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  • Latin name: Ceraxon
  • ATH code: N06BX06
  • Active ingredient: Tsitikolin (Citicoline)
  • Producer: Ferrer Internacional S.A. (Spain)


MNN: Tsitikolin. Solution for injections has as a part of 500 or 1000 mg of a tsitikolin (active ingredient).

Solution for intake contains tsitikolin, and also sorbitol, glycerin, glitserinformal, nipagin, Na citrate, nipazol, Na saccharinate, essence strawberry, dye 4P crimson, sorbate K, citric acid (excipients).

Tablets Tserakson contain 522,5 mg tsitikolin sodium (ekvivalent500 mg of a tsitikolin). Drug in tablets also has as a part of magnesium stearate, talc, kremniyadioksid colloid anhydrous, the castor oil hydrogenated of sodium of a kroskarmeloz (excipients).

Release form

Form of production of drug – solution for introduction intramusculary and intravenously; solution for oral administration.

Solution for injections contains in ampoules of 500 mg / 4 ml and 1000 mg / 4 ml. Ampoules are made of colourless glass, have protective tubes from plastic, white strips for a break. Ampoules are packed on 3 or 5 pieces into the blister strip packaging which is contained in a cardboard pack.

Solution for internal reception contains in glass bottles from colourless glass with plastic covers. The bottle contains 30 ml of medicine. The bottle is packed into a pack from a cardboard, the syringe for a dosage is included in the package. Tablets have white color, a film cover, a print of "C500". The blister strip packaging contains 5 tablets, is put in a cardboard pack on 4 packagings of tablets.

Pharmacological action

Tsitikolin (active ingredient of drug) promotes improvement of function of ion-exchange pumps of membranes of cells of a nervous system. It occurs thanks to emergence of new phospholipids.

Tserakson in/in and Tserakson of a drop provides stability of a membrane of neurons, thus, reducing brain hypostasis. As a result, at the patient reduction of cognitive disturbances, and also improvement of functions of attention, memory is noted. In the period of an acute condition of the person at a stroke treatment by drug promotes reduction of volumes of defeat of tissue of brain, promotes activation of cholinergic transfer.

At people with a craniocereberal injury treatment by this means allows to reduce duration of a posttraumatic coma, intensity of neurologic symptoms. Under the influence of a tsitikolin duration of the recovery period after a stroke decreases. At patients with a chronic hypoxia of a brain at use of drug reduction of such manifestations as lack of initiative, memory impairment, difficulties in the course of self-service and performance of usual actions is noted. Under the influence of a tsitikolin displays of amnesia decrease, the general level of consciousness increases.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

In view of the fact that tsitikolin is in a human body, therefore, endogenous and exogenous tsitikolin it is not differentiated, it is impossible to study drug pharmacokinetics. For 99% medicine is soaked up from a gastrointestinal tract, its allocation happens generally through kidneys.

Bioavailability is identical at any type of introduction. At introduction intravenously and intramusculary the metabolism of a tsitikolin occurs in a liver, at the same time sincaline and cytidine is formed. Tsitikolin is generally distributed in structures of a brain, fractions of sincaline quickly are implemented into structural phospholipids, fractions of cytidine are implemented into nucleic acids and cytidine nucleotides. Out of an organism kidneys and breath bring only 15% of the dose of a tsitikolin received by the person.

Indications to Tserakson's use

Indications to drug use the following:

  • acute period of an ischemic stroke;
  • recovery after hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes;
  • the acute and recovery period after a craniocereberal injury;
  • the vascular diseases of a brain which are followed by behavior disorders and cognitive abilities.


Tserakson it is contraindicated to take medicine at the following states:

  • high sensitivity to components which drug contains;
  • the expressed vagotonia (the tone of parasympathetic part of vegetative NANOSECOND prevails);
  • diseases of hereditary character at which the intolerance of fructose is noted.

Side effects

Drug seldom provokes manifestation of side effects. Such manifestations are in some cases possible:

  • allergic reactions (emergence of an itch of skin, rash, and also acute anaphylaxis);
  • dizziness and headache;
  • feeling of a tremor and heat, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, appetite change;
  • hallucinations, sleeplessness.

Sometimes drug causes feeling of numbness in the paralyzed extremities. Stimulation of parasympathetic system, short change of arterial pressure is also possible, and also it can cause short-term change of the ABP.

If causes pricks or syrup any of the listed above phenomena and if they besides are aggravated, it is necessary to consult surely to the doctor about expediency of further treatment.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

The instruction on Tserakson for intravenous and intramuscular administration following. Medicine is intravenously entered slowly, depending on a dose, for 3-5 minutes. If drug is accepted by drop introduction with a speed of 40-60 thaws a minute. Whenever possible, it is preferable to accept medicine intravenously, but not intramusculary. At acute states, treatment needs to be begun as soon as possible, it is desirable to do it in the first days.

