Removal of warts

Warts are high-quality educations on an integument of the person which emergence provokes a virus of papilloma of the person. Infection with warts occurs very easily: the virus is transmitted from the person to the person through damages on an integument. But if on a body warts develop, the patient should understand that the disease it is curable. At the same time to look for the answer to a question how to clean a wart house conditions, not necessarily. Quickly the doctor will help to cope with this problem, previously having defined all specific features of a disease. Treatment of warts practices also in cosmetology salons where it is possible to clean this defect by means of the most modern methods.

How to get rid of warts in house conditions?

As warts periodically develop on a body of many people, throughout centuries the set of the folk remedies allowing to get rid of warts or to reduce their manifestations practiced.

Treatment of warts folk remedies is carried out with use as some herbs which are effectively clearing integuments and other methods, sometimes rather unusual. Specialists confirm that treatment of warts in house conditions often allows to get rid of these manifestations completely. For example, it is proved that treatment by a celandine effectively removes warts.

National treatment of warts at children and adults can be carried out with ashes use. To carry out treatment on a finger or treatment on foot of the developed warts, it is necessary to take several matches, to tear off heads with sulfur and to burn the remained matches completely. It is necessary to make gruel of the received ashes, having stirred it water. This weight greases ordinary or flat warts then they are stuck with a plaster. Such procedure needs to be done every day until warts do not begin to shrivel and dry up gradually. But if this means does not work, then how to treat warts, it is better to ask at the doctor. It is especially important to pay attention to warts on intimate places as intimate warts increase in the future risk of developing of cancer of neck of uterus at the woman.

Методы удаления бородавокUse of acetic acid — one more method which suits those whom interests how to get rid of warts folk remedies. To get rid of trailing warts, it is necessary to take a plaster and to cut through in it a hole so that in it it was possible to take out a wart, at the same time skin has to be closed around. Acetic acid needs to be stirred with flour and to make a peculiar dough. This dough needs to be put to a wart and to roll up bandage. To define how quickly to get rid of a wart by means of this method, it is necessary to consider education size. The wart is more expressed, the more days in a row it is necessary to carry out such procedure. However, using such means, it is necessary to consider that after its use on places of warts there can be small scars. Therefore that who had face wart on a nose, it is better not to practice it. It is not necessary to use it and as the help from sexual warts. And here that whom interests as it is possible to get rid of hand warts from bottom warts, this way can approach.

From flat warts, and also on skin it is possible to try to get rid of other types of this education by means of means which is prepared on the basis of a lemon peel. If the person had a wart on foot or on other part of a body, it is necessary to rind from two lemons then to crush it and to fill in with a half of a glass of vinegar. Such tincture prepares for a week, at the same time every day the bank needs to stir up well. This means will suit all whom interests how to remove leg warts. To remove a wart in house conditions, it is necessary to moisten with the received infusion flat warts or other types of warts several times a day. However and in this case it is necessary to consider that it is possible to bring vinegar a wart only to parts of a body on which scar will not represent afterwards a problem for the person, for example, on foot, on a hand, etc. It is better to remove the person of a wart without vinegar use.

In traditional medicine removal of warts by means of salt is also widely applied. This way will suit those whom interests, than it is possible to remove hand warts. It is necessary to fill one pack of the coarse confided salt in a package, to lower in salt of a hand and for five minutes to rub them I will merge. After that hands cannot be washed for 3 hours. It is necessary to make it in the morning and in the evening. Gradually upper layer of skin on hands will begin to be shelled and climb up, and with it also warts will disappear. The normality of hands after use of such method is recovered very quickly. As quickly it will occur, depends on the size of warts. If this method does not give the necessary effect, it is possible to try other national ways. For example, it is possible to learn how a celandine to remove a wart.

One more warts medicine on the basis of salt prepares so: 1 tablespoon of table salt needs to be parted in half of glass of warm water. One tablespoon of vinegar and pulp of one plum is added to solution. Plum has to remain in solution for two hours then this pulp is got and impose on a wart. It is necessary to leave such compress on a wart for the whole night. It is necessary to put it every day before emergence of results.

