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  • Latin name: Cy-Clim
  • ATH code: G02CX
  • Active ingredient: European bugbane (Cimicifuga)
  • Producer: EVALAR (Russia)


Is a part of one tablet of means of Qi-Klim 0,02 grams of dry extract of a tsimitsifuga. Additional substances: potato starch, MKTs, calcium stearate, gipromelloz, silicon dioxide, macrogoal-400, titanium dioxide, red dye iron oxide, polysorbate 80, brown dye iron oxide.

Are a part of means of Qi-Klim (face cream): oil soy, water, lipoderm, liposentol multi, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, extract of a tsimitsifuga and a yam wild, euksit K300, d-panthenol, orotat magnesium, cordianine, emulsifier, alcohol, trietanolamine, karbopol, aromatic composition.

Release form

  • 20 tablets in a strip packaging — 1, 3, 2 or 4 packagings in a cardboard pack;
  • 30, 40, 90 or 60 tablets in a polymeric can — one bank in a cardboard pack;
  • 50 ml of cream for the person in a polymeric tuba — one tuba in a cardboard pack.

Pharmacological action

Estrogenopodobnoye action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug has estrogenopodobny effect, shows sedative properties, possesses positive medical impact on a nervous system of vegetative type.

Lowers concentration of follicle-stimulating hormone and lyutineziruyushchy hormone, increases oestradiol level that causes stopping of climacteric frustration early stages (vegeto-vascular and psychoemotional changes) and the late climacteric frustration arising because of lowering of concentration of estrogen.

Increases day diuresis, strengthens secretion of glands of the alimentary system, weakens walls of urinary tract and intestines, and also shows antiinflammatory and febrifugal action.

The medical effect of drug develops slowly and is shown about 2-4 weeks of therapy later.

Cream for Qi-Klim's face provides anti-aging active care for skin, activating production of elastin and collagen, normalizing elasticity and elasticity, eliminating pigmentation and dryness.

Indications to use

  • Distsirkulyatorny and psychoemotional frustration during the menopauzny and okolomenopauzny periods (including the increased perspiration, inflow, excitability, sleep disorders, apathy, changes of mood).
  • Toxicoses of pregnant women against an arterial hypertension.


  • hypersensitivity to medicine components;
  • estrogenozavisimy tumors.

Qi-Klim's tablets need to be used with care at epilepsy, disorders of function of a liver, diseases and injuries of a brain.

Side effects

Emergence of allergic reactions to the making means is not excluded. In more exceptional cases there are abdominal pains and weight increases.

Application instruction of Qi-Klim (Way and dosage)

The instruction on tablets orders to accept them orally on 1 piece twice a day. The tablet is not chewed, wash down with water and whenever possible accept at the same time day (in the morning and in the evening). Duration of treatment is defined by individually attending physician.

Cream for Qi-Klim's face should be applied on face skin and areas of a neck with roundabouts to two times a day.


Overdose signs: at accidental use of medicine in overdoses the gastralgia, dyspepsia, disturbance of work of a liver can develop. Carry out a symptomatic treatment.


Because of probability of overdose it is not recommended to use with other drugs including tsimitsifuga extract.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

To store at a temperature up to 25 °C in the dry and dark place. To protect from children.

Period of validity

2 years.

Special instructions

It is not necessary to use drug more than 3 months without consultation of the doctor.

At change of a menstrual cycle and at the long or other again arising symptoms it is necessary to see a doctor also.

At identification of pregnancy it is recommended to stop reception of tablets and to see a doctor.


Klimadinon, Qi-Klim Biot, Qi-Klim Alangying.


  • Ewalar Qi-Klim Botoeffect cream 15MLEVALAR
  • Ewalar Qi-Klim No. 60 tabletkievalar
  • Ewalar Qi-Klim cream for the person 50MLEVALAR
  • Ewalar Qi-Klim body cream 100MLEVALAR
  • Ewalar Qi-Klim vitamins for women 45+ No. 60 tabletkievalar

Drugstore of IFC

  • Qi-klim tbl p / about 20 mg No. 60, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Qi-klim ml cream 50, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Qi-klim Vitaminga for women 45+ tbl p / about 20 mg No. 60, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Qi-klim with botoeffekty ml cream 15, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Qi-klim ml cream 100, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
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  • QI-KLIM CREAM of BOTOEFFECT commodity z
  • Qi-klimevalar (Russia, Biysk)
  • Qi-klimevalar (Russia, Biysk)


  • Qi-klim Biot of 200 mg No. 60 of table.
  • Qi-klim vitamins for women of 45+ 560 mg No. 60 of table.
  • Qi-klim of 50 ml cream in a tuba
  • Qi-klim Alangying of 550 mg No. 40 of table.
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Section: Gynecologic
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Education: Graduated from the Vitebsk state medical university majoring in "Surgery". At university headed Council of students' scientific society. Professional development in 2010 - in "Oncology" and in 2011 - in "A mammology, visual forms of oncology".

Experience: Work in an all-medical network 3 years the surgeon (The Vitebsk hospital of an emergency medical service, Lioznensky TsRB) and in combination the regional oncologist and the traumatologist. Work farm the representative within a year in the Rubicon company.

Provided 3 improvement suggestions on the subject "Optimization of an Antibioticotherapia depending on Species Composition of Microflora", 2 works took prizes in a republican competition review of student's scientific works (1 and 3 categories).
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