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  • Latin name: Cerepro
  • ATH code: N07AX02
  • Active ingredient: Sincaline alfostserat (Choline alfoscerate)
  • Producer: Veropharm of joint stock company (Russia)


Contains in one capsule of Tserepro 0,4 g of a glitserilfosforilkholin of hydrate. Besides, additional components are a part of means: methylparaben, gelatin, propylparaben, glycerin, the water prepared sorbite, ferrous oxide red, titanium dioxide.

1 ampoule of Tserepro contains MNN of a glitserilfosforilkholin of hydrate (1000 mg), and also water as an additional component.

Release form

Tserepro can be got in capsules and ampoules. Capsules have oblong shape, they soft, are made of gelatin. Color of ampoules – henna-red, is inside transparent oily liquid which can be slightly painted or colourless. Capsules are packed up in blisters (10 or 14 pieces) or in banks (10 or 14 pieces).

Solution in ampoules is a transparent liquid without color. Ampoules are packaged in planimetric packagings on 3, 5 or 10 ampoules.

Pharmacological action

Active agent of drug is the glitserilfosforilkholina hydrate. Owing to zymolysis of this substance in cells of an organism sincaline and glycerophosphate is delivered. Sincaline is substrate for synthesis of acetylcholine, glycerophosphate provides synthesis of phosphotidylsincaline of membranes of neurons. As a result, in an organism under the influence of drug processes of a metabolism and blood-groove in the central nervous system become more active, synoptic transfer improves, cholinergic activity decreases. Medicine improves plasticity and recovers integrity of earlier damaged neyronalny membranes at the cellular level.

As a result use of medicine cognitive and behavioural reactions improve, activity of a brain is normalized, involution of a psychoorganic syndrome at the people enduring the posttraumatic period and also at those at whom problems with brain vessels are noted is noted. Drug also normalizes spatio-temporal characteristics at spontaneous activity of a brain. Tserepro does not influence reproductive function and does not make mutagen and tetragene impact.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Absorption of active ingredient makes 88%. Substance easily gets through GEB. Removal of drug in the form of carbon dioxide is carried out through lungs, through intestines and kidneys no more than 15% of active agent are removed.

Indications to Tserepro's use

Indications to Tserepro's use the following:

  • effects of a craniocereberal injury (acute period);
  • recovery after head injuries;
  • the acute period after the had ischemic stroke;
  • the postinsultny period after the had hemorrhagic stroke at which there is a focal symptomatology and also is symptoms of defeat of a brainstem;
  • involutional and degenerative changes of a brain at which the psychoorganic symptomatology is noted;
  • insufficiency of a blood-groove in a brain;
  • dementia;
  • senile pseudo-melancholy;
  • encephalopathies;
  • cognitive frustration;
  • display of a cerebrovascular illness;
  • orientation disturbance;
  • condition of demoralization, apathy;
  • intracranial injury and its effects.


Tserepro's drug cannot be appointed to patients at the following states:

  • acute form of hemorrhagic damage of a brain;
  • pregnancy, feeding by a breast;
  • high sensitivity to means components.

Side effects

At treatment to data of HP at the patient some side reactions can be shown:

At administration of drug the patient can feel pain, manifestations of postinjektsinonny local morbidity are also possible.

Application instruction of Tserepro (Way and dosage)

If to the patient at acute states Tserepro is appointed, the application instruction provides that pricks are entered intramusculary or intravenously, the dose at the same time makes 1 g a day.

Drug in a parenteral form is appointed to 10-15 days then the patient has to take still the peroral form of Tserepro for 6 months. At the same time the daily dose of drug makes 1200 mg.

The application instruction of Tserepro contains the note that capsules should not be accepted in the evening as it can lead to manifestation of problems with a dream.

It is desirable to accept capsules in the morning (800 mg) and in lunch time (400 mg). It is necessary to accept means to food. If means is transferred by the patient well, then it can be appointed three times on 400 mg. If at the patient the chronicity is noted, then treatment begins with reception of capsules, at the same time the dosage makes 1200 mg/days.


If the dosage of drug was exceeded, at the patient dyspepsia can be noted, and also manifestation of side effects amplifies. In that case the symptomatic treatment practices.


Considerable interaction at Tserepro's use and other drugs is noted.

Terms of sale

Is on sale according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store Tserepro at a temperature up to 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

Capsules and Tserepro's ampoules can be stored 2 years.

Special instructions

If at treatment of HP at the person it is noted constant attacks of nausea, it is necessary to reduce a dose.

Drug intake does not exert the expressed impact on speed of reactions.


Gliatser, Holitilin, Glitserilfosforilkholin hydrate, Nookholin, Gliatilin, Fosal of GFH, Deletsit, Tsereton.

In drugstores both more expensive, and cheaper analogs of Tserepro are implemented. These are the following drugs: Nookholin Romfarm, Gliatser, Glitserilfosforilkholin hydrate, Gliatilin, Fosal, Holitilin, Sincaline alfostserat hydrate, Tsereton, Deletsit.

Gliatilin or Tserepro: what it is better?

Both of these means have similar active ingredient in structure. They are distinguished only by the price and a level of quality. Tserepro – cheaper drug, but at the same time the level of purity of active agent in it is lower, therefore, and impact on an organism can be less expressed.

To children

In pediatric practice of Tserepro it is not applied. Use only on doctor's orders is possible.

At pregnancy and a lactation

It is not applied at any duration of gestation, it is also not appointed to nursing mothers.

About Tserepro

Those patients who used for Tserepro's treatment at forums leave comments generally positive. Responses of doctors also demonstrate that this medicine is highly effective at various pathologies of a brain. By-effects at treatment by this means are noted seldom therefore Tserepro is well had and is often used for long therapy. To children drug is used only when expediency of appointment is confirmed by the doctor. In responses the expressed positive action of HP at treatment of children is noted.


  • Tserepro solution for injections 250mg/ml 4 ml No. 5 ampulyverofarm joint stock company
  • Tserepro of 400 mg No. 14 kapsulyverofarm joint stock company
  • Tserepro solution for injections 250mg/ml 4 ml No. 3 ampulyverofarm joint stock company
  • Tserepro of 400 mg No. 28 kapsulyverofarm joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Tserepro kaps 400 mg No. 14 **, Veropharm / Voronezh branch (Voronezh) Russia
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