Удаление бородавок с помощью обычного бинтаTo find the answer to a question how to treat warts, the simplest objects sometimes help. For example, there is a method which allows to cure warts by means of usual bandage. For this purpose it is necessary to redress only densely bottom warts or warts on other body parts and to hold such bandage constantly. It is necessary to change bandages only when they become dirty. Carrying bandage allows to get rid of warts for a month. If warts all the same do not disappear, then about what to treat these educations on skin, it is necessary to learn from the specialist. What doctor treats warts, depends on features of a disease, but it is initially necessary to consult surely with the dermatologist.

It is possible to prepare also means from onions. For this purpose the bulb should be cut on slices, to lower them in vinegar for 2 hours and to put on warts for the night. It is necessary to do such procedure daily.

Warts are recommended to be greased with fresh juice from a mountain ash, acid grades of apples, it is also possible to grease daily educations on skin with aloe juice.

However traditional medicine is not limited to use only of means on the basis of herbs, fruits or make-shifts. Long since folk healers used for treatment suitable plot against warts. Was considered that the pronunciation of such plots and parallel carrying out some procedures in which folk remedies were used is capable to relieve the person of warts completely. It is hard to say, such "medicine", is how efficient, most likely, warts disappear under the influence of supportive applications. In the majority of methods with plots garlic, vinegar, acetic acid, castor oil and other means which and without "magic words" effectively relieve the person of warts is used. Most likely, the additional pronunciation of plot gives to the person of confidence that treatment will be effective. As a result, drug on the basis of a folk remedy renders even more expressed effect. However, such means nevertheless work not always, and often at treatment of warts it is necessary to use ointments, cream and other pharmaceutical means.

Treatment of warts celandine

Both in national, and removal of warts a celandine widely practices in official medicine. This plant is applied in pure form, on the basis of a celandine drugs which are used for treatment of diseases of integuments are issued. By the way, once in the people the celandine was called a nipplewort that testifies to its efficiency in treatment of this disease. Now removal of warts by greasing by their juice of a celandine practices in house conditions very often. The matter is that juice of this plant contains about 20 toxic agents, and some of them are capable to overcome a papilloma virus.

It is possible to remove warts at children and adults by means of juice of a celandine, its spirit setup, oil on the basis of a celandine. Responses demonstrate that all these means can help to recover completely. Therefore before trying other methods of removal, for example, removal of warts the laser, it is possible to treat with a celandine or to use drug for removal on the basis of an extract from a celandine. By the way, the wound after removal of warts by means of a celandine on skin does not remain. But if there is a lot of warts, or they very big, this method can not work. For example, in the presence of big warts on foot it is necessary to address specialists and to carry out removal of bottom warts by the laser.

Лечение бородавок чистотеломTo prepare the most effective remedy on the basis of a celandine, it is necessary to take a fresh grass of a celandine with a root, it is good to wash up it and to pass via the meat grinder. Further it is necessary to separate juice and to put it to the cold place for two days. Juice mixes up with vodka, a proportion following: 1 l of juice on 0,5 l of vodka. Ready means is stored in the refrigerator. It is possible to cure warts by means of such tincture approximately in a month if to use it every day. Sometimes it is required carrying out several courses of such treatment. Before such treatment it is necessary to apply mute means on skin to check whether is not present at the person of an allergy to a celandine.

If just to wipe warts with celandine juice, then it is necessary to take it from those parts of a plant which are located closer to a root as in them juice is the most active. Fresh juice of a celandine can also be mixed with glycerin, vaseline. Such ointments remain longer and to use them very conveniently.

In a drugstore many means on the basis of a celandine are implemented. They need also to be used daily before full treatment. Popular warts balm "mountain celandine" allows to get rid rather quickly — for several weeks. But its use has to be carried out strictly according to the instruction. After a celandine and means on the basis of its juice there is no noticeable trace left on skin therefore by means of such drugs it is possible to remove even face warts.

