Scientists created artificial heart

Modern scientists seriously think of how to treat patients with a serious illness of cardiovascular system which is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Recently scientists from the USA managed to create artificial heart which at the moment is the most powerful in the world. This body is created from soft material, it allows to swing very large volume of liquid if to compare to other devices.

Material from which the body — flexible silicone is created allows air to get inside that distinguishes new "heart" from those cardioprostheses which were invented earlier. Therefore the prosthesis is capable to work practically as also the real heart.

Specialists made the external pump of the special materials which are not reacting with tissues of a body of the person. By means of this pump liquid and air passes through an artificial organ. Heart is covered with plastic which is peculiar "skin", preventing leak of materials.

However, this body differs from usual human heart: if in heart of the person four cameras, then in an artificial prosthesis – only two. But scientists managed to reach stability of process of pumping of liquid between cameras.

However, meanwhile the prosthesis invented by scientists, unfortunately, in the medical purposes is not used. The matter is that properties of materials of which the body, in the conditions of a human body is made are meanwhile insufficiently studied. Besides meanwhile the speed of pumping of liquid is not completely identical to this process under natural conditions. Therefore work on improvement of this invention will be continued.

And meanwhile there is a sense to take care about health of cardiovascular system and strengthening of heart. In particular – to get rid of addictions and to strengthen heart by means of physical trainings. However it is necessary to train correctly too. So, scientists from the Texas Southwest University consider that heart troubles cannot be solved with the help of short, half-hour trainings. The matter is that earlier American cardiological association recommended to be engaged at least 30 minutes a day to reduce probability of development of heart failure. Information obtained owing to several researches devoted to physical activity was analyzed. It became clear that the people who are not playing sports at all had almost identical risk of development of heart troubles and at those who went in for physical culture every day on half an hour. And those who train in day for 2 or 3 hours reduce risk of development of heart diseases respectively by 20% and 35%.

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