Exercises for back muscles at the shift of vertebrae

Excess mobility in any of backbone segments in medicine call the shift of vertebrae. The disease can proceed without serious consequences and come to light only during professional survey, or, on the contrary, cause severe pain.

Now the shift of vertebrae treat or a surgical way, or using for this purpose system of specially developed exercises.

There is a number of rules for strengthening and recovery of a backbone:
— physical exercises should not cause a dorsodynia;
— exercises have to will be executed slowly, smoothly without sharp movements;
— all actions have to be without excessive efforts at the level of opportunities of joints.

Sequence of performance of exercises following:
— Warm-up.
— Exercise on a backbone extension.
— Strengthening of a backbone (if those exercises do not cause pain).
— Installation of a bearing.

Beneficial influence on a backbone is exerted by an extension.
Let's give several options of exercises for an extension:

1. Bend one knee and sit down on a buttock. Lay down a stomach on a knee and touch by a forehead a floor. Extend hands before yourself and put on a floor. Relax for a couple of minutes and repeat 5-7 times. In spin have to will appear pleasant feelings. This exercise will allow to relax a backbone and to exempt nerve terminations from pressure.
2. Kneel. Bend down forward and rest on elbows. On a breath curve a back, detaining for 3 seconds. On an exhalation bend a back, detain also for 3 seconds. Do not allow pain.
3. A starting position as in the previous exercise. Now serially extend legs back.

Strengthening of a backbone

All exercises are carried out accompanied with the correct breath. It is necessary to breathe through a nose. It is desirable to carry out trainings in the special dragging-away corset. It will accelerate rehabilitation process. In the course of vypolneniye of exercises vertebrae are moved apart, thereby holding their natural position. Exercises stimulate growth of cartilages. You with ease will be able "to grow up" a young backbone at any age.

Let's give options of exercises on strengthening of a backbone:

1. "Engine". We have hands on seams. Shoulders gradually, but without hurrying carry out roundabouts. It is necessary to breathe exactly and quietly.
2. Inclinations in the parties. Costing a starting position. Hands are pressed to a trunk. We make inclinations. At inclinations of a hand move along a body, but do not come off. About 10 times in each of the parties are carried out. At an inclination we exhale, at rise we take a breath.
3. Twist. The back, except verkhnegrudny department, remains motionless. Hands on shoulders. We rotate the body to the right and to the left. Basin remains motionless.

Training of muscles of a back

Упражнения для спины при смещении позвонковThis complex of fitness training is directed to training of muscles of a neck and back, creating from them "corset" for a backbone. But it is necessary to remember that the desirable effect of exercises is reached only when it is carried out by at least 10 seconds, repeating at least 3-4 times.

1. To sit down exactly on a stool. To incline the head down, then slowly we turn it to the left side — in right alternately.
2. Initial malting same. To incline the head down, then we turn the head as it is possible further in different directions. The main emphasis in this exercise needs to be placed on the movement of a chin down-up.
3. To sit down exactly on a stool and to part in sides of a hand. To rotate shoulders and hands so that palms "looked" down, up.
4. To sit down exactly on a stool, to link fingers of hands over the head. To extend up hands. Having linked fingers in turn to pull hands in one, in another the parties.
If it is difficult to link hands over the head, then it is just alternately described by the straightened hands around a trunk big circles.
5. To rise on all fours, fingers of hands forward, elbows are slightly bent. The head and a back at the same time have to be at one level. To move a basin down and up. Try whenever possible that during exercise performance the thorax did not move (as though you hold the glass filled with water on spin).
6. A starting position, as well as in the previous exercise, only instead of a floor it is necessary to lean on a stool hands. We do by a basin the movements forward and back. This exercise you strengthen muscles in a waist.
7. To rise on all fours. To move an elbow and a knee opposite to it towards to each other. Then straightening we extend them in the parties. Try to hold a back exactly and not to shake a trunk.
8. To rise on all fours. To lean in turn on a hand and an opposite knee. At this moment to relax other extremities, slightly holding suspended. To choose speed for exercise in the mode of usual walking.
9. To rise on all fours. To extend the straightened right leg aside and to pull at the same time right hand to the opposite side. After that we carry out exercises with the left extremities.
10. To sit down exactly on a stool. To incline forward the head and having turned aside, to record a hand in such situation. Then to repeat in other party.

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