The cervicitis is an illness at which at the woman inflammatory infectious processes in a neck of uterus develop. More precisely to define an essence of this disease, it is necessary to know about a structure of generative organs of a uterus of the woman. The neck continues the body of the womb located between a vagina and a cavity of the uterus. The cervical channel passes on the center of a neck and connects a vagina and a cavity of the uterus. The cervical channel contains a mucous stopper which does not allow microorganisms to get from external environment into internal reproductive organs.

Cervicitis reasons

Diseases which are transmitted sexually are a basic reason of a cervicitis. At development of a certain illness, sexually transmitted, gradually there is a fluidifying of dense slime owing to what the inflammation of a mucous membrane begins. After that the infection begins to extend to a basis of a neck of uterus. In view of such changes microbes gradually get into a uterus, appendages, extend in a bladder, kidneys and other bodies later. As a result the pathological phenomena develop in cavities of a small pelvis of the woman, up to peritonitis.

If venereal diseases are considered as a basic reason of development of a cervicitis in the woman, then doctors also allocate a number of factors which promote development of this disease. The risk of development of a cervicitis considerably increases if the woman was infected with a virus of herpes or a virus of papilloma of the person. The cervicitis can overtake the girl when she only begins active sex life. Also the cervicitis of a neck of uterus can be shown as an effect of mechanical or chemical irritation (it is about contraceptive or hygienic means). In certain cases inflammatory process arises as a result of allergic reaction of an organism to latex, other components of contraceptives or personal hygiene means.

The factor provoking a disease is also the weakened immunity owing to other somatopathies. Besides, the cervicitis can develop owing to the injuries done in the course of abortion or childbirth (in this case it is important to take in qualitatively all ruptures of a crotch and neck of uterus received in patrimonial process), at omission of generative organs at women. Also the disease often affects the women who entered a climacteric.

All reasons described above promote active reproduction of the microorganisms carried to group opportunistic (staphylococcus, streptococci, enterococci, colibacillus). At a normality of health of the woman such microorganisms are present at microflora of a vagina.

Cervicitis symptoms

ЦервицитMost often cervicitis symptoms at women are practically not shown, or there are only erased symptoms of a disease. Perhaps periodic emergence of small allocations from a vagina which mainly have mucous character. If at the woman the gonorrheal cervicitis develops, then allocations get a yellow shade if the illness is accompanied by trichomoniasis, allocations will be foamy. At to the milkwomanallocations from a vagina get a curdled consistence. As a rule, more intensive allocations at a cervicitis happen in the first days after monthly terminated.

Also at the patient the cervicitis notes existence of periodic discomfortable feelings in the bottom of a stomach. However, at the accompanying diseases which are transmitted sexually feelings can be more intensive. At the same time, depending on an illness, pain can be both stupid, and strong, cutting. The woman who is ill a cervicitis can feel unpleasant feelings or pain at once after sexual contact. Sometimes after sexual intercourse a small amount of blood or pinkish allocations is allocated. One more symptom – desires to an urination which are afterwards false. The itch and irritation of generative organs, a burning sensation in the course of an urination can give to the woman trouble.

However, all these symptoms are shown not in all cases of a cervicitis. Therefore the fact that the cervicitis is revealed at the patient accidentally, when carrying out routine inspection or at research on an occasion of other diseases is quite explainable.

If the infection extends and affects other bodies, symptoms become pronounced: at the patient temperature rises, she is disturbed by headaches, nausea, faints and very severe pain in a stomach can be noted. In that case it is necessary to ask immediately for the help the doctor.

Types of a cervicitis

First of all, specialists subdivide a cervicitis into an infectious and noninfectious form of a disease. Nevertheless the infectious cervicitis caused by diseases which are transmitted sexually is more often diagnosed. In turn, injuries, existence of new growths, chemical or radiation influence become the reasons of a noninfectious form of an illness often.
According to localization of a disease it is accepted to distinguish an endocervicitis (in this case it is about an inflammation mucous the cervical channel) and ekzotservitsit (the vulval part of a neck of uterus is surprised).

The course of a disease can be both acute, and chronic. If timely treatment of a disease was not undertaken, the chronic cervicitis develops. The assessment of a type of a disease-producing factor allows to allocate a specific and nonspecific cervicitis.

