Zinci oxydum

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  • Latin name: Zinci oxydum
  • ATH code: D02AB
  • Active ingredient: Zinc oxide
  • Producer: Latus (Ukraine)


The zinc oxide is a part of this remedy.

Release form

The powder (white or slightly yellowish) on 80 grams packaged in glass bottles.

Pharmacological action

Drying, antiseptic, adsorbing, disinfecting, knitting.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Powder of an oxide of zinc is a local remedy which efficiency is shown thanks to its ability to create albuminates and to denature proteins.

When putting powder on the struck mucous or skin surfaces decrease in expressiveness of the proceeding exudative processes and reduction of local manifestations of irritation and an inflammation is observed. This medicine has the adsorbing effects and promotes formation of a sheeting on skin and mucous covers, thereby protecting them from influence of the external irritating factors.

Also powder of drug is used in pharmacological practice for production of various outside dosage forms: linimentums, powders, pastes and ointments of an oxide of zinc.

Indications to use

Powder of drug is intended for therapy and prevention:

  • various dermatitis (including diaper);
  • heat rashes, intertrigo;
  • superficial burns and wounds (including sunblisters, injuries of skin owing to scratches and cuts);
  • decubituses;
  • ulcer skin defeats (including trophic ulcers);
  • herpes simplex;
  • exacerbations of eczemas;
  • streptodermas;
  • the wound injuries received when carrying out the gingivoplasty (in stomatologic practice).


Existence at the patient of personal hypersensitivity to zinc.

Side effects

At outside use of powder of negative side effects it was not revealed.

Zinci oxydum, application instruction

Before use of drug the expected area of use of powder needs to carry out hygiene (to wash up and dry up).

Putting the powder, as well as the other means prepared on its basis (linimentums, powders, pastes, ointments), is carried out exclusively outwardly.

Drugs of Zinci oxydum are shown to be applied with a thin layer on various problem skin and mucous surfaces, with a frequency of use of 4-6 times a day. Duration of such treatment is individual and depends on an etiology and expressiveness of observed damages.

Allow use of drugs under a bandage (at treatment of various wounds and burns).

For prevention of a children's intertrigo and a diaper dermatitis recommend to process drugs body parts of the child, it is long contacting to wet linen.


In practice of external use of drugs of zinc, episodes of overdose it was not noted.


Interaction of local drugs of zinc with other remedies was not considered.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy a zinc oxide on free sale.

Storage conditions

Powder of drug does not demand any special storage conditions.

Period of validity

Powder can be stored in the closed factory bottle for 2 years.

To children

The oxide of zinc is used in pediatrics for prevention of an intertrigo and a diaper dermatitis.

At pregnancy and a lactation

There are no contraindications to external use of drug by pregnant women and the feeding women.

Section: Antiseptic agents Dermatological
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