the same exercises, but divided them on one hour daily.

As a result, people from the second group noted feeling sick. At the same time volunteers who worked on half an hour, noted that such trainings allow them to feel inflow of energy and to aim at the correct way of life. Experiment validated the assumption: it became clear that people from the first group on average for three months got rid from 3,6 kilograms, and volunteers from the second group became easier on average on 2,7.

There are also more radical ideas. For example, scientists from the Norwegian university of science and technology suggest to carry out twelve-minute trainings — four intensive trainings weekly.

But anyway sports trainings are guarantee of health both for adults, and for children. For example, the American researchers from the Illinois university reported that by means of aerobics it is possible to train effectively memory at children. They tested on the level of physical training and a memory state of 48 children which executed 9-10 years. It turned out that children at whom good physical training was noted showed the best results in the test for a memory state, than their coevals who do not play sports. Therefore scientists strongly recommend to alternate sports activities and study to gain as a result good knowledge.

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