Hurried breathing (Tachypnea)

The tachypnea is a standing at which at the person breath becomes frequent, but at the same time its depth does not increase.

How the tachypnea is shown?

At rest at the person with a tachypnea for one minute about 60 and more dykhaniye whereas the healthy person breathes a minute about 16-18 times are noted. It is a type of an inspiratory asthma at which at the patient other clinical signs, for example, of cyanosis of lips, a certain position of a body are not observed. Hurried breathing — result of hyperventilation which arises owing to decrease in content of carbon dioxide in blood. Amplitude of respiratory movements decreases, and the human body suffers from a hypoxia. There is a reduction of arteries, the volume of blood which is overtaken on a body of the person decreases. As a result in an organism deficit of oxygen is noted.

Often the tachypnea is observed at different diseases which are followed also by other characteristic symptoms. However at diagnosis of some morbid conditions of a tachypnea it is considered the most characteristic sign. It belongs, for example, to displays of a thrombembolia of pulmonary arteries. At hysteria at the patient the respiration rate can reach in a minute till 60-80 times (so-called "dog breath"). The tachypnea is a symptom which many manifestations reminds an asthma. But at a tachypnea shallow breathing, and changes of its rhythm are not noted.

At manifestations of a tachypnea the content in blood of carbon dioxide in connection with hyperventilation decreases. This phenomenon is called a hypocapny and is shown by the expressed dizziness, and sometimes and an unconscious state. Treatment of a tachypnea is always connected with manifestations of a basic disease.

Why the tachypnea is shown?

Проявление учащенного дыханияHurried breathing is connected with excitement of a respiratory center that occurs in connection with pathology of the central nervous system, or occurs reflex.

In a normality at the person the respiration rate depends on a number of factors. It is necessary to consider inborn features of an organism, body weight, physical activity of the person, his general state of health, age, etc. The tachypnea can be connected with a different condition of the person. For example, hurried breathing at pregnancy is often observed, hurried breathing at a temperature.

The speeded-up shallow breathing is very important criterion for diagnosis of diseases at the child who independently cannot complain of a certain indisposition yet. For example, hurried breathing during a dream at the child can demonstrate that it lifted body temperature.

One of the reasons of manifestation of such frustration — a stressful situation. The person breathes very often, it is difficult to it to speak, weight in legs can appear. After such attack similar to an attack of panic, people suffers from a headache. There can be hurried breathing in a dream later.

The tachypnea develops at hysteria. At such attacks of people breathes approximately as a hunting dog. Except hurried breathing at the patient with hysterical neurosis rage attacks, instability of emotions, etc. are noted.

Very often hurried breathing at the child and at the adult is connected with catarrhal diseases. Sometimes the tachypnea testifies to bronchial asthma, and amplifies before asthma attack.

Учащенное дыхание с приступамиHurried breathing with attacks of wet cough can be a symptom of chronic bronchitis in the mornings. If the person at whom the tachypnea is noted feels in attempt to deeply inhale a stethalgia, then at it, perhaps, pneumonia. Also hurried breathing is observed at pleurisy. At tuberculosis the speeded-up shallow breathing is combined with a tussiculation, a small appetite, the weakness increased by body temperature. Sometimes the tachypnea demonstrates existence at the person of diseases of cardiovascular system.

Often parents note hurried breathing at the child. About it especially young parents who noticed hurried breathing at the newborn worry. At the same time at the child deep and superficial breaths can alternate, at breath uncharacteristic sounds appear. In most cases all these manifestations do not testify to pathologies. At the baby hurried breathing is connected with the fact that his respiratory tracts small, and through them constantly there passes a lot of air. Besides respiratory tracts and bodies are developed not completely. Therefore hurried breathing at the baby is very often noted on the first month of his life, and in process of the child's growing breath becomes deeper and not such frequent. Longer period in order that breath was adjusted, is necessary to children who were born premature, with very small weight. Parents have to understand that a tachypnea at children it is vital for saturation of an organism oxygen. Therefore the newborn baby can breathe one minute 40-50 times.

Except the specified reasons of a tachypnea a number of the natural reasons which can provoke breath increase is noted. These are serious exercise and emotional stresses, a condition of a stress. Hurried breathing can be shown as a side effect after reception of some medicines, the use of stimulants. The tachypnea at pregnant women is result of hormonal reorganization and change of anatomic features of an organism during incubation of the child.

How to get rid of a tachypnea?

Частое дыханиеIf at the person the frequent attacks of hurried breathing which are not connected with the natural reasons are observed and at the same time the general weakness, pain and discomfort in breasts, dryness in a mouth, feeling of panic and other symptoms is noted, it is necessary to consult surely with the specialist. In that case tachypnea, most likely, are connected with development of a certain disease, and treatment of a tachypnea is carried out within therapy of the main illness. Depending on the reasons of manifestation of a tachypnea it is necessary to address the pulmonologist, the allergist, the cardiologist, the psychiatrist or other specialists.

To provide short-term elimination of hurried breathing, it is possible to use a usual paper package by means of which optimization of gas balance in blood of the person is provided. Edges of a package need to be squeezed one hand and to do a finger of other hand an opening in a package for breath. It is necessary to put to a mouth a package both slowly and to breathe exactly in it, inhaling and exhaling that air which is in it.

It is necessary to breathe in this package for 4-5 minutes. If after such session there is no recovery of a normal respiratory rhythm, it is necessary to see a doctor surely.

To get rid of tachypnea attacks at stresses, it is necessary to practice special respiratory gymnastics which allows to relax.

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