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  • Latin name: Citrosept
  • Active ingredient: Vitamin C + Bioflavonoida
  • Producer: Chintamani International (Czech Republic)


In 100 ml of drops 5 mg of vitamin C, and also 19,37 mg of bioflavonoids contain.

Additional components are: grapefruit extract, clear water, glycerin.

Release form

Tsitrosept is issued in the form of drops, capsules.

Pharmacological action

Natural vegetable drug, has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Extract of seeds of grapefruit and vitamin C is a part of medicine of Tsitrosept.

The main antibacterial effect is reached at the expense of bioflavonoids (Meletin, naringin hesperidin) which contain in extract of seeds. These substances interact with a membrane of a bacterial cell, break its integrity, than and provoke death of a microorganism. Also bioflavonoids of drug of Tsitrosept oppress synthesis of amino acids in bacterial cells. It is important to note that Tsitrosept does not render similar effect on cells of a human body, on the contrary, extremely well influences work of bodies and fabrics: contributes to normalization of metabolic processes (including a lipometabolism), has antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory and antirheumatic effect, normalizes microcirculator processes and improves a trophicity of bodies and fabrics. Does not cause accustoming, does not break structure of own normal microflora of an organism and does not cause dysbacteriosis.

Tsitrosept possesses the expressed antioxidant activity, interferes with development of arterial hypertension and atherosclerotic defeat of vessels, normalizes functions of a liver and has cholagogue effect.

Indications to use

Tsitrosept it is effective at fungus, bacterial and viral diseases, drug is active against a wide range of disease-producing agents.

Medicine appoint at disturbance of exchange processes, defeat of a vascular bed (deterioration in a hemorheology and microcirculation), diseases of skin of various etiology (not only fungal, also psoriasis, eczema, etc.), diseases mucous, diseases of respiratory system (bronchitis, antritis, a SARS, flu and pharyngitis).

Tsitrosept it can be appointed with the preventive purpose.

Tsitrosept it is shown in stomatologic practice for treatment of periodontosis and ulites, in gastroenterology at an intestinal dysbiosis, gastritis and a viral hepatitis.

It is effective at exchange diseases, at atherosclerosis.

Locally Tsitrosept is shown for treatment of stings of insects, for processing of wounds and cuts, at burns, in treatment of decubituses and a varicosity of vessels.


Tsitrosept it is contraindicated at intolerance of bioflavonoids.

Side effects

Sometimes patients against Tsitrosept's reception note at themselves Gerkskhaymer's reaction — the discomfort arising owing to mass death of pathogens and release as a result of endogenous toxins of bacteria and fungi. In this case there are such symptoms as diarrhea and a headache. This reaction is not dangerous, rather it speaks about efficiency of therapy. In this case it is possible to reduce a dose, to eat more food, rich with cellulose, plentiful drink is recommended.

Allergic reactions to Tsitrosept's components develop extremely seldom.

Drops of Tsitrosept, application instruction (Way and dosage)

How to accept drug?

Tsitrosept is issued in the form of drops, and it is possible to apply it inside, and it is possible to apply on the damaged sites outwardly.

Inside accept till 20-30 drops three times a day, and at early stages of an illness use of a shock dosage is possible: 50-70 drops of Tsitrosept need to be parted in warm water.

Outwardly apply on an affected area in the form of divorced solution. As a rule, treatment begin with cultivation one to four, and then gradually come to putting pure not divorced active ingredient.

At candidiases and other fungal infections of skin and mucous (an onychomycosis, candidiasis, a dermatomycosis and vaginita) intake in combination with topical administration is shown (rinsings, an irrigation mucous, applications).

At diaper candidiasis only topical administration is authorized: To part 5 drops of Tsitrosept on 25 ml of oil, to apply solution three times a day, till 10 days.

At damages of skin of various genesis (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, acne rash, herpes, deprive) to apply inside and outwardly. Similarly — at infectious pathology of generative organs.

Defeats of a respiratory organs (bronchitis, bronchial asthma, SARS and flu, quinsy): Tsitrosept accept inside and will caress them a throat.

At accession of complications from Highmore's pauses washing of a nose is shown.

At seborrhea external use is recommended.

Tsitrosept it is shown in stomatology for treatment of stomatitises, ulites and a paradontosis.

In gastroenterology by means of Tsitrosept it is possible to cure an intestinal dysbiosis, gastritis.

There are data on use of drug as a part of complex therapy of hepatitises, including virus genesis.

To accept inside at acute intoxication (including alcoholic), at atherosclerosis, when carrying out a course of clarification of an organism.

Locally it is possible to apply Tsitrosept after stings of insects (1 drop several times), also divorced solution of Tsitrosept it is recommended to wash out wounds and cuts. It is similarly possible to use drug at a varicosity of vessels, trophic ulcers (solution is prepared in a proportion of 30 drops of Tsitrosept on 30 ml of water).

The application instruction of Tsitrosept for children

1 drop on 1 kg of mass of the child is recommended to take for 3 receptions a day in a dose.


It is unknown.


Cases when Tsitrosept strengthened effect of drugs of cardiological group, including cardiac glycosides and blockers of calcium channels are known. To avoid serious effects (and cardiac glycosides are toxic in the concentration exceeding therapeutic), it is recommended to begin a concomitant use of Tsitrosept together with these drugs with one drop a day. Gradually the dosage can be increased, watching a condition of an organism and its response to therapy.

Decrease in a dosage of drugs of cardiogroup is in parallel possible, but only the attending physician is competent to resolve these issues.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

In the dry, dark place at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

It is unknown.

Special instructions

To accept Tsitrosept inside it is admissible only in a divorced look. Same concerns questions of drawing Tsitrosept on mucous membranes and the damaged skin sites.

Not to allow hit of drug on a mucous membrane of eyes at all.

If all this occurred, we recommend to wash out eyes then to see a doctor.

Tsitrosept's analogs

Structural analog is Tsitrolyuks.

That it is better: Tsitrolyuks or Tsitrosept. Responses of doctors

Tsitrosept and Tsitrolyuks's difference consists that the last contains more active ingredient and less bitter.

Doctors consider that Tsitrolyuks is also more natural drug as does not contain preservatives.


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