Care of eyes and gentle skin around eyes

Eyes of the person reflect not only his identity and internal essence, but also testify about health, mood and youth. But at the same time the special relation to care of eyes is required. To cause the real admiration of a speaking glance, follows as it is possible to look after more carefully gentle and susceptible skin around eyes.

Today forces the modern person to receive too strong load of eyes constantly. As a result, both large volumes of information, and permanent job at the computer, and slow-moving way of life exert a negative impact on eyes and skin around them. To prevent a flow of such influence and to suspend process of aging of skin, step-by-step leaving for the purpose of prevention of premature withering of skin is important.

Features of skin around eyes

Epidermis layer near eyes at the person very thin: its thickness makes no more than a half-millimeter. Besides on skin around eyes there are practically no sebaceous glands, in it there are not enough muscles which are responsible for elasticity of skin. Skin very easily stretches a century as fibers from collagen are located here in a look stacks. Besides, hypodermic cellulose here especially friable therefore periodically the person has hypostases under eyes.

Eyes of people constantly move – squint, blink, express certain emotions. Small wrinkles under eyes appear from behind it relatively early: some twenty-year-old have so-called goose pads even. Therefore, the negative impact on skin near eyes needs to be eliminated as soon as possible, taking a number of effective measures.

Bases of care of eyes

Уход за глазами и нежной кожей вокруг глаз One of the most important points in the course of ensuring daily leaving is daily hygiene. Care of eyes – it is obligatory evening clarification of skin near eyes from a make-up. For this purpose it is possible to use the special means intended especially for this purpose. If there is no such cosmetics for certain reasons near at hand, then care of skin around eyes in house conditions can be carried out, having wiped skin with the cotton wool moistened in fresh vegetable oil. It simple means not only qualitatively removes the remains of decorative cosmetics, but also provides food of an integument in the course of care of centuries.

Removing cosmetics, it is not necessary to stretch skin at all, intensively pounding it. It is better to impose all vatu with cosmetic on eyes approximately for half-minute then eyelashes are slightly taken fingers, and the flourish easily is shot a wadded disk.

That, to women who carry contact lenses it is not recommended to use ink with waterproof effect as fat means for removal of a make-up with active components can provoke serious irritation. For the same reason it is not necessary to apply very fat creams.

Rules of care of skin around eyes

Health and youth of skin around eyes will manage to be kept if to approach this task in a complex. Only by means of creams it is cardinal it will be possible to change a situation hardly. Initially it is necessary to take care of as much as possible to reduce quantity of stressful situations, to provide good rest for eyes and for an organism in general. Women are recommended to accept surely from time to time a course of vitamin complexes which part elements and minerals, useful to eyes, are. Every day it is necessary to walk in the fresh air, and, walks have to be active and dynamic. The room in which the person spends the whole day needs to be aired as often as possible. Such actions will help to avoid an excessive xeroderma. In too dry rooms it is possible to put capacity with water. One more important council – to drink enough water: in day it is necessary to drink liquids not less than one and a half liter.

To avoid serious problems with sight, you should not read in transport or at bad lighting.

If in the flying the sun shines very brightly, then it is not necessary to go outside without qualitative sunglasses. It is especially important to carry them that who goes driving and it is forced to strain sight constantly. Points allow to squint and blink much less that positively affects a condition of integuments near eyes.

After the cosmetics was completely removed from eyes, it is possible to carry out a small light massage a century. For this purpose on finger-tips it is necessary to take a small amount eye creams and to massage the easy movements skin under eyes, directing the movements from an internal corner of an eye to outside. After that the massage movements after upper eyelids are made, as when playing a piano. Completing massage, it is necessary to put fingers on the closed eyes and to try to open them under the small pressure of fingers.

Cosmetics for skin around eyes

Уход за глазами и нежной кожей вокруг глаз Skin around eyes demands use of special cosmetics already from young age on condition of emergence of the first wrinkles and also if skin very dry. If to listen to councils of cosmetologists, then to optimum begin use of such funds from 25-year age. Cream for a century differs from face or hands creams in structure: in it there are no components which at hit in eyes cause their irritation. Specialists also advise not to "get used" to a certain means for eyes, changing it approximately once in four months. Such actions allow not to allow displays of an allergy, and also prevent development of conjunctivitis.

Now at the market there is a set of the most various means for a century and an eye. It is necessary to choose them, surely paying attention to skin type, and also to age which this means is expected. For example, if the girl only was 25 years old, then cream or a mask for skin around eyes have to be easy and moistening. After thirty years at means there have to be active components. After thirty-five-year age the woman has to buy antiage means which quite are suitable for use in house conditions. Such cosmetics stimulate products of collagen and normalize the content of glycanes. Besides, means with active components do skin of more elastic and improve its protective functions. Defining how to look after skin near eyes, it is necessary to select carefully not only creams, but also the masking face treatments. For example, the concentrates containing the small parts of powder reflecting light are very popular today. Such means is put under a make-up.

One more important rule – any cosmetics for eyes has to be obligatory qualitative and not cheap. Cheap decorative cosmetics, creams and masks can become the reason of irritation and is considerable worsen a condition of skin.

Drawing cosmetics

However, it is important not to exchange to follow the rules of drawing cosmetics on a zone around eyes. Follows all movements in the course of drawing means to make as much as possible smoothly, and, it is necessary to do it on lines where skin stretches less: it is the line on an upper eyelid from an internal corner of an eye to outside. On a lower eyelid of means are put from an outside corner to an internal corner of an eye.

