Asthma (condition of asphyxia) are difficulties of breath of the person which is shown at it pristupoobrazno, and at the same time air hunger of body tissues as a result is observed.

How asthma is shown?

Asthma at children and adults is shown by severe short wind, feeling of constraint in a breast, emergence of cyanosis of an integument. The feeling of asthma is painful for the person who is frightened by a lack of air and fear of death. This symptom at children and adults is present at different diseases. The asthma reasons, as a rule, consist available pathologies of cardiovascular system, lungs, respiratory tracts. If at the patient pulmonary diseases develop, then asthma occurs in connection with disturbance of hit of oxygen in blood and the subsequent obstruction of respiratory tracts of the person. At asthma there is a sharp feeling of shortage of air, the person strongly chokes. Bronchial asthma — a serious illness, breath is a basic need of the person. Therefore, trouble breathing are a peculiar signal of serious danger, and the person has serious fear of death. At the same time dry cough is possible. After cough and an attack asthma does not disturb the patient

The constant feeling of asthma in a neck and in a thorax can be shown after an exercise stress. In this case asthma is a signal of oxygen insufficiency in respiratory and circulatory system.

If at the person asthma is shown at night, he suffers from cyanosis, skin of the patient becomes covered by a clammy sweat, sometimes there is tachycardia. Also rattles in lungs are listened. In most cases at people who suffer from attacks of night asthma, the increased venous pressure, increase in a liver, and also other symptoms of heart failure is noted.

Why there is asthma?

To take all measures for disposal of this unpleasant symptom, it is necessary to know accurately what reasons of asthma take place in a specific case. If asthma symptoms are shown, first of all, it is necessary to suspect development of bronchial asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, emphysema of lungs, bronchial tube tumors, hit in a respiratory organs of foreign bodys. Bronchial asthma is more often observed among young people and people of middle age.

The condition of asthma is shown at a number of diseases of cardiovascular system. It is a myocardial infarction, hypertensive and hypotension, a cardiosclerosis, aortal insufficiency, heart diseases, arrhythmia, a hematencephalon, etc.

The feeling of asthma accompanies some mental diseases. Asthma can accompany reactive psychosis, claustrophobia, paranoia, etc. This symptom is shown also at some general diseases — at gangrene, sepsis, etc.

Приступ удушьяCan provoke asthma also some external negative factors. It is overdose by narcotic substances, poisoning with alcohol, vapors of different toxic agents. This symptom is characteristic of some types of an allergy.

Asthma at the person can come at night because of too strong filling of lungs blood. It occurs owing to change of a tone of a vegetative nervous system. Asthma in a dream transfers most of people hard.

The feeling of asthma in a throat is sometimes shown as an effect of high sensitivity of a gullet, disturbance of activity of muscles. The feeling of asthma in a throat can appear from behind high sensitivity of a gullet. The reasons of manifestation of such symptom can consist in experience of strong emotional shocks, fast breath, a condition of alarm. That is the lump in a throat very often appears because of nerves. Spasms in a throat especially often arise at those who endure a long stress.

It is not necessary to charge off an account and other reasons which can provoke similar signs. It can be physiological problems of a throat, disturbance in work of a thyroid gland. Asthma symptoms in a throat in certain cases appear also in view of the diseases connected with backbone pathology. The pharyngalgia and symptoms of asthma in a throat arise at gullet injuries. Treatment is appointed only after establishment of the exact diagnosis.

Asthma can be shown at acute nephrite. It most often occurs at people of advanced age. Sometimes asthma is taken in this case for display of hypertensive crisis or heart attack. Nevertheless, at a myocardial infarction asthma can be also shown as a disease symptom.

How to get rid of asthma?

In most cases the attack of asthma is shown at the person out of medical institution. Therefore the urgent pre-medical help at asthma is required. Therefore the knowledge of the basic principles of rendering such help can be useful to each person. Assistance at asthma, first of all, provides simplification of process of breath. It is important to calm the person at whom the attack began. Acute management at asthma is given after the person was moved to a sitting position. It is necessary to provide good inflow of fresh air surely. Put hot-water bottles to legs and hands, legs of the patient can be lowered in hot water. Or on a back under shovels apply mustard plasters to a breast. If rendering the pre-medical help at asthma is carried out, the patient can give inside on one tablet of an Euphyllinum and ephedrine.

Способы остановки приступа удушьяFirst-aid treatment at asthma at hit of foreign objects breath is carried out to bodies the same as at drowning. It is important that first aid was provided without panic, quickly and correctly. To remove a foreign body from a throat of the person, it is necessary to squeeze to it a thorax. With a pressure the foreign subject is pushed out in respiratory tracts. First aid at asthma, the provoked hit in a foreign body, appears further as follows: the victim needs to help to bend forward and to clear the throat. At a faint of the victim it is necessary to lay on a knee a stomach to prevent flooding by emetic masses. If the foreign body got into airways of the child, it is lifted for legs up and patted on a back that the kid cleared the throat.

After the patient was given the first pre-medical aid, it is necessary to bring him to medical institution. After breath was recovered, reception of antibiotics for the purpose of the prevention of pneumonia is appointed.

If asthma occurs owing to allergic hypostasis, it is necessary to give to the patient a Dimedrol, Suprastinum or tavegil. Also a quarter of a glass of 10% of solution of a gluconate of calcium or Calcium chloratum is given. In the absence of positive changes 2 ml of Prednisolonum are intramusculary entered.

If the patient is disturbed by the asthma attacks at night provoked by bronchial asthma, then night attacks are treated by drugs which remove a spasm of bronchial tubes. It is ephedrine, Theophedrinum, Antasthmanum, it is necessary to accept them orally. The asthma attack at bronchial asthma is removed also by means of aerosols and inhalers. However in this case it is important to provide necessary extent of inhalation to remove a sudden attack.

First aid at an attack of the asthma provoked by asthma can appear also by applying of a hot-water bottle to hands and legs, also for ensuring inflow of a venous blood of a leg of the patient it is possible to lower in hot water. Symptoms of asthma will become less expressed.

Acute management to the person at whom the sudden attack of bronchial asthma and cough was shown can appear by carrying out massage of an upper body. It is necessary to massage from the head down a back and a breast.

If there is a question how to remove an attack, and at the same time near at hand there are no necessary drugs, acute management at an attack can be given by means of some make-shifts. The patient can allow to smell Liquid ammonia, to allow it to swallow small pieces of ice. Helps to liquefy a phlegm at an attack Tinctura Valerianae, soda. If the attack independently cannot be removed, it is necessary to cause emergency medical service surely.

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