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  • Latin name: Citrulline malate
  • ATH code: A16AA07
  • Active ingredient: Citrulline malate
  • Producer: WIRUD GmbH (Germany), primaFORCE (USA)


About 57% of L-citrulline and about 43% of DL malate.

Release form

Citrulline malate is implemented in the form of raw materials for production of various dietary supplements. It represents white or almost white color crystal powder with sourish taste which is well dissolved in water. In packaging there can be 100 g, 200 g of raw materials.

Pharmacological action

The expressed all-tonic, anti-asthenic, adaptogenny influence normalizing exchange processes.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

l-citrulline – is replaceable amino acid, it is capable to provide natural production of arginine in an hour after reception and for the subsequent 20 h. Besides:

  • provides a pamping;
  • supports positive nitrogenous balance of an organism, removes ammonia and lactic acid;
  • increases muscular endurance (recovers reserves of ATP and creatine phosphoric acid);
  • strengthens immune system and increases an energy potential of all organism.


L-citrulline is soaked up mainly in a gastrointestinal tract, the dose of 0,18 g/kg causes doubling of plasma and fabric concentration of arginine, and also increase in plasma concentration of the citrulline at 6-11 times. The metabolism occurs thanks to enzymes arginosuktsinat to synthase and arginosuktsinat to lyase and leads to formation of L-arginine in nearby vessels.

Indications to use

Symptomatic treatment of an adynamy of various type, including functional, sexual, at athletes, and also overfatigue and fatigue.

Besides, the postoperative period is applied in the course of recovery, at pregnancy and at advanced age.


Hypersensitivity to citrulline to malate.

Side effects

Unpleasant feelings in the field of an epigastr at the beginning of therapy, and also allergic reactions are possible.

Citrulline, application instruction (Way and dosage)

For elderly and adult

The one-time dose for oral administration inside makes 200 mg, the frequency of reception should not exceed 1-3 times a day, therapy duration — till 12 days.

For children

Till 5 flyings: a daily dose – 200 mg for 1 reception.

From 5 to 15 years — 400 mg for 2 receptions.

Use in sport and bodybuilding

It is necessary to take 5-10 g with liquid — in time and before training (for 0,5 h), and also before going to bed. It is desirable, on a hungry stomach.


There are no data.


Data were not provided by the producer.

Terms of sale

Citrulline in a drugstore is on sale without recipe.

Storage conditions

Dry, cool (it is not higher than +25 °tselsiya) the place which has to be out of access for children.

Period of validity

It is possible to apply during 2 flyings of the date specified on bank.


The most known structural analog — Stimol.

About Citrulline

The patients ordering the drugs and dietary supplements containing citrulline are concerned first of all by the content of active agent as reception less than 6 g a day can not give the expected positive effect. Therefore experienced specialists before use recommend to get acquainted with amount of active agent in the grams specified on packaging and to define a dose of a one-time portion of the used food additive.

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