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  • Latin name: Ciprolet
  • ATH code: S01AX13
  • Active ingredient: Ciprofloxacin
  • Producer: Doctor Reddis


Active agent ciprofloxacin, and also additional substances is a part: water injection, edetat dinatrium, Acidum hydrochloricum, chloride a benzalkoniya in the form of solution, and also sodium chloride.

Release form

Drug is issued in the form of eye drops, solution for infusions and tablets.

Eye drops of Tsiprolet on 3 mg/ml are issued in the form of a bottle.

Solution for pricks on 2 mg/ml.

Tablets on 10 pieces in the blister, 250 mg and 500 mg.

Pharmacological action

Tsiprolet is an antibiotic or not? Yes, Tsiprolet — an antibiotic. The main component is ciprofloxacin. Active component – derivative a ftorkhinolona. The mechanism of influence is directed to suppression DNK-girazy of a bacterial cell that leads to disturbance of synthesizing of DNA, delay of processes of growth and reproduction of microbes. As a result of the expressed morphological changes under the influence of antibacterial agent of Tsiprolet the microbic cell perishes. The bactericidal effect is shown during division and rest of gram-negative microorganisms. Concerning gram-positive flora the bactericidal effect is shown only during division. Cells of a macroorganism do not contain DNK-girazu that completely excludes toxic impact on a human body. Medicine does not cause other antibacterial drugs resistance. Tsiprolet it is active against aerobic flora, enterobakteriya, gram-negative flora, chlamydias, listeriya, mycobacteria of tuberculosis, iyersiniya, campylobacters, a protea, mycoplasmas, etc. Drug does not exert bactericidal and bacteriostatic impact on a treponema a pallidum (the causative agent of syphilis).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

It is quickly soaked up from a digestive tract. Well gets into a bone tissue, saliva, an integument, a muscular corset, a lymph, and also bile, lungs, kidneys, a liver, almonds, a peritoneum, a pleura, ovaries, semen.

The antibiotic through kidneys is removed. The bladder leaves about 50-70 percent, and with a stake — about 20 percent.

Indications to Tsiprolet's use

Tsiprolet's tablets — from what they? Drug is appointed at bacterial damages of respiratory system (a mucoviscidosis, bronchitis, a bronchoectatic disease, pneumonia, quinsy), ENT organs (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, average otitis, a mastoiditis, sinusitis, antritis), urinogenital system (the salpingitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, an oophoritis, tubular abscess, an adnexitis, prostatitis, gonorrhea, clamidiosis, a venereal ulcer, pelivioperitonit, a pyelitis), the alimentary system (peritonitis, a typhoid, salmonellosis, intraperitoneal abscesses, iyersinioz, a campilobacteriosis, cholera, a shigellosis), integuments (the phlegmon, abscess, burns infected ulcers, wounds), bone and joint system (sepsis, septic arthritis, osteomyelitis).

From what Tsiprolet still helps? Medicine is appointed for prevention of infectious defeats after surgeries.

Eye drops of Tsiprolet of the indication to use have the following: conjunctivitis, blepharitis, barley.


Contraindications on drug the following. Tsiprolet is not appointed in pediatric practice before achievement of age of majority (forming of bone system, a skeleton), at intolerance of ciprofloxacin, pregnancy incubation, during feeding by a breast. At disturbance of cerebral circulation, atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain, at an epileptic syndrome, the epilepsy, mental disorders expressed to pathology of a liver, kidneys, to elderly people appoint after consultation of specialists.

Side effects

Digestive tract: vomiting, a diarrheal syndrome, a meteorism, pains in epigastriums, nausea, abdominal distention, cholestatic jaundice, a hyporexia, gepatonekroz, hepatitis.

Nervous system: sleeplessness, dizzinesses, uneasiness, fast fatigue, a peripheral paralgeziya, "dreadful" dreams, a tremor of extremities, increase of intracranial pressure, the increased sweating, hallucinations, a depression, confusion of consciousness, various psychotic reactions, thrombosis of cerebral arteries, faints, migraine.

Sense bodys: decrease in hearing, sonitus, disturbances of flavoring perception, diplopia. Development of tachycardia, falling of a blood pressure, disturbance of a cordial rhythm, development of anemia, a granulocytopenia, leukocytosis is possible.

Urinogenital system: polyuria, dysuria, glomerulonephritis, crystalluria, hamaturia, intersticial nephrite, disturbance of azotovydeitelny function of kidneys.

Tsiprolet can provoke the allergic answer, the small tortoiseshell, an arthralgia, a tendovaginitis, arthritis and other side effects.

Application instruction of Tsiprolet (Way and dosage)

Let's consider how to accept drug.

Tsiprolet's tablets, application instruction

Medicine is taken inside by 2-3 times a day on 250 mg; at a severe disease the dosage is increased to 0,5-0,75 grams.

Infections of urinogenital system: twice a day on 0,25-0,5 grams within 7-10 days.

Uncomplicated gonorrhea: once 0,25-0,5 grams.

