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  • Latin name: Cerebrolysin
  • ATH code: N06BX
  • Active ingredient: Cerebrolysinum (Cerebrolysin)
  • Producer: EVER Neuro Pharma GmbH, Austria


215,2 mg of a concentrate of Cerebrolysinum (the peptide drug received from a pork brain) and auxiliary components are a part of one milliliter of solution: the caustic soda (Natrii hydroxidum), water for injections (Aqua pro injectionibus).

Release form

Drug is issued in the form of injection solution with 5% concentration. Drug comes to drugstores in ampoules (Cerebrolysinum of 5 ml No. 5; 1 ml No. 10; 2 ml No. 10; 10 ml No. 5) and in the bottles of brown glass of 30 or 50 ml corked by a rubber stopper with a polymericfluorine covering.

It is necessary to know that Cerebrolysinum in tablets is not issued.

Pharmacological action

Drug is a stimulator of neurometabolic processes (has nootropic effect).

The deproteined hydrolyzate of substance of a brain of pigs stimulates processes of a differentiation of cells, improves a functional condition of cells of a nervous system and activates mechanisms of protection and updating.

The experiments made on animals showed that biologically active amino acids and peptides which are contained in Cerebrolysinum exert direct impact on neyronalny and sinapticheky plasticity that in turn promotes improvement of the highest brain functions.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

As a result of researches with use of models of cerebral ischemia of a brain it was succeeded to establish that use of medicine allows:

  • to reduce a heart attack;
  • to prevent development of hypostases;
  • to stabilize microcirculation;
  • to normalize cognitive and neurologic disturbances;
  • to double survival indicators.

On the basis of researches with use of models of Alzheimer's disease allowed to draw the following conclusion: besides that drug has direct effect on neurons, it also promotes increase in quantity of the molecules which are carrying out glucose transport through GEB (blood-brain barrier), and as a result, compensates critical power deficit in an organism.

Quantification of encephalograms of healthy people and patients for whom vascular dementia is diagnosed showed that against use of the medicine Cerebrolysinum:

  • significantly neyronalny activity (indicators of activity of a dozozavisima) increases;
  • objectively the highest brain functions improve;
  • ability to self-service and performance of daily tasks increases (as a result — the patient to a lesser extent needs foreign leaving);

Drug possesses neurotrophic activity that allows to slow down significantly, and in certain cases to stop progressing of neurodegenerative processes.

During experiments it was revealed that Cerebrolysinum does not provoke antibody formation or development of anaphylactic reactions, does not influence immune system, does not stimulate receptors of a histamine and does not exert impact on hemagglutination of erythrocytes.

As the proteolytic peptide fraction received from a pork brain includes short biologically active peptides, similar or identical to those which are produced in an organism, it is not possible to carry out the exact pharmacokinetic analysis of drug.

On the basis of data on a pharmacodynamics of drug the conclusion was drawn that after one-time administration of drug neurotrophic activity of a hydrolyzate in a blood plasma is defined for 24 hours.

Components of Cerebrolysinum possess ability to get through GEB. Preclinical trials of in vivo allowed to establish identical farmakodinamicheky effect of drug on TsNS at introduction it in ventricles of a brain and at peripheral introduction. These researches are indirect confirmation of ability of Cerebrolysinum to pass through cellular membranes of GEB.

Indications to use of Cerebrolysinum

Indications to use of Cerebrolysinum are:

  • organic lesions, metabolic frustration and degenerative diseases of NANOSECOND (in particular Altsegeymer's illness);
  • the complications which developed against the had stroke;
  • brain injuries and their effects (states after neurosurgical operation, the postponed concussions and the closed ChMT);
  • delay of mental development in children;
  • mental disorders which are followed by memory impairment, absent-mindedness etc.


Drug is contraindicated at hypersensitivity to its components, the patients suffering from epileptic seizures at heavy disturbances of renal function.

Side effects

In rare instances pricks of Cerebrolysinum can provoke:

  • appetite loss;
  • depressions;
  • apathy;
  • general weakness;
  • arterial hypo - or hypertensia;
  • syndrome of hyperventilation of lungs;
  • emergence of an asthma;
  • stethalgia;
  • fatigue increase;
  • emergence of grippopodobny symptoms.

