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  • Latin name: Cefamadar
  • Active ingredient: Madar (Madar)
  • Producer: Cefak KG (Germany)


1 tablet of drug Tsefamadar includes 250 mg of trituration of Madar in homeopathic dilution of D4.

In addition: 9 mg of monohydrate of lactose and 1 mg of magnesium stearate.

Release form

The remedy Tsefamadar is made in the form of tablets No. 100 (20x5) in secondary cardboard packaging (pack).

Pharmacological action

Anorexigenic (lowering appetite).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Tablets for weight loss Tsefamadar are the homeopathic remedy depressing influencing in a diencephalon the centers of saturation and hunger that reducing desire of the patient to consumption of food (appetite).

Indications to use

Tsefamadar's appointment is shown for the purpose of therapy of the excess weight observed at the alimentary obesity created owing to overconsumption of food.


Because of a plant origin of active ingredient of drug the only absolute contraindications to its reception are high personal sensitivity of the patient and age till 3 years.

Also do not recommend reception of this medicine to pregnant women and the feeding women.

Very careful administration of drug is demanded by patients with intolerance of sugars.

Side effects

At Tsefamadar's reception negative side effects, as a rule, did not arise.

At the initial stage of therapy, because of influence of homeopathic ingredient, the appetite strengthening which is taking place independently and not demanding intervention in treatment process is possible.

At personal intolerance of drug, any of ingredients, there can be hypersensitivity reactions.

Also because of significantly smaller receipt of food in an organism sometimes observed: nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, headaches.

Tsefamadar, application instruction

Pill of this remedy for weight loss should be taken orally (chewing or in the whole look) and to wash down with the small volume of water.

To patients after achievement of 12 years by them appoint at 24 o'clock – from 1st to 3 tablets; at the age of 6-12 – from 1st to 2 tablets a day; at the age of 3-6 flyings – on 1 tablet a day. Duration of a therapeutic course is individual and depends on desirable result of treatment and the response of the patient to effects of drug.

The best time of administration of drug – in 10 minutes prior to food. For the fastest achievement of necessary result the eaten food has to be low-calorie.

Even in case of long-term use of Tsefamadar of accustoming (dependence) to its active ingredient does not occur.

At the accidental admission of reception of the next tablet it is necessary to continue further treatment without its accounting (not to accept the doubled dose).


Because of homeopathic composition of drug the possibility of its overdose is almost equal to zero.


Pharmacological interaction of active ingredient of drug with other drugs specially was not studied. Various, arriving from the outside substances can influence efficiency of a homeopathic remedy, including: the stimulating drugs, alcohol, coffee, nicotine (consultation of the homeopath is necessary).

Terms of sale

Homeopathic medicines can be got without presentation of the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Tsefamadar's tablets do not demand a specific mode of storage.

Period of validity

In original packaging of a tablet it is possible to keep for 5 years.

Special instructions

Tsefamadar's appointment is reasonable only in case of the obesity caused by an overeating. This drug should not be used at the excess body weight created owing to any organic diseases.

At the initial stages of therapy strengthening of expressiveness of symptomatology of a disease state can be observed by homeopathic medicines (in this case – appetite increase). In case of preservation of these phenomena at later stages of treatment, reception of tablets should be stopped.

Due to the inclusion in lactose drug to an uchsha to avoid its appointment to patients with any intolerance of sugars.

To children

Tsefamadar do not recommend for appointment to children till 3 years.


  • Tsefamadar of a tablet 250 of mg No. 100tsefak of KG (Germaniya0
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