Ureaplasmosis (other name – mycoplasmosis) — an illness which is transmitted sexually. Its emergence is provoked by the bacteria known under the name of a mycoplasma. What is ureaplasmosis, clear already from the name of an illness. So, the name of a disease appeared as a result of existence at some mycoplasmas of ability to split urea (this process is called ureolizy). Mycoplasmas are also called ureaplasmas.

Reasons of an ureplazmoz

This infection can get into a human body in two ways. First of all, the infection is transmitted to time of sexual contact with the sick person or with the one who is the infection carrier. The second way of transfer of ureaplasmosis – during the child's birth. Provided that mother is sick, mikroorgazima during the birth get to generative organs of the child and stay throughout all life in an inactive state there. Also ureaplasmas can be in amniotic waters and, as a result, the child catches a disease till the birth. It agrees with the available statistics, the ureaplasma is found approximately in five percent of children.

In case of infection sexually duration of an incubation interval equals to about one month, however can vary depending on what condition of a human body. But at hit of an infection the illness develops in an organism not always, the ureaplasma can be several years in an organism, at the same time symptoms of ureaplasmosis are not shown in general. Very often similar asymptomatic state is observed when ureaplasmosis is diagnosed for women at sexually active age. However after certain time when the quantity of microorganisms reaches the high level of concentration, ureaplasmosis symptoms nevertheless begin to be shown. Generally ureaplasmosis and at women occurs at men to thirty-year age.

As the reasons which become defining at infection with this infection it is necessary to call too early beginning of sexual life, frequent and chaotic sexual contacts, the unprotected sexual intercourse. Also the person can learn what is ureaplasmosis on own experience owing to reception of antibiotics or hormonal drugs. Developing of a disease is promoted by also frequent stressful situations, weakening of immune system owing to a number of factors, radiation exposure, unsatisfactory living conditions.

Ureaplasmosis symptoms

УреаплазмозDuring an incubation interval the disease is not shown by any symptoms, however these days the person can already infect with ureaplasmosis of other people. After an incubation interval of the patient notices the first symptoms of an urethritis. So, in an urethra there is a feeling of pain and burning which amplifies in the course of an urination. Also mucous allocations which most often appear in the morning take place. If the person caught this illness in the course of oral sex, then ureaplasmosis will be shown by quinsy which will proceed with the symptoms characteristic of a usual disease.

Women at development of an infection have small allocations from a vagina which have transparent character. During an urination the woman feels burning, and in the presence of inflammations of a uterus and appendages also pain in the bottom of a stomach takes place.

Danger of an illness consists that its current is, as a rule, not accompanied by existence of many considerable symptoms of ureaplasmosis. On the contrary, ureaplasmosis can proceed so malosimptomno that the patient does not consider that in his state something changed. However poorly expressed symptoms do not demonstrate at all that the disease is not serious.

If treatment of an illness is not begun after the first manifestation of symptoms of ureaplasmosis, then several days later display of pain and burning takes place independently. However at the same time ureaplasmosis continues to develop. In the absence of due treatment of ureaplasmosis the infection, several days later, appears in an urethra wall, at men — in a prostate, in a uterus at women. The following exacerbation of a disease will come when for certain reasons the infected person has a decrease in immunity. In that case the strong exercise stress, overcooling, a chronic stress, cold or other disease of inflammatory character can provoke an exacerbation of an illness. Prostatitis at men happens a consequence of such aggravation very often. Inflammatory process of a prostate extends to seed bubbles and testicles. So often ureaplasmosis at men can provoke secondary infertility. At the same time at women inflammatory processes of a vagina, a uterus wall can develop, is more rare — a bladder inflammation, and also pyelonephritis. At a stage of a similar aggravation to define how to treat ureaplasmosis, more difficult, complications of an illness give in to therapy much worse.

In certain cases in view of rather low pathogenicity of a mycoplasma in a complex with a satisfactory condition symptoms of ureaplasmosis are not shown at the person till some years. In this case the infection carriage, a state rather dangerous to the person takes place. The ureaplasma in this case is a background for display of other illnesses, therefore, the carrier of an infection has much higher susceptibility to venereal and other infections.

Specialists classify ureaplasmosis by intensity of display of a disease. So, the illness can be acute, subacute, sluggish, asymptomatic.

Complications of ureaplasmosis

Ureaplasmosis consequence women and men can have the subsequent development of a number of a serious illness. So, as complications of an uraplazmoz there is prostatitis, an urethritis, cystitis, an endometritis, a colpitis and other illnesses. Besides, ureaplasmosis at men negatively influences sexual activity. The ureaplasma can fasten to a cellular membrane of a spermatozoon then to parasitize on its surface. Therefore, the level of mobility of spermatozoa goes down that can lead to full infertility as a result. Also man's infertility becomes result of development by an ureaplasma of the enzymes breaking rheological properties of sperm.

Ureaplasmosis causes inflammatory processes in different layers of a uterus in women that negatively influences a possibility of fertilization and further implantation of a bag of waters. If the infestant extends in uterine tubes, commissural process and the subsequent tube infertility as a result can begin. Therefore, this disease needs to be diagnosed in time and to treat qualitatively.

Diagnosis of ureaplasmosis

УреаплазмозDiagnosis of ureaplasmosis at men and women is considered rather simple task for modern specialists. The most important point in this case is need to address the doctor at detection of the first suspicious symptoms. To establish the correct diagnosis, important not only to find ureaplasmas, but also to determine the level of their prevalence in departments of an urinogenital path. Therefore, the diagnosis "ureaplasmosis" is finalized only if at a human body there is a large number of ureaplasmas, and at the same time external symptoms of an illness take place.

In the course of diagnosis it is also necessary to pass research on existence of some other infections, sexually transmitted. Very often ureaplasmosis is followed by gonorrhea, a trichomoniasis, herpes, clamidiosis.

Express diagnosis methods are applied to definition of existence of the activator in a human body. For carrying out polimerazno-chain reaction the smear from a vagina, scraping or allocations from an urethra, a prostate secret is used.

To vyyasnenit the reason of infertility or an abortion apply a serological method of diagnosis, that is antibodies to structures of ureaplasmas come to light. Bacteriological crops give the