Trichomoniasis represents one of the most widespread venereal diseases. It is caused by a vulval trichomonad. Most often it is given sexually, like gonorrhea or in case of non-compliance with hygiene.

At women symptoms of trichomoniasis are shown in the form of greenish allocations from a vagina, a severe itch, in addition to everything, pain at sexual contacts and an urination is still possible. At men it is shown in the form of release of viscous substance from the uric channel. Emergence of certain symptoms, similar subjects which are shown at patients with prostatitis is still possible.

Complications of trichomoniasis

Complications of trichomoniasis are shown only if in time not to pay attention to symptoms, that is not to attach them significance. It can be fraught with more serious effects.

At women of complication of trichomoniasis can it will be shown in the form of an inflammation of a vulva, hypostasis of vulvar lips, and a screaming itch in inguinal area. At men it is expressed in fast development of prostatitis, and a serious urodynia.

It is not excluded that typical symptoms of trichomoniasis will develop into more serious stage that can cause emergence of such diseases as prostate adenoma, cystitis, in more exceptional cases — a bartholinitis. Also emergence of man's infertility is not excluded, considering that defeat will affect both testicles, and a prostate.

Treatment of trichomoniasis

Treatment of trichomoniasis happens as follows. The first that is necessary that with the person who has trichomoniasis also that with whom the patient entered sexual relations was treated it is necessary to refuse completely sex life for treatment. Prevention, and diagnosis of trichomoniasis are necessary for passing and that who only suspects at himself this illness. The recommended drugs are various antibiotics among which as the most effective are considered such as nystatin, Tinidazolum. Can prescribe women vulval tablets, vulval candles which in certain cases will have more best effect, than antibiotics.

When there is a treatment of trichomoniasis, the first that should be remembered, never try to treat him. The best decision will be to go to the familiar venereologist, than to buy drugs in a drugstore and to treat him. Independent diagnosis of trichomoniasis can come out wrong, and, as a result, the wrong choice of medicines, and their inexact doses during reception can cause extremely unpleasant effects.

Prevention of trichomoniasis

ТрихомониазPrevention of trichomoniasis is that to avoid infection with trichomoniasis, first of all it is necessary to choose the sexual partner very attentively. At the introduction in sexual intercourse use a condom, at the moment the condom — the only way will catch nothing with probability nearly hundred percent (everything depends on quality of a condom).

It is recommended to change not too often sexual partners, as we know, the more the number of sexual partners, the more probably will catch any venereal disease. It is necessary to know whether your partner entered any doubtful sexual bonds before, and whether are shown at it what symptoms - or a venereal illness already at this stage.

Prevention of trichomoniasis and others venereal recommends diseases if the condom was not used, directly after sexual intercourse to stimulate an urination and to wash the generative organ soap (better to use hygienic, or economic). However it is necessary to understand that the probability to get any venereal illness even at observance of these rules of hygiene all the same will be higher, than in case of use of a condom at sexual intercourse.

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