Gonococcal infection together with mycoplasmosis, clamidiosis: each 12 hours on 0,75 grams, a course – 7-10 days.

Shankroid: twice a day of Tsiprolet of 500 mg.

Drug in tablets is swallowed completely, washed down with liquid.

Eye drops of Tsiprolet, application instruction

To drip on 1-2 drop of means each 4 hours. If a severe defeat — we drip on 2 drops each hour. In process of recovery it is possible to limit consumption of an antibiotic on a dosage and frequency.

Some doctors consider that it is possible to use drops as ear. However it is necessary to consider that it is not their direct purpose. It is necessary to remember that it is drops for eyes.

The instruction on solution pricks

Intravenous administration is carried out kapelno within half an hour 0,2 grams.

Therapy of osteomyelitis takes about 2 months.

Chronic carriage of salmonellas: twice a day on 0,2 grams, a course 4 weeks.

After intravenous injections pass to reception of the tableted form.


It is shown by strengthening of expressiveness of side effects. The specific antidote is not developed. The gastric lavage, carrying out a peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis is necessary.


Tsiprolet extends an elimination half-life, increases concentration of indirect anticoagulants, peroral hypoglycemic drugs because of decrease of the activity of a microsomal oxidation in hepatic cells hepatocytes. Ciprofloxacin reduces a prothrombin ratio. The combination to other antibacterial agents conducts to a synergism. Tsiprolet is effectively applied together with azlotsilliny, a ceftazidime, beta lactams, izoksazolpenitsillina, Vancomycinum, clindamycin, metronidazole. Medicine increases nephrotoxicity of cyclosporine, increases the level of serumal creatinine. Drugs of NPVS group, except acetylsalicylic acid, can cause a convulsive syndrome. Infusion solution is incompatible with infusion solutions on pharmaceutical indicators. Mixing of solutions for intravenous injections with solutions, rn who are exceeded by an indicator 7 is inadmissible.

Terms of sale

The recipe is necessary.

Storage conditions

Not to allow children to drug.

In the dry dark place, temperature has to be not above 25 degrees Celsius. It is impossible to freeze at all.

Period of validity

No more than 2 years. Not to use at stay opened more than a month.

Special instructions

Control of the ABP, ChSS, ECG at simultaneous administration of drugs of the general anesthesia (derivatives of barbituric acid) and ciprofloxacin is required. Exceeding of a daily dosage can lead to a crystalluria. Tsiprolet influences management of transport, concentration of attention. To patients with organic lesions of a brain, vascular pathology, epilepsy, convulsive attacks in the anamnesis Tsiprolet's drug is appointed in exceptional cases, according to "vital" indications. Before carrying out antibacterial therapy it is necessary to exclude pseudomembranous colitis. Treatment is stopped at the first symptoms of a tendovaginitis, emergence of pains in sinews. Important during treatment to avoid insolations.

In Wikipedia of article about drug is not present, the Internet encyclopedia contains only information on active ingredient ciprofloxacin.

Tsiprolet's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Tsiprolet's analogs on structure are drugs: Aloks, Floksimed, Tsiloksan, Tsiproksol, Tsipromed, Tsiprofarm, Ciprofloxacin, Tsifran, Tsiprol, Tsipronat, Ifitsipro, Medotsiprin and others.

Tsiprolet and Tsifran one and too?

Tsifran is analog of drug on active ingredient.


  • Tsiprolet 3mg/ml drops eye 5 ml bottle-kapelnitsadr. Reddy's lab.
  • Tsiprolet of 250 mg No. 10 tabletkidr. Reddy's lab.
  • Tsiprolet of 500 mg No. 10 tabletkidr. Reddy's lab.
  • Tsiprolet solution for infusions 2mg/ml 100mldr. Reddy's lab.
  • Tsiprolet And 500 mg + 600 mg No. 10 tabletkidr. Reddy's lab.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Tsiprolet of a hl drop. 3mg/ml 5 ml, Dr. Reddy's Lab./Cheminova Remediesindiya
  • Tsiprolet tbl p / about 500 mg No. 10, Dr. Reddy's Lab./Cheminova Remediesindiya
  • Tsiprolet And tbl p / about 500 mg +600mg No. 10, Dr. Reddy's Lab./Cheminova Remediesindiya
  • Tsiprolet tbl p / about 250 mg No. 10, Dr. Reddy's Lab./Cheminova Remediesindiya
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  • Tsiproletdr. Reddy's (India)
  • Tsiprolet A10
  • Tsiproletdr. Reddy's (India)


  • Tsiprolet of the tab. p / about 500 mg No. 10
  • Tsiprolet of the tab. p / about 500 mg No. 10


  • Tsiprolet of 500 mg No. 10 tabl.p.o.
  • Tsiprolet And No. 10 tabl.p.p.o.
  • Tsiprolet of 3 mg/ml 5 ml of a drop glazn.
  • Tsiprolet of 250 mg No. 10 tabl.p.o.
  • Tsiprolet of 200 mg / 100 ml solution for inf.
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