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  • Latin name: Ceruloplasmin
  • ATH code: B05AA02
  • Active ingredient: Ceruloplasmin (Ceruloplasmin)
  • Producer: Microgene of NPO Federal State Unitary Enterprise MZ RF (Russia)


The copper α-globulin glycoprotein containing 100 mg of ceruloplasmin.

Release form

Ceruloplasmin is issued in the form of the lyophilized powder of bright blue color. Lyophilisate is intended for preparation inf. solution, in ampoules on 100 mg of powder. In a box of 5 or 10 ampoules, packaging is completed with an ampullary knife.

Pharmacological action

Stimulating a metabolism.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug of the proteinaceous nature, is capable to stimulate a hemogenesis, to reduce intoxication and to promote immunological correction. Being cupriferous protein of plasma plays a role in a metabolism, in pro-oxidatic antioxidant reactions.

Blood on ceruloplasmin is investigated in vitro, to reveal that allows to define a condition of exchange processes of copper in an organism its expressed deficit. Norm in Ceruloplasmin blood men — 0,15-0,30 g/l, at women have 0,16-0,45 g/l.

Indications to use

  • intoxication;
  • anemia (various origin, including in preoperative preparation to the weakened patients);
  • leukopenia;
  • cachexia;
  • massive and moderate blood losses (for example, at surgical interventions);
  • acute or chronic osteomyelitis.

As a part of complex therapy

At oncological diseases.

During the postoperative period

At it is purulent - septic complications.


The main indications to delivery of blood test on ceruloplasmin are:

  • gepatotserebralny dystrophy;
  • the microcytic hypochromia iron deficiency anemia which is not reacting to therapy by iron preparations;
  • liver diseases, neurodegenerative signs, disturbances of forming of connecting fabric at children.


  • it is contraindicated to patients with the known hypersensitivity to proteinaceous drugs;
  • lactation period, І pregnancy trimester;
  • children till 6 months.

Side effects

In the first days of therapy such undesirable reactions as can be observed: inflow to the person, a fever, causeless developing of nausea, temperature increase, skin rashes.

In case of side reactions it is recommended:

  • drug dose decline;
  • reduction of rate of administering;
  • drug withdrawal.

Ceruloplasmin, application instruction (way and dosage)

To apply in/in kapelno in the conditions of hospitalization, rate of administering of 30 drops in a minute.

Preparation inf. solution

It is necessary to dissolve contents of an ampoule in 0,9 percent solution of sodium of chloride (volume of 200 ml).

The scheme of treatment for oncological patients

In preoperative the period the daily dose of Ceruloplasmin makes 1,5-2,0 mg/kg. The course of treatment usually includes 7-10 intravenous administrations which are carried out every day or time in 2 days, according to instructions of the doctor, having taken a condition of the patient into account.

At blood losses during the postoperative period

The single dose has to be defined depending on blood loss size:

  • at moderate blood loss — from 1,5 mg/kg;
  • at massive – no more than 6 mg/kg.

Therapy usually includes daily infusions for 7-10 days.

Himio-and radiotheraphy

Daily dose: 4-6 mg/kg, a course of treatment usually include 10-14 in/in infusions (on 3 in a week).


Daily dose: 1,5-3,0 mg/kg, a course of treatment usually include 7-10 daily in/in infusions.

Acute osteomyelitis

Daily dose: 2,5 mg/kg, a standard course of treatment consist from 5 in/in infusions which are carried out daily or every other day.

Chronic osteomyelitis

Daily dose: 5 mg/kg, a course of treatment include 2-3 in/in introductions which are carried out daily or every other day, then continue therapy, lowering a dosage to 2,5 mg/kg for the subsequent 3-7 infusions.


Before cases of use of superdoses of Ceruloplasmin were not registered.


There are no data.

Terms of sale

To treat the drugs which are on sale according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

The recommended temperature condition: 2–8 °C.

You store in the place, unavailable to minors.

Period of validity

It is suitable during 2 flyings.

Special instructions

At patients with the changed reactivity the acute anaphylaxis therefore at administration of Ceruloplasmin there has to be a constant control of a condition of patients and access to funds of antishock therapy can develop. Use of drug has to be followed by registration in registration forms: names, numbers and series, dates of production and administration of drug, and also side reactions.

To children

Speed in/in introductions: 40-50 drops a minute. The dosage depending on age differs:

  • 0,5-1 year — 50 mg (on 100 ml of the prepared solution);
  • 1 - 12 years – ≤100 mg;
  • 13-18 years – ≤ 200 mg.

Treatment duration

  • prevention and/or treatment of posthemorrhagic anemia: to enter within 2 days before operation, and also intraoperatsionno and for 2-10 days of the postoperative period;
  • it is purulent - septic complications, anemias: daily infusions are 7-10 days in a complex with antibacterial therapy;
  • with oncological diseases: at radiation anemia to enter parallel to radiotheraphy, at toxic anemia in days of carrying out chemotherapy once a week.
  • Biotserulin;
  • Infuzamin;
  • Polybiolinum.

About Ceruloplasmin

About drug are not numerous as infusions are carried out in the conditions of a hospital. Doctors report that drug is irreplaceable at bleedings, various anemias and inborn deficit of ceruloplasmin, proved as the well-tried and safe remedy which almost is not causing side reactions.

The Ceruloplasmin price where to buy

Packaging from 5 ampoules of Ceruloplasmin on average costs 1400 rubles.


  • Ceruloplasmin powder for solution 100 of mg No. 5 ampulymikrogen NPO Federal State Unitary Enterprise
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Education: Graduated from the Nikolaev national university of V. A. Sukhomlinsky, gained the diploma of the specialist with honors as "An embryologist, a cytologist, a histologist". Also, the human physiology and animals, the teacher of biology" graduated from a magistracy majoring in ". The course on discipline "Pharmacology" is with honors passable.

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