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  • Latin name: Troxevasin
  • ATH code: C05CA04
  • Active ingredient: Trokserutin (Troxerutin)
  • Producer: BALKANPHARMA-RAZGRAD (Bulgaria)

Structure of Troxevasinum

  • 300 mg of a trokserutin are a part of one capsule of means. Additional components: titanium dioxide, monohydrate of lactose, yellow quinolinic dye, magnesium stearate, dye yellow sunset, gelatin.
  • In structure 1 gr. gel (troksevazinovy ointment) of 2% for external use 20 mg of a trokserutin enter. Additional components: carbomer, trolamin, dihydrate of an edetat of dinatrium, chloride benzalkoniya, water.

Release form

Gelatinous, cylindrical, yellow capsules (sometimes mistakenly called tablets Troxevasinum), inside flavovirent powder, presence of conglomerates is possible. 10 capsules in the blister, 5 or 10 blisters in a pack from a cardboard.

Light brown gel. 40 grams in an aluminum tuba — one tuba in a pack from a cardboard or 40 grams in a plastic tuba — one tuba in a pack from a cardboard.

Pharmacological action

Venoprotektorny and venotoniziruyushchy action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Wikipedia describes active agent as a vasoprotective which affects mainly capillaries and veins.

Narrows pores between cells of an endothelium of vessels due to change of a fibrous matrix between endothelial cells. Suppresses aggregation and strengthens degree of deformability of red blood cells, has anti-inflammatory effect.

At chronic insufficiency of function of veins reduces force of trophic frustration, hypostasis, spasms, pains, varicose ulcers. Facilitates the symptoms associated with hemorrhoidsan itch, pain and bleeding.

Favorable action on permeability and capillary resistance promotes braking of progressing of a diabetic retinopathy. The summary specifies that drug influences rheological indicators of blood and promotes prevention of a microvein thrombosis of a retina.


After reception of a capsule inside absorption reaches on average 10-15%. The greatest concentration in blood comes approximately 2 hours later after the use, therapeutic significant level remains in plasma for 8 hours. Medicine is metabolized in a liver. 20% are allocated with urine in not changed look and 60-70% — with bile.

When drawing on area of defeat of gel, active component quickly gets through epidermis, in half an hour it is found already in a derma, and in 3-5 hours — in hypodermic cellulose.

Indications to use of Troxevasinum

Indications to use of capsules:

  • postflebitichesky syndrome;
  • chronic insufficiency of function of veins;
  • disturbances of food of fabrics at a varicosis;
  • component of auxiliary therapy after carrying out sclerotherapy of veins and a venectomy;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • hemorrhoids (itch, exudation, pain, bleeding);
  • hemorrhoids and venous insufficiency at pregnancy (from the 2nd trimester);
  • component of auxiliary therapy of a retinopathy at having an arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis against a diabetes mellitus.

Ointment use Troxevasinum is proved at:

  • varicosis;
  • chronic insufficiency of function the hair dryer with hypostases and the lower extremity pains, feeling of fatigue and weight in legs, spasms, paresthesias;
  • varicose dermatitis;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • periphlebitis;
  • pains and hypostases of posttraumatic character (stretchings, bruises).

Contraindications on Troxevasinum

Contraindications on capsules:

With care it is necessary to apply Troxevasinum in tablets (capsules) for a long time at a renal failure.

Contraindications on gel Troxevasinum:

  • disturbance of integrity of skin;
  • hypersensitivity to means components.

Side effects

  • Reactions from digestion: diarrhea, nausea, defeat of digestive organs of erosive and ulcer character, heartburn.
  • Other reactions: headache, rash, inflow.

Side effects disappear right after the therapy termination.

In extremely exceptional cases when using gel the skin allergic phenomena are possible: eczema, urticaria, dermatitis.

Application instruction of Troxevasinum (Way and dosage)

Capsules Troxevasinum, application instruction

In an initial stage of treatment accept 300 mg of means three times a day. The effect, as a rule, develops within 15 days, then treatment is continued in the above-stated dose or lower 600 mg to the smallest maintenance dose equal, it is also possible to suspend further therapy. In the latter case the reached effect remains usually for not less than a month. The course of therapy makes about 3-4 weeks, needs in longer course are defined individually in each separate case.

At treatment of a diabetic retinopathy medicine appoint in a dosage 900-1800 mg a day.

