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  • Latin name: Troxerutin
  • ATH code: C05CA04
  • Active ingredient: Trokserutin (Troxerutin)
  • Producer: JSC Biokhimik, Russian Federation Sopharma AD, Adifarm of EAT, Bulgaria CHAO FF of "Darnits", PAO "Red Star Chemical plant, Ukraine


The structure of Trokserutin who is let out in the form of capsules includes 300 mg of a trokserutin (Troxerutin) and substance-ekstsepiyenty: lactoses monohydrate (Lactose monohydrate), silicon dioxide colloid (Silicon dioxide colloidal), macrogoal of 6000 (Macrogol 6000), magnesium stearate (Magnesium stearate).

For production of a capsule are used: titanium dioxide (Titanium dioxide), gelatin (Gelatin), dyes (quinolinic yellow — 0,75%, a sunset yellow — 0,0059%).

Composition of gel: trokserutin (Troxerutin) in concentration of 20 mg/gram, methylparahydroxybenzoate (E218; Methyl parahydroxybenzoate), carbomer (Carbomer), trietanolamine (Triethanolamine), dinatrium edetat (Edetate disodium), water cleared (Aqua purificata).

Release form

Medicine is issued in shape:

  • gel for external use in tubas from aluminum of 25, 35, 40, 50 and 100 grams;
  • the capsules packaged on 10 pieces in blisters on 5 blisters in one cardboard packaging.

Pharmacological action

Drug belongs to pharmacological group of medicines which have spasmolytic effect, promote relaxation of smooth muscles of blood vessels and other internals.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Means raises a tone of walls of venous vessels and reduces their distensibility, eliminating with that stagnation of a venous blood and interfering with development of hypostases, reduces intensity of inflammatory process, renders membranostabiliziruyushchy and kapillyaroprotektorny effects.

Trokserutin takes active part in oxidation-reduction processes, inhibiting processes of peroxide oxidation of lipids and hyaluronidase, and also processes of oxidation of Epinephrinum (adrenaline) and ascorbic acid.

Drug is characterized by R-vitamin activity, stimulates processes of elimination of products of a metabolism of fabrics, has no embriotoksicheky effect, does not cause mutations and disturbances of fetation.

After oral administration it is well absorbed from a digestive tract. Plasma concentration of substance reaches the peak values 2-8 hours later after reception of a capsule. The second peak is noted about 30 hours later.

Trokserutin eliminirutsya almost completely from an organism within 24 hours after reception, at the same time about 75-80% of substance are removed by a liver, the remained 20-25% — kidneys.

At topical administration of absorption of substance in a system blood stream does not occur, nevertheless, drug well gets into adjacent fabrics through an integument.

Indications to use: from what appoint Trokserutin

Use of tablets and gel Trokserutin is reasonable:

  • at the skin which is followed by trophic defeats, static weight in legs, ulcers of a shin, chronic venous insufficiency;
  • at a varicosis (including at pregnancy);
  • at a posttromboflebitichesky syndrome;
  • at peri-and thrombophlebitis;
  • at hemorrhoids;
  • at hemorrhagic diathesis which is characterized by a hyperpermeability of capillary walls;
  • at posttraumatic hematomas and puffiness of fabrics;
  • at Shenleyn-Genokh's illness (hemorrhagic capillary toxicosis; including at flu, measles or scarlet fever);
  • at a diabetic retino-and a mikroangiopatiya;
  • at the vascular effects which developed against radiation therapy.

As a prophylactic medicine can be applied after carrying out operations on veins.


Contraindications to use are:

Means with care is appointed at insufficiency of function of kidneys (in case of need prolonged use).

Side effects

Use of drug can be followed by the following side effects:

Application instruction of Trokserutin

Capsules Trokserutin: application instruction

Pill Trokserutin is taken during food, swallowing entirely. According to the standard scheme of treatment appoint intake of 0,9 grams of a trokserutin a day (on one tablet three times a day). If medicine is used as the supporting means, it should be accepted on one capsule twice a day.