The therapeutic effect can sometimes be followed by agitation — strong contagious excitation with aggression manifestations, a consciousness inconsistency, sleeplessness.

Too fast administration of drug can become the reason of disturbances from a nervous system, skin and hypodermic fabrics: dizzinesses, emergence of a tremor, drowsiness, a headache, feeling of heat, strengthening of sweating, an itch and erubescence, enanthesis (including including emergence of makulopapulezny rash), small tortoiseshells.

In isolated cases were noted:

  • reactions of a giperchuvstitelnost or allergic reactions, Quincke's disease, acute anaphylaxis, fever and fever;
  • generalized epileptic seizures;
  • increase of convulsive activity;
  • feeling of own heartbeat, tachycardia, heartaches, arrhythmia (similar symptoms arose at too fast administration of drug);
  • dyspepsia;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • lock or diarrhea;
  • reactions in a drug injection site (an erythema, burning, local inflammatory reactions);
  • painful feelings in a neck, a back (in its lower part), extremities.

As drug is quite often used for treatment of people of old age, some of the side effects arising during conduct of clinical trials can not have relationship of cause and effect with reception of Cerebrolysinum (the majority of them arises at this category of patients not only against use of medicine).

Separate of the effects revealed collateral with an identical frequency arose as at the patients who were receiving medical treatment for drug and at the patients accepting placebo (change of arterial pressure, a tremor, nausea, slackness, dizzinesses, short wind, a tremor, diarrhea).

Cerebrolysinum pricks: application instruction (Way and dosage)

Drug is intended for intravenous and intramuscular administration.

Into Cerebrolysinum it is entered in pure form in the dose equal from 5 to 10 ml. If the dose from 10 to 50 ml (the most admissible dose) is shown to the patient, solution is recommended to enter only by method of slow intravenous infusion after preliminary cultivation to 100 ml one of standard solutions: Ringer's solution, isotonic NaCl solution, 5% glucose solution.

According to the application instruction of Cerebrolysinum, in a divorced look at the room temperature and in the place, unprotected from a sunlight, drug remains physically and chemically stable within a day, however from the microbiological point of view solution for infusions should be entered immediately after preparation.

Duration of a course of treatment, as a rule, makes from 10 to 20 days (daily administration of drug is supposed).

One-time introduction of the maximum dose of medicine (50 ml) is allowed, but course use of Cerebrolysinum is considered more effective.

Basic value for achievement of clinical effect of therapy has use adequate to the made diagnosis of dosages of drug, and also a right choice of a technique of its introduction.

The recommended daily doses:

  • from 5 to 30 ml — at degradation of cognitive function, organic pathologies and metabolic disorders of a brain;
  • from 10 to 50 ml — for elimination of effects of the had stroke;
  • from 10 to 50 ml — for treatment of brain injuries and their effects.

At neurologic diseases at children pricks with introduction are shown to the patient from 1 to 2 ml of solution.

The recommended dose for children aged before half a year — 0,1 ml on each kilogram of body weight. The maximum daily dose for patients of this age category should not exceed 2 ml.

Efficiency of treatment increases with each repeated course. Treatment is continued, as a rule, until there comes significant improvement of a condition of the patient.

When carrying out an initial course, the number of introductions can be reduced to 2 or 3 weekly. Between repeated courses it is necessary to maintain an interval which duration has to be not smaller, than duration of the previous course of treatment.

The producer does not let out drug in the tableted form therefore it is senseless to look for the instruction on the tablets Cerebrolysinum.


Overdose cases are not revealed by Cerebrolysinum.


Drug is incompatible:

  • with the medicines capable to change it to pH (5,0-8,0);
  • lipidosoderzhashchy drugs.

Cerebrolysinum is allowed to be applied with the balanced solutions of amino acids, with vitamins, drugs for treatment of heart diseases and vascular system, however, it is contraindicated to mix these medicines rolled into one for infusions.

The special attention is recommended to be paid to potentially possible pharmacological effects at simultaneous use it with inhibitors of monoaminoxidase (MAO) or antidepressants.

Terms of sale

The recipe is necessary for acquisition of drug.

Storage conditions

The instruction recommends to store Cerebrolysinum in original packaging at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius. To protect from children.

