Turboslim Express Weight loss

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The description is actual on 30.01.2015

  • Latin name: Turboslim
  • Active ingredient: Extracts of plants, a L-carnitine, it is lame pikolinat, etc.
  • Producer: Evalar, Russian Federation

Structure Turboslim Express weight loss

Components are a part of capsules "Morning": extracts of a guarana, red grape leaves, red algas; ascorbic acid, calcium carbonate.

Components are a part of capsules "Day": extracts of a gamboge, Senna, flowers of a prickly pear, corn rylets, fennel; it is lame pikolinat.

Components are a part of capsules "Evening": extracts of a gamboge, fucus, melissa, Senna; A L-carnitine, it is lame pikolinat.

As excipients as a part of capsules microcrystallic cellulose, aerosil, calcium stearate contains.

As a part of a sachet there is a lemon juice, oligofructose, extracts of flowers of a prickly pear, artichoke, green tea, fennel.

Release form

The additive Turboslim Express weight loss in 3 days is issued in the form of capsules. 6 white capsules on 0,375 g for reception in the morning, 6 pink capsules of 0,34 g for reception in the afternoon, and also 6 blue capsules on 0,34 g for reception enter a complex in the evening. Also in a set there are 3 sachets on 6,7 g.

Pharmacological action

The complex additive Turboslim Express weight loss promotes active weight loss, allowing to dump to 3 kilograms of weight for 3 days. Thanks to a combination of a large number of components in an organism process of active dumping of excess weight is started.

Complex influence on an organism promotes strengthening of influence of separate ingredients. At the same time each of kinds of capsules is counted on inclusion in a certain time of day, taking into account features of functioning of a human body at this time.

The guarana extract accelerating process of combustion of fat due to activation of impact of adrenaline on fatty tissue is a part of capsules for reception in the morning.

Under the influence of extract of red algas circulation and removal of excessive liquid from fabrics is stimulated. Effect of extract of leaves of red grapes, ascorbic acid and calcium is directed to improvement of a cellular exchange, increase of a vascular and muscle tone.

As a part of day capsules there are plant extracts which effect is directed to reduction of appetite and suppression of feeling of hunger. Under the influence of these components there is a stimulation of process of oxidation of fats, and also energy and carbohydrate metabolism.

Also impact on the alimentary system of extracts of Senna and fennel provides soft stimulation of functioning of intestines.

Action of flowers of a prickly pear helps to reduce display of hypostases, to eliminate congestive processes in an organism.

As a part of evening capsules there is a number of elements (gamboge extract, a L-carnitine, and also is lame), which activate process of removal and oxidation of fats. Sedative influence of extract of a melissa provides easy backfilling in the evening. Owing to influence of Senna and a fucus in the morning the organism is actively cleared.

The drink made from sachet contents stimulates a limfosistema drainage, activates function of kidneys. Oligofructose is a source of the food fibers which are positively influencing functions of intestines and recovering its microflora.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

There is no description.

Indications to use

The biological additive is shown for reception by that who controls body weight.

It is an active additive which is a source of a L-carnitine, hydroxycitric acid, caffeine, anthracene derivatives, and also ascorbic acid, chrome in an organic form, calciferous.


Reception of means by those who have high sensitivity to any of means components is not allowed; to pregnant, nursing motherschildren.

Cannot accept dietary supplement the people having chronic diseases (at an aggravation) and a digestive disturbance. It is important to consult with the doctor before reception of means.

Side effects

Allergic reactions, the general weakness, dehydration symptoms, disorder of intestines can be shown.

The instruction on Turboslim Express weight loss (A way and a dosage)

It is necessary to consider that the application instruction provides reception of 2 white capsules in the course of a breakfast, 2 pink capsules during day meal, 2 blue capsules – in the course of a dinner.

One sasht it is necessary to dissolve in the morning in 1 l of water (water has to be room temperature) then to accept for all day. According to such scheme it is necessary to accept an additive within three days.


There is no detailed description. Overdose can lead to display of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. The gastric lavage then it is necessary to address the specialist that he appointed a symptomatic treatment is necessary.


There is no information on interaction with other drugs. Before reception of dietary supplement it is necessary to report to the specialist about all medicine which is taken now by the person.

Terms of sale

Turboslim Express weight loss can be got without recipe.

Storage conditions

To store at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees, in the dry place.

Period of validity

2 years.

Special instructions

Means is not medical drug, but dietary supplement.

It is not necessary to break the specified drug dosage.

Important before reception of dietary supplement to consult with the specialist.


On sale a number of versions dietary supplements Turboslim is offered. It is necessary to consult to the specialist nutritionist to choose optimum means.


  • Turboslim express weight loss set: capsules No. 18 and sachet No. 3
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