How to accept Troxevasinum in capsules

Capsules (tablet) accept inside, swallowing entirely and washing down with water during food.

Gel Troxevasinum, application instruction

The instruction Troxevasinum indicates ointment that this form of release is applied outwardly for what ointment (cream) is applied on the struck area twice a day in the morning and in the evening, easily rubbing before final absorption. If it is necessary, it is authorized to apply gel under elastic stockings or bandage. Results of treatment by drug depend on its regular use during a long span.

At varicosity and other diseases the application instruction of troksevazinovy ointment recommends to combine its use with reception of the capsules of the same name for influence stimulation. If symptoms worsen or do not pass 6-7 days of everyday use of medicine later, the patient needs to see a doctor.

Medicinal candles at treatment of hemorrhoids can be combined with Troxevasinum. At pregnancy it is authorized to accept drug, since the second trimester.

Gel Troxevasinum from bruises

Nobody is insured from emergence of bruises and injuries with the subsequent development of hematomas from what ointment Troxevasinum well helps. When using from bruises means is rubbed to two times a day before disappearance of visual symptoms.


Overdose by drug in the form of capsules

Appears a headache, excitement, nausea, inflow. Treatment consists in a gastric lavage and the use of Absorbent carbon.

Overdose by drug in the form of gel

Because of external use and big medical width of drug of danger of emergence of overdose is not present. At an inadvertent proglatyvaniye of large volume of gel it is necessary to make general measures of evacuation of drug from an organism (to cause vomiting) and to see a doctor.


Effects of drug amplify at combined use with Ascorbic acid.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To protect from children. To store in the dry, dark place at the room temperature. Cream (gel) is forbidden to be frozen.

Period of validity

On capsules Troxevasinum – 5 years. On varicosity ointment in an aluminum tuba – 5 years, in a plastic tuba – 2 years.

Special instructions

In the absence of relief of symptoms during use of drug it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

Troxevasinum it is authorized to apply leg ointment only on the unimpaired surface of skin.

It is necessary to avoid hit of drug on open wounds and mucous membranes.

At the defeats which are characterized by the increased permeability of vessels (for example, at flu, measles, allergic reactions, scarlet fever), gel Troxevasinum is applied together with ascorbic acid to stimulation of its effect.

Analogs of Troxevasinum

Analogs of Troxevasinum: Lioton, Troksevenol, Detralex, Trokserutin gel of 2%, Trokserutin-Vramed, Trokserutin-Mick, Trokserutin Zentiva, Trokserutin Vetprom, Venolan, Troksegel, Fleboton, Unguentum Heparini.

Troxevasinum and its analogs are, as a rule, comparable at the price. Trokserutin – the most widespread and cheap analog of the described drug which forms of release are ointment and capsules. Lioton gel – more expensive substitute of Troxevasinum. Also there are tablets with similar systemic action: Avenue, Antistaks, Ascorutinum, Venorin.

The price of analogs of troksevazinovy ointment is almost always cheaper or is approximately equal to the price of the specified means.


  • Troxevasinum gel 40gbalkanpharma-Troyan
  • Troxevasinum of 300 mg No. 50 kapsulybalkanfarma-Razgrad AD
  • Troxevasinum Neo gel 40gbalkanpharma-Troyan
  • Troxevasinum of 300 mg No. 100 kapsulybalkanfarma-Razgrad AD

Drugstore of IFC

  • Troxevasinum gel of 2% 40 g, Balkanpharma/Troyanbolgariya
  • Troxevasinum kaps. 300 mg No. 50, Balkanpharma/Troyanbolgariya
  • Troxevasinum NEO gel for external use of 2% 40 g, Balkanpharma/Troyanbolgariya
  • Troxevasinum kaps. 300 mg No. 100, Balkanpharma-Razgrad Adbolgariya
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  • Troxevasinum gel of 2% 100gantibiotik (Bulgaria)
  • Troxevasinum kaps. 300 mg No. 50
  • Troxevasinum kaps. 300 mg No. 100 Antibiotic (Bulgaria)
  • Troksevazinbalkanpharma-Troyan (Bulgaria)


  • Troxevasinum of 2% 40 g gel in tubebalkanpharma-Troyan AD (Bulgaria)
  • Troxevasinum of 300 mg No. 50 kaps.
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