Complications of a cervicitis

Throughout a long time the disease can negatively not affect the general condition of the woman. However if the cervicitis passes into a chronic form, then in the course of progressing of an illness integrity and a differentiation of an epithelium of the channel of a neck of uterus, and also vulval part of a neck of uterus is broken. Against such disturbances the erosion of a neck of uterus over time passing into a dysplasia often develops. If inflammatory process in the cervical channel continues throughout a long time, then properties of slime of a neck of uterus change. Infertility can become a result of such pathological changes. The endocervicitis can become a cause of infringement of passability of the channel of a neck of uterus. In the absence of adequate treatment perhaps further distribution of an infection that leads to an adnexitis and an endometritis. Besides, distribution of an infection at a cervicitis can become the reason of pyelonephritis and peritonitis. If the cervicitis is combined with a virus of papilloma of the person of oncogenous type, the risk of development of oncological new growths considerably increases in a neck of uterus.

At women with a chronic cervicitis constant pains in the field of a basin are often shown. Besides, the disease can lead to an extrauterine pregnancy, abortions and other complications in the course of incubation of the child and childbirth.


ЦервицитTo diagnose a cervicitis initially perhaps already in the course of gynecologic survey of a neck of uterus in mirrors. Such survey shows reddening and existence of hypostases. During a touch bleeding is possible, also sometimes the gynecologist notes existence of allocations of purulent character, erosion, dot hemorrhages. If precisely to establish the diagnosis in the course of survey the kolkoskopiya does not work well, carried out. At which the image of a surface of a neck of uterus, several times increased is available. Such research helps to find the slightest defects of a mucous membrane.

Except the described researches to the patient with suspicion on a cervicitis surely conduct research of allocations to reveal character of bacterial flora. Also capture of a smear and crops is carried out to define a type of the activator and sensitivity to antibiotics. For an exception of oncological pathology capture of a smear an onkotsitologiya is carried out.

As additional researches the carrying out the general analysis of urine and blood, analyses and researches allowing to exclude a number of venereal diseases, the analysis on HIV also practices. To define whether complications take place, carrying out ultrasonic research of bodies of a small pelvis allows.

Treatment of a cervicitis

At the first stage of a course of a disease it is important to carry out medicamentous therapy to eliminate an infestant. In this case treatment is appointed depending on information obtained owing to microbiological researches. If the specific cervicitis is diagnosed for the woman, treatment of this form of an illness is carried out by drugs which effectively fight against a certain type of microbes. If the cervicitis is provoked by trichomonads or bacteria, to the woman the course of treatment antibiotics is appointed. At the second stage of treatment it is important to provide recovery of adequate microflora in a vagina. Candles bifikol, the acylact, vagilak, Laktobakterin, etc. are for this purpose applied. Also the doctor appoints to the patient reception of polyvitamins, the drugs strengthening immune system, phytodrugs. Besides, at this stage some physiotherapeutic methods are effective. The doctor taking into account specific features of an organism of the woman has to select them. If the neck of uterus is deformed, after a course of treatment the plastic surgery of this body is performed.

Sometimes drug treatment not completely fixes a problem. In that case to the woman carrying out cryotherapy is appointed, electrocoagulations or the doctor uses the laser. All these procedures are carried out under local anesthesia. But similar methods of treatment at a cervicitis are applied very seldom as treatment by antibiotics and antiviral means in most cases has due effect. The doctor recommends such procedures in case of frequent recurrence of a cervicitis as they allow to remove atypical cells.

To women for whom the chronic cervicitis is diagnosed in the period of a menopause treatment by hormonal drugs in the form of candles, creams is carried out. After carrying out treatment control researches are carried out to define efficiency of therapy.

Prevention of a cervicitis

ЦервицитTo prevent manifestations of a cervicitis, the woman has to pass surely the regular surveys at the gynecologist allowing to reveal a cervicitis and other diseases at the earliest stages. It is important not to allow carrying out abortions, to adhere to monogamous type of the relations, having sex only with one constant partner. For the prevention of infection with venereal diseases it is necessary to use a condom if there is a probability that the partner is an infection source.

It is not less important to provide surely effective and timely therapy of venereal diseases, and also other illnesses of urinogenital system. The woman should not allow manifestations of omission of generative organs, in time asking in case of such symptoms for medical assistance. The special attention should be paid to immunity strengthening, periodically accepting vitamins, practicing sports activities and the hardening strengthening an organism. The correct approach to rules of personal hygiene is also an effective method of prevention. Doctors I recommend to women not to use means of hygiene with fragrances as they can contain the components irritating a mucous membrane.

In the period of a climax women for the prevention of diseases of the urinogenital sphere are in certain cases recommended to accept the drugs containing hormones.

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