Tussin Plus

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  • Latin name: Tussin Plus
  • ATH code: R05FA02
  • Active ingredient: Dextromethorphan + Gvayfenezin (Dextromethorphan + Guaifenesin)
  • Producer: Sagmel, Inc. (USA)

Structure Tussina Plus

5 milliliters of syrup contain 10 milligrams of dextromethorphan of hydrobromide and 100 milligrams of a gvayfenezin.

As auxiliary components are present at structure: water, dye red No. 40, cherry fragrance, sodium benzoate, sodium saccharin, corn syrup with a large amount of fructose, glitserol, a flavoring additive, citric acid.

Release form

Is issued in the form of orange-red syrup with a slight cherry smell in polietilentereftalatovy bottles on 118 milliliters. In a set there is a measured glass.

Pharmacological action

Is mucolytic means. The dextromethorphan which is a part of drug suppresses afferent impulses of the increased intensity from a mucous membrane of respiratory tracts, increases a tussive threshold, reducing the frequency of dry cough. Though this active component on force of influence is similar to codeine, it has no analgetic properties, activity of a ciliate epithelium and a respiratory center does not oppress.

Gvayfenezin due to increase of secretion of liquid components of slime of bronchial tubes, strengthening of activity of a ciliate epithelium and a depolymerization of acid mucopolysaccharides has expectorant influence.

Duration of antibechic effect makes till six o'clock.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active components of drug are quickly absorbed from a digestive tract – through half an hour after reception. They get into fabrics which contain acid mucopolysaccharides and are metabolized in a liver. Are removed with a phlegm by means of lungs or in the form of inactive metabolites by means of kidneys.

Effect of dextromethorphan begins to be shown in 15-25 minutes after reception and lasts till six o'clock. This active component is very quickly metabolized in a liver and removed generally by means of kidneys as not changed dextromethorphan.

Indications to use

Syrup is shown at diseases of the respiratory tracts which are followed by cough with the complicated otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm of the increased viscosity:


Medicine cannot be taken at:

It is impossible to accept along with other drugs which contain similar active agents.

It is careful to accept at bronchial asthma, feeding by a breast and pregnancies, and also the patient with a liver or renal failure.

Side effects

As side effects can be observed:

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

According to the instruction on Tussin Plus, syrup needs to be accepted inside after meal by means of a measured glass or a teaspoon.

To children from 6 to 12 years about one teaspoon is recommended to accept each four hours, to adults and children 12 years – on two teaspoons are more senior each four hours.


At overdose nausea and vomiting, an ataxy, a hyper tone of muscles, tachycardia, lowering of arterial pressure, disturbance of consciousness, respiratory depression, dizziness and excitement are observed. Treatment consists in a gastric lavage, reception of absorbent carbon and symptomatic therapy.


This medicine cannot be taken along with others mucolytic and antibechics, and also with drugs which inhibit MAO (including together with Selegilin, Procarbazinum and Furasolidone) as it can cause a tremor, spasms, nausea, drowsiness, intracranial bleeding, a hyper pyrexia, increase of arterial pressure, excitement, dizziness, a coma, a collapse and adrenergic crisis.

Quinidine, Fluoxetine and Amiodaronum can increase concentration of active components in blood.

Drug is combined with cardiac glycosides, antibacterial agents and bronchial spasmolytics.

The tobacco smoke can cause increase in secretion of glands because of inhibition of a tussive reflex.

Terms of sale

Issue from drugstores is carried out according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Syrup can be stored at a temperature from 15 to 30 degrees. It is forbidden to store in the refrigerator!

Period of validity

The period of validity makes three years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs Tussina Plus are:

  • Glikodin;
  • Kodarin;
  • Kodeterp;
  • Kodepsin;
  • Tedein.


This syrup actually very well and quickly helps to get rid of cough. The only thing what it is necessary to remember that it cannot be used in large numbers, differently there can be strong side effects.


  • Tussin plus 118 ml fl.
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