Removal of warts medicamentous drugs

Practically any warts medicine in a drugstore can be bought without recipe of the doctor. If folk remedies do not allow to cure this illness of warts, then the effective remedy should be looked for among those drugs which are offered by the pharmaceutical industry. Before buying means for removal of warts, it is important to consult with the specialist, to study responses of those who already used drug.

Often the doctor advises initially to use means against warts on the basis of salicylic acid. It can be ointment, spirit solution, a salicylic plaster. However, choosing the best means against warts, it is necessary to consider that approximately in 40% of cases after use of such drugs there are scars.

From warts use of a lyapisny pencil which contains silver nitrate also helps. By means of such pencil of a wart are cauterized, antimicrobic impact is also made. However and after such drug often there are hems on a body.

Удаление бородавок домаHigh performance is shown by means of Wartner by means of which it is possible to delete both usual, and bottom warts. By means of this means there is snap-freezing of the struck fabrics. Approximately in two weeks after procedure there is a recovery of normal skin and peeling of a wart. However, price of means of Wartner quite high.

It is also possible to use ointment from warts on hands and on other body parts which is included into group of the drugs which are not allowing cell fission. If salicylic ointment just dries fabrics, then drugs-retinoids suppress growth of warts, breaking growth of cells of epidermis. Means differin, klenzit from this group are suitable for removal of warts in the person as hems after their use remain very seldom. However so effective ointment is not suitable for use during pregnancy and feeding of the kid. Only the doctor can appoint such drugs.

Antiviral ointments allow to get rid of warts after two-week daily use. Such drugs get deeply into skin and completely eliminate a wart. Ointment Panavir, Oxolinic ointment, etc. concerns to them.

The pharmacy chain offers very large number of the most various means against warts. But nevertheless before use of such drugs it is desirable to consult with the dermatologist and to adhere to his councils.

Removal of warts liquid nitrogen

Удаление бородавок на телеCauterization of warts liquid nitrogen widely practices in modern medicine. This method which is also called by cryotherapy allows to carry out removal of warts by liquid nitrogen very quickly and with high performance. After removal of a wart in such a way the patient does not have hems, on site educations the healthy layer of skin appears. Cauterization of a wart is, as a rule, carried out for one session, only in certain cases (for example, at bottom warts) repeated procedure is necessary. Initially the site of skin is processed for the purpose of anesthesia. Further the specialist for several minutes puts liquid nitrogen to a wart. The wart is painted in white color. After procedure there is an anesthesia removal, small morbidity, and also a blister can appear. However effects of this procedure disappear very quickly. Where to remove a wart with liquid nitrogen, it is possible to learn from the specialist dermatologist.

Those whom interests how to remove a wart with liquid nitrogen have to know that there are no contraindications for use of this technique. For two weeks face skin or on other body part completely heals and takes a normal form. However that who made the decision to use this method it is necessary not only to learn, how much is such procedure, but also to find clinic where it is possible to remove a wart at the experienced specialist. Depends on correctness of performance of all actions, all effects of such intervention how fast will disappear. If the patient is stopped by the high price or other factors, it is necessary to learn from the doctor whether it is possible to remove a wart in house conditions by means of other methods.

Removal of warts laser

Удаление бородавок лазеромOne more widely applied method — removal of warts by means of laser therapy. As a rule, in any policlinic it is possible to learn information on where it is possible to remove a wart with the laser. Today the burning out the laser of warts is considered one of the most modern methods of their treatment. At the same time, before making the decision on such treatment, it is desirable to learn, how much is laser removal of warts as the cost of removal is in such a way a little higher than other procedures. Removal of warts the laser will suit those whom the price does not stop as neither contraindications, nor the expressed side effects when carrying out such procedure arise. Cauterization by the laser is carried out very quickly, after procedure the condition of skin is normalized for a month. Laser removal of warts is carried out even to children.

After removal of a wart the small bubble, on site which there is a small wound later can remain the laser. But a bit later integuments completely begin to live, hems do not remain. The specialist who is carrying out laser removal of warts will tell how processing of a wound that there were no complications in the future is carried out. If after laser removal the finger or other part of a body swelled up, then such tumor will disappear in several hours. Warts of any type easily are removed by means of the laser.

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