Cream or gel cannot be applied directly under eyes or on upper eyelids that such means did not get in the course of rubbing in into eyes. It is impossible to smear means: they are put with points and pounded by the easy vibrating movements. If cream is always applied correctly, then skin not only will not stretch, but also blood circulation stimulation will be provided.

Dark circles, bags, hypostases under eyes

Emergence under eyes of dark circles is result of a constant sleep debt, stresses, fatigue, a long absence of good rest, and also smoking. In certain cases circles under eyes appear also owing to more serious reasons, for example, of disbolism, problems in life activity of an organism. If except dark circles also other symptoms of diseases are observed, it is necessary, without postponing, to address the doctor. Specialists also advise to refuse the food which is excitingly influencing a nervous system. It is spicy, spicy, salty food. And here sweet needs to be used in reasonable quantities as sweets influence on an organism soothingly.

It is quite possible that circles under eyes are a result of sharp deterioration in a blood flow. To stimulate a blood stream, compresses of broth of some herbs (a camomile, rosemary, a centaurea) will approach. The dl of this purpose will approach not too saturated broth from calculation one teaspoon of a grass on one glass of water.

If circles under eyes become a serious cosmetic shortcoming, it is possible to use special cosmetics which are used for fight against dark circles. Vitamin-containing masks as a part of which there is an aloe extract, collagen, vitamin K are effective.

If necessary some procedures, for example a mesotherapy or photorejuvenation are applied to clarification of the expressed dark circles. One more option – to mask dark circles by means of decorative cosmetics – special proofreaders or creams which specialists cosmetologists will help to pick up.

One more unpleasant phenomenon – so-called baggies lower eyelids. Sometimes they are shown right after the birth owing to certain anatomic features of an organism. The person between skin has a century and the thin membrane is hypodermic cellulose. At the same time one people have it thick, at others – absolutely thin. If the membrane continues to become thinner, then the fatty tissue leaves directly under skin, and bags appear. Often their education is promoted by a hypodynamia, the wrong approach to food, stressful situations. At emergence of bags it is regularly recommended to apply cosmetics which have tonic effect. For disposal of baggies lower eyelids use of a lymphatic drainage, microcurrents, mesotherapies practices in special clinics. In the most serious cases the request for the help of the plastic surgeon is possible.

If regular emergence of hypostases under eyes disturbs, then it is quite probable that problems with kidneys take place. Sometimes hypostases are shown also at healthy people from time to time. Good rest and the moderate use of liquid in the second half of day is in that case simply necessary. Also it is worth not to applying fat creams, and sometimes it is reasonable to refuse completely use of cream for the night.

If hypostases develop in the morning, then the bags of tea which are previously cooled in the refrigerator perfectly will be suitable for their removal: they should be put for several minutes to eyes. After such procedure it is desirable to do exercises as release of sweat from an organism promotes disappearance of hypostases.

How to help tired eyes?

Уход за глазами и нежной кожей вокруг глаз At sharp feeling of gripes or eye pain which were shown as an effect of long work it is necessary to stop intense work and to relax eyes for several minutes. During rest it is possible to make a compress of cold broth of herbs. If it is impossible, then drops will be suitable for eyes, for example, an innoksa, Wiesen. However, such drops cannot be applied constantly: their use is justified only in critical cases.

One more methods to get rid quickly of fatigue of eyes – special charging which allows to strengthen optic nerves and muscles. Such exercises are done quickly and simply. Keeping the head in the same situation, it is necessary to look at first to the right, then – on the left, having repeated it several times. Then it is possible to rotate a little eyes and to reduce a look to a nose tip. Well one more exercise influences eyes: at first it is necessary to look regarding, located in the distance then the look needs to be focused on close located thing. Such minute charging not only will encourage, but also will help to have a rest quickly to eyes.

Eyes which are exposed to serious loading every day can be washed out infusion from flowers of a camomile or lime color in the mornings. The infusion prepared at the rate of 1 teaspoon of a grass on 1 glass of boiled water needs to be held in the refrigerator. After washing it is possible to apply cream on eyelids.

Perfectly the compress from cottage cheese helps to refresh eyes. For it it is necessary to turn in a gauze on one spoon of cottage cheese and to take in the eyes such compress for 15 minutes.

Masks for skin around eyes

At mature age skin around eyes demands food which can be provided, not only using cream, but also by means of extracts of medicinal plants. They can be in the form of spray, tonic, lotion. It is enough to moisten a tampon in such means and to put it to skin near eyes for several minutes.

Not less once a week needs to be done special masks for sensitive integuments around eyes. One of the easiest ways to make an effective mask applying to eyes of ringlets of a fresh cucumber is.

To moisten eyelids, natural oils – olive oil, jojoba, castor oil are used. For refreshing of skin on eyes it is possible to put the tampons moistened in warm broth of fennel. It is necessary to take them 20 minutes. By the way, similar effect also parsley broth has.

The mask from egg and honey will be suitable for food of skin. For it it is necessary to displace one teaspoon of honey and one yolk. It is necessary to hold a mask 10 minutes. And any fresh berries will be useful for a vitamin mask. And, if there is no time for a full-fledged mask, skin around eyes can just be wiped with berries and to leave for some time.

It is recommended to practice periodically and the calming masks. It is simple to prepare such masks: for example, for a mask from porridge flakes need to be wetted in hot milk and, having placed this mix in a gauze, to put to skin near eyes for 20 minutes.

If to practice such masks regularly, then a code around eyes will become healthier and smooth.

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