Scientists explained why physical activity prolongs life

It is unlikely someone doubts that physical activity is useful to people at any age. It is especially important to keep a body in a tone that who can already be referred to category of elderly people. Recently scientists told that active life and regular physical exercises at advanced age prolong life because under the influence of physical exercises there is an activation of a gene which protects from damages of the termination of molecules DNA.

Telomeres — trailer parts of chromosomes which are in a kernel of each cell of an organism. Telomeres protect from damages of DNA. If the cell shares, then becomes even shorter after each such division. If she becomes very short and cannot share more, then perishes.

Recently researchers defined that the state and length a telomere changes not only owing to age, but also in connection with certain changes in a human body. For example, they are influenced by the endured stress, a depression , etc. Dependence here following: than the mental disorder was heavier, the longer the person stayed in such state, the telomeres were shortened more actively.

In the course of experiments the Belgian scientists defined that the state a telomere is directly connected with regular performance of physical exercises. Scientists conducted research of how the cell makes "reading" a telomere and produces the special molecules TERRA which protect telomeres from damages.

Specialists involved volunteers who within 45 minutes actively were engaged on the exercise bike then they handed over a blood sample and saliva. As a result scientists confirmed that after sports activities in kernels of cells the quantity of the molecules TERRA increases that protection is promoted by a telomere from damages.

That is conclusion following: moderate, but regular sports trainings prolong life to the person, especially if he does not stop practicing sport and in advanced age. By the way scientists who made many experiments on rodents, claim that the same system in an organism "is started" if people limit the caloric content of own daily menu.

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