The application instruction of Tserakson depends also on that disease which is diagnosed for the patient. It is necessary to enter 1000 mg of drug into the acute period of a craniocereberal injury and ischemic stroke each 12 hours, the course of therapy proceeds not less than 6 weeks. Injections are given for 3-5 days. Further, if at the patient swallowing function was not broken, it is possible to take a pill or syrup Tserakson.

The doctor appoints a drug dosage during recovery individually, depending on weight and expressiveness of symptoms. Tserakson to children is entered strictly on doctor's orders and agrees with the dosage specified by him. Elderly patients do not have need to adjust a usual dosage.

At intake drug is dissolved in half of glass of water. It is necessary to drink it during absorption of food or between its receptions. In the acute period of ChMT or a stroke about 1000 mg are appointed (10 ml or one package) each 12 hours, treatment lasts not less than 6 weeks.

To children syrup Tserakson is appointed at defeats of the central nervous system of different severity. The instruction on syrup for children is individual and depends on weight of defeat, age of the child, reaction to medicine, etc. For the newborns who were born deeply premature syrup is appointed twice a day on 0,5 ml (50 mg), children aged from two months – 1 ml (100 mg) twice a day. Further treatment is individually appointed by the doctor, at the same time in days the child should not accept more than 5-20 ml of medicine. Solution which contains in an ampoule needs to be applied once. It is necessary to use it at once after the ampoule was opened. Tserakson is combined with isotonic solutions and solutions of a dextrose.


Considering the fact that drug is low-toxic, cases of overdose were not noted.


Tsitikolin can strengthen impact on a levodopa organism. Treatment by Tserakson is not carried out in at one time with medicines as a part of which there is Meclofenoxatum.

Terms of sale

It is implemented in drugstores according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store Tserakson in original packaging. To protect from light. Drug can be stored at the room temperature of air (up to 30 degrees).

Period of validity

It is possible to store 3 years.

Special instructions

During treatment by this drug the patient has to show consideration for the activity demanding extra care and fast reaction very much.

If solution for oral administration some time was stored in the cold place, in it crystals in view of partial temporary crystallization of preservative can be formed. If further to store drug at the room temperature, crystals are dissolved for several months. At the same time quality of medicine remains high.


Tserakson's analogs are the nootropic medicines making similar impact on an organism. These are drugs Neyrodar, Somazina, Somakson, Nootropil, Litsetin, Glycine, Gliatilin, etc. Some analogs are cheaper, however it is possible to replace Tserakson only after approval of such actions of the doctor.


  • Tserakson solution for intake 100mg/ml 30mlferrer Internacional
  • Tserakson solution for injections of 500 mg 4 ml No. 5 ampulyferrer Internacional
  • Tserakson solution for injections of 1000 mg 4 ml No. 5 ampulyferrer Internacional
  • Tserakson solution for intake 100mg/ml 10 ml No. 10 pak.ferrer Internacional

Drugstore of IFC

  • Tserakson solution for in 1000mg/4ml amp of 4 ml No. 5, Ferrer Internasyonal S.A.Ispaniya
  • Tserakson solution for intake 100mg/ml 10 ml No. 10, Ferrer Internasyonal S.A.Ispaniya
  • Tserakson solution for intake 100mg/ml fl 30 ml, Ferrer Internasyonal S.A.Ispaniya
  • Tserakson solution for in 500mg/4ml amp of 4 ml No. 5, Ferrer Internasyonal S.A.Ispaniya
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  • Tserakson solution for oral administration 10g/100ml 30 ml No. 1 Ferrer International (Spain)
  • Tseraksonferrer Internacional (Spain)
  • Tseraksonferrer Internacional (Spain)
  • Tserakson solution for injections of 500 mg of an ampoule of 4 ml No. 5 Ferrer International (Spain)


  • Tserakson 1000mg/4ml amp.4ml No. 5 Ferrer International
  • Tserakson 1000mg/4ml amp.4ml No. 5 Ferrer International
  • Tserakson 1000mg/4ml amp.4ml No. 5 Ferrer International
  • Tserakson 1000mg/4ml amp.4ml No. 5 Ferrer International
  • Tserakson 1000mg/4ml amp.4ml No. 5 Ferrer International


  • Tserakson of 10 g / 100 ml of 10 ml No. 10 solution for reception a vnutrferrer Internasyonal S. And (Spain)
  • Tserakson of 500 mg No. 20 tabl.p.p.o. Ferrer Internasyonal S. And (Spain)
  • Tserakson of 1000 mg / 4 ml No. 5 r-r.amp. Ferrer Internasyonal S. And (Spain)
  • Tserakson of 10 g / 100 ml of 30 ml solution for reception a vnutrferrer Internasyonal S. And (Spain)
  • Tserakson of 1000 mg / 4 ml No. 10 r-r.amp. Ferrer Internasyonal S. And (Spain)
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