Period of validity

For drug in ampoules — 5 years, in bottles — 2 years from the moment of release.

Special instructions

Drug with care is appointed to patients with allergic (exudative and catarral) diathesis.

Nevertheless, it patients should not enter data that medicine can raise load of kidneys no, with severe forms of a renal failure.

At conduct of clinical trials any influence of drug on ability to be engaged in the activity demanding attentiveness and the speed of psychomotor reactions and also on ability to steer the vehicle was not revealed.

However the probability of development of undesirable side reactions is in some cases not excluded from the mental sphere and a nervous system that in turn can temporarily break ability to steer the car and mechanisms.

Drug from an ampoule or a bottle it is necessary to gather just before an injection silt infusion. At the same time exclusively one-time set of solution of an ampoule or a bottle is allowed.

At emergence of a deposit or foreign impurity in solution, and also in case of solution discoloration, it is forbidden to use it. In normal conditions color of liquid amber.

Analogs of Cerebrolysinum

Analogs of Cerebrolysinum in ampoules are drugs Amilonosar, Bravinton, the Vinpocetine, Cavintonum, Korteksin, Piracetam, Lutsetam, Nootropil, Piracetam Bufus, Piratsetam-Vial, Pikamilon, Tserakson, Tserebrolizat, Eskotropil, Vinpotropil, Tselleks, Tiotsetam.

Drug also has analogs in tablets: Amilonosar, Acephen, Vero-Vinpotsetin, Vinpotropil, Vinpocetine, Vintsetin, Ginkgo Biloba, Glycine, Idebenon, Gopantam, Cavintonum, Calcium gopantenat, Ginkoum, Karnitsetin, Kombitropil, Lutsetam, Memotropil, Neyromet, Noben, Nookam, Noopept, Nootropil, Pantogamum, Pikamilon, Pikogam, Piratsezin, Omaron, Piracetam, Pyriditolum, Telektol, Pantokaltsin, Fezam, Fenotropil, Encephabolum, Korsavin, Tselestab, Karniteps.

Cheaper analogs of Cerebrolysinum — Tserebrolizat, Glycine, Nootropil, Tsinnazarin, Instenon.


  • Cerebrolysinum solution for injections of 1 ml No. 10 an ampulyever of Neuro Farm Gmbh (AUSTRIA)
  • Cerebrolysinum solution for injections of 5 ml No. 5 an ampulyever of Neuro Farm Gmbh (AUSTRIA)
  • Cerebrolysinum solution for injections of 10 ml No. 5 an ampulyever of Neuro Farm Gmbh (AUSTRIA)
  • Cerebrolysinum solution for injections of 2 ml No. 10 an ampulyever of Neuro Farm Gmbh (AUSTRIA)
  • Cerebrolysinum solution for injections of 20 ml No. 5 an ampulyever of Neuro Farm Gmbh (AUSTRIA)

Drugstore of IFC

  • Cerebrolysinum solution for in amp of 10 ml No. 5, Ewer of Neuro Farm of Gmbkhavstriya
  • Cerebrolysinum solution for in amp of 5 ml No. 5 *, Ewer of Neuro Farm of Gmbkhavstriya
  • Cerebrolysinum solution for in amp of 2 ml No. 10, Ewer of Neuro Farm of Gmbkhavstriya
  • Cerebrolysinum solution for in amp of 1 ml No. 10 *, Ewer of Neuro Farm Gmbh/Biok Zaorossiya
  • Cerebrolysinum solution for in amp of 1 ml No. 10, Ewer of Neuro Farm Gmbh/Biok Zaorossiya
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  • Tserebrolizinebewe Pharma (Austria)


  • Cerebrolysinum solution for infection. 10 ml No. 5ebeve
  • Cerebrolysinum solution for infection. 10 ml No. 5ebeve
  • Cerebrolysinum solution for infection. 10 ml No. 5ebeve


  • Cerebrolysinum of 5 ml No. 5 solution for in.amp. EWER of Neuro Farm Gmbh (Austria)
  • Cerebrolysinum of 10 ml No. 5 solution for in.amp. EWER of Neuro Farm Gmbh (Austria)
  • Cerebrolysinum of 1 ml No. 10 solution for in.amp. EWER of Neuro Farm Gmbh (Austria)
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