The full course of treatment lasts from 3 to 4 weeks. Expediency of more prolonged use is defined by individually attending physician.

Instructions on drugs of various producers can differ a little among themselves.

So, for example capsules Trokserutin Zentiva accept according to the above described scheme, and capsules Trokserutin Vramed at the initial stages of treatment accept one 2 or 3 times a day then pass to the supporting treatment which assumes reception of one capsule in days.

Treatment using Trokserutina-Mick there begin with intravenous or intramuscular administration 0,5 grams of a trokserutin in the form of injection solution. Procedures are repeated every other day, at the same time it is recommended to give not less than 5 injections of drug.

After that pass to reception of dosage forms for oral administration. A starting dose — 0,6-0,9 grams a day, a maintenance dose — 0,3 grams a day. A course of treatment — from 2 to 4 weeks if there are no other indications.

Gel Trokserutin: application instruction

Ointment Trokserutin represents means for external use. It is necessary to put it twice a day (in morning and evening hours), a thin layer, evenly distributing on skin of a painful site from distal (most remote) to the proximal (most close located) its part and slightly massing before full absorption.

The dose is defined by the area of the damaged surface, however should not exceed 1-2 grams (it corresponds to about 3-4 cm of gel). After drawing medicine it is possible to apply an occlusive bandage an affected area of skin.

Unlike capsules, the scheme of treatment with use of gels of various producers differs in nothing, that is the application instruction of ointment Trokserutin Vramed is identical to the instruction, for example, of Trokserutin Vetprom.


Today data on cases of overdose of Trokserutin did not arrive.

In case of accidental intake of drug in the form of gel or capsules in the dose significantly exceeding medical it is necessary to carry out procedure of a gastric lavage and to accept an enterosorbent.

There is no specific antidote.


Drug potentsiirut effect of ascorbic acid on structure and indicators of permeability of walls of blood vessels.

Terms of sale

Means of non-prescription dispensing.

Storage conditions

To store in the place protected from solar from sunshine. Optimum temperature condition for gel storage — 8-15 °C, for capsules — 15-25 °C.

Period of validity

Gel is good for the use during 2 flyings, a capsule during 5 flyings from a date of issue.

Special instructions

Trokserutin is allowed to apply gel and capsules as one of components of complex therapy. So, therapy of a deep vein thrombosis or superficial thrombophlebitis does not exclude need of purpose of protivotrombotichesky and antiinflammatory medicines.

Experience of use of means for treatment of patients is younger than 15 years is absent.


Synonyms: Troxevasinum, Trokserutin Vramed, Trokserutin Zentiva, Trokserutin-Mick, Trokserutin Vetprom, Troksevenol.

Analogs of drug on the action mechanism: Antistaks, Askovertin, Ascorutinum, Vazoket, Venarus, Venolek, Venorutonum, Ginkor, Detralex, Diosmin, Rutinum, Flebodia 600, Flebofa, Yuglaneks.


  • Trokserutin of vetpry 2% ABP gel 40gvetprom (BULGARIA)
  • Trokserutin Vramed of 2% gel 40gsopharma AD
  • Trokserutin gel 40gbiokhimik of joint stock company
  • Trokserutin Vramed of 300 mg No. 50 kapsulysopharma AD
  • Trokserutin Mick of 200 mg No. 50 kapsulyminskinterkaps

Drugstore of IFC

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  • Trokserutin Zentiva kaps 300 mg No. 30, Zentiva A.S.Chekhiya
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  • Trokserutin kaps. on 300 mg No. 50darnitsa
  • Trokserutin kaps. on 300 mg No. 50darnitsa


  • Trokserutin of Sofarm of 2% 40 g gel in a tuba
  • Trokserutin of 2% 40 g gel in the tubevetpry ABP (Bulgaria)
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