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  • Latin name: Trimistin
  • ATH code: CD07BB03
  • Active ingredient: Triamcinolonum + Miramistin
  • Producer: CIAO "Pharmaceutical firm "Darnitsa" (Ukraine)


1 gram of ointment Trimistin includes 0,25 mg of Triamcinolonum of acetonide and 5 mg of a miramistin – active ingredients.

Additional ingredients: alcohols cetyl and stearyl, a beta cyclodextrin, propylene glycol, the purified water.

Release form

Trimistin (Trimistin-Darnitsa) is issued in the form of ointment on 10; 14 or 20 grams in a tuba.

Pharmacological action

Antiallergic, antiinflammatory, bactericidal, anti-exudative.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Trimistin-Darnitsa is the combined ointment intended for local (outside) use.

The fluorinated glucocorticoid Triamcinolonum possesses the expressed anti-exudative, antiallergic and antiinflammatory properties. Entering interaction in target tissues with specific receptors of protein, adjusts an expression of genes (kortikoidzavisimy) and makes impact on synthesis of the protein. Reduces development, release and activity of inflammatory mediators (lizosomalny enzymes, a histamine, prostaglandin, kinin).

Lowers permeability and a vazodilatation of vessels in the place of an inflammation and oppresses cellular migration to its center. Participates in stabilization of lizosomalny enzymes of leukocytic membranes, suppresses replication of antibodies and interferes with antigen recognition. Constrains release scale of interferon and interleykin (1 and 2) from macrophages and lymphocytes.

Promotes formation of a lipokortin, suppresses release of inflammatory mediators eosinophils and stabilizes cellular membranes of mast cells. In the injured fabrics all these effects take part in oppression of the inflammatory reaction arising at immune, chemical or mechanical destructions.

The antiseptic agentmiramistin possesses quite extensive range of the action and shows bactericidal efficiency (hydrophobic impact on membranes of microorganisms which serves as the reason of their destruction).

Efficiency of drug extends on mainly gram-positive, and also to some gram-negative microorganisms (including anaerobe bacterias and aerobes), spore-forming and asporous microflora in the form of microbic associations and monocultures (including hospital strains resistant to an antibioticotherapia).

Antifungal activity of a miramistin covers ascomycetes, barmy and drozhzhepodobny mushrooms, dermatophytes, and also an other pathogenic fungi in the form of microbic associations and monocultures, including fungal microflora not sensitive to carrying out chemotherapy. Miramistin effectively interferes with infection of wounds by means of activation of processes of regeneration.

Specially picked up chemical physical properties of a basis of ointment Trimistin, as well as the sorption high-molecular polymers which are its part hold active ingredients of drug in a site of application and prevent their penetration into a system blood stream.

Indications to use

The diseases of integuments of inflammatory genesis including aggravated with a fungal and bacterial infection:


  • the tuberculosis cutis concentrated in an ointment site of application;
  • hypersensitivity to ingredients;
  • syphilitic defeats of integuments;
  • pregnancy;
  • the skin reactions arising after carrying out vaccination;
  • age till 1st year;
  • carcinoma cutaneum.

Side effects

When putting drug occasionally observed an easy burning sensation.

Ointment Trimistin, application instruction

The instruction on Trimistin-Darnits assumes exclusively external (local) use of drug. Ointment needs to be applied on the damaged sites of integuments, a thin layer slightly rubbing.

It is necessary to carry out procedure of application 1-2 times at 24 o'clock for 5-10 days. As the end of carrying out treatment it is considered to be disappearance of inflammatory process, clarification of skin and the termination of an itch.

In case of exudate in the place of expected drawing, it is necessary to process first of all this surface of 1% solution of boric acid, 0,05% of a hlorgeksidin of a biglyukonat or 3% of peroxide of hydrogen.

Application of ointment with use of a sterile bandage is possible.


In case of use on extensive sites of the affected skin penetration of insignificant amount of drug into a system blood stream is possible that cannot lead to toxic effects.


Trimistin's efficiency increases at parallel use of antimicrobic means, antibiotics, system antihistaminic HP and goes down at purpose of the other outside means including sorbents.

Terms of sale

Ointment Trimistin is nonprescription.

Storage conditions

Ointment should be stored in a tuba of the producer at 15-25 °C.

Period of validity

Of date of production – 2 years.

Special instructions

Efficiency of drug can partially weaken at its application on skin sites with high content is purulent - necrotic allocations in this connection, it is necessary to process previously these sites soap solution or antiseptic agents.

To children

At Trimistin's appointment children need to limit duration of its use and to exclude the actions able to lead to strengthening of absorption and a resorption of steroids (the fixing, warming and occlusive bandages).


  • ТРИМИСТИН®-ДАРНИЦАДарница (Ukraine, Kiev)
Section: Antiseptic agents Hormonal Dermatological
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