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  • Latin name: Turboslim
  • Active ingredient: Extracts of plants, vitamins, minerals
  • Producer: Evalar, Russian Federation

Turboslim's structure

Turboslim Den are a part: bioflavonoids of citruses, extracts of a papaya, red algas, guarana, vitamin B, vitamin C, bromelayn, zinc.

Turboslim Noch are a part: extracts of a gamboge, Seine, a melissa, chitosan, the L-carnitine, linolic acid, zinc, B1, B2, E vitamins, it is lame pikolinat.

Release form

Drug Turboslim of firm Evalar is made in the form of capsules (Turboslim Den, Turboslim Noch) on 30 capsules in packaging. Also means in the form of tea and coffee on 20 bags in packaging is made.

Also other products Turboslim are made. All types of drug are contained by the special catalog of products at which it is possible to look, having visited the official site Evalar.

Pharmacological action

Turboslim for weight loss is dietary supplement. Its pharmacological properties are caused by effect of those ingredients which are a part of means.

Guarana extract which enters in Turboslim Den promotes activation of exchange processes in a human body.

Extract of red algas promotes strengthening of microcirculation in an interintercellular lymph. As a result, removal of harmful microorganisms and slags becomes more active.

Bioflavonoids promote improvement of a lipometabolism and provide splitting of excessive adiposities. At papaya extract reception fat in body tissues is debugged less intensively.

Vitamins C and B3 promote activation of process of loss of excess weight, strengthen immune system, improve a condition of a nervous system, integuments.

Drug Turboslim Noch is created taking into account property of an organism to lose calories during a night dream. Under its influence there is an additional loss of kilocalories during the night period. Extract of a melissa normalizes a dream of the person, promotes strengthening of a nervous system.

Under the influence of a gamboge Cambodian in an organism it is split adiposities, the texture and the general condition of skin improves: integuments become silkier and smooth. Also substance has disinfecting properties.

Influence of extract of Senna provides regulation of functions of intestines, facilitates and stimulates process of natural emptying. Thanks to existence in structure of means of zinc, chrome, and also vitamins E, B1, B2 is noted improvement of functions of immune system, a nervous system. Under the influence of these components the content of cholesterol decreases, work of a gastrointestinal tract is normalized.

As a part of tea Turboslim except green tea is present several extracts of plants. Extract of a footboard of cherry stimulates removal of excessive liquid, preventing hypostases. Under the influence of the Alexandria leaf work of intestines is normalized, its peristaltics improves. Corn stigmas positively influence functioning of a gall bladder.

Coffee Turboslim except grade coffee Arabica coffee has a number of extracts of plants which provide loss of appetite in structure, actively split fatty deposits, relieve an organism of slags. In particular gamboge extract actively splits fat, improves a condition of skin, possesses disinfecting properties. Extract of a turmeric stimulates products of bile, reduces probability of its stagnation, lowers cholesterol level.

Burdock root extract possesses diuretic, disinfecting, cholagogue and laxative properties. It strengthens anti-toxic function of a liver, actively brings toxins out of an organism. Extract of a horsetail reduces puffiness, removes toxins, increases elasticity of skin, supports elastinovy and collagenic fibers.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

There is no description.

Indications to use

The summary demonstrates that Turboslim helps to get rid of excessive weight. Also dietary supplement allows to strengthen a nervous system, to improve immunity and to improve the gastrointestinal tract function.

Contraindications on Turboslim

The following contraindications are defined on Turboslim's use:

Before using tablets Turboslim for weight loss, it is necessary to consult surely with the specialist.

Side effects

At use of drugs Turboslim at patients the following side effects can be noted:

The instruction on Turboslim (A way and a dosage)

Tablets Turboslim, application instruction

Turboslim Den it is necessary to accept means in the afternoon, one capsule after a breakfast and one more – after a lunch. Administration of drug has to continue 4 weeks. If there is such need, it is possible to complete one more course one month later.

Turboslim Noch it is necessary to accept means once, in the course of a dinner. Treatment lasts for four weeks. After that it is important to take a break for one month, further, if necessary, it is possible to complete one more course of administration of drug.

Coffee and tea Turboslim

Turbosly Coffee need to use in the first half of day, once a day.

Turboslim Chay drink twice a day, during morning and evening meal.

What is better to use for weight loss a type of drug in an individual case, the specialist will prompt. Whether Turboslim helps to grow thin, depends on the correct use of any version of this of dietary supplement.


If the additive was accepted by the patient in too high dose, the diarrhea, vomiting, nausea can develop. The person can feel strong drowsiness or he notes high excitability, strong feeling of alarm.

In that case it is necessary to provide carrying out a gastric lavage then to address the doctor that he appointed drugs for a symptomatic treatment.


Interaction with other medicines is noted. But before beginning a course of reception of any kind of means Turboslim, it is necessary to tell the doctor about those drugs which are accepted by the patient.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy all types Turboslim without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store means in the dry place, at the same time temperature should not be more than 30 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

It is possible to store two years.

Special instructions

Before reception of dietary supplement it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Advertizing and recommendations of nonprofessionals should not be an occasion to start reception of means.

In search of answers to a question what of versions Turboslim to prefer as means and what most effective drug for weight loss works, it is necessary to consider that this means is not medicine, and dietary supplement.

In the course of administration of drug it is desirable to lead active lifestyle and to be engaged in physical exercises (aerobics, the exercise machine, etc.).


Structural analogs of drug are absent. However now well large number of kinds of drug Turboslim. Only the specialist can pick up adequate replacement of drug.


  • Evalar Turboslim the Drainage for men a drink 100MLTURBOSLIM concentrate
  • Evalar Turboslim Alpha lipoic acid and L-carnitine No. 20 TABLETKITURBOSLIM
  • Evalar Turboslim Blocker of calories No. 40 TABLETKITURBOSLIM
  • Evalar Turboslim Drainage drink 100MLTURBOSLIM concentrate
  • Evalar Turboslim Night the Strengthened formula No. 30 KAPSULYTURBOSLIM

Drugstore of IFC

  • Turboslim cream for the person 50 of ml, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Turboslim Alfa-lipoyevaya acid/L-carnitine tbl No. 20, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Turboslim night the strengthened formula kaps 0,3 No. 30, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Turbosly coffee pack ice of 2 g No. 10, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Turboslim a bar dietary 50,0 (for weight loss) No. 4, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
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  • Turboslim day the Strengthened formula
  • Turboslim Den of a capsule 0.3g No. 30evalar (Russia, Biysk)
  • Turboslim a drainage for zhenshchkonts. 100 ml
  • Turbosly coffee of a sachet of 2 g No. 10evalar (Russia, Biysk)


  • Turboslim Alpha lipoic acid and L-carnitine of 0,55 g No. 20 of table.
  • Turboslim Мультивитамины №60 kaps.
  • Turboslim a drainage for men of 100 ml ekstr.zhidk.
  • Turboslim night for correction of a figure at night of 100 ml cream in a tuba
  • Turboslim express weight loss set: capsules No. 18 and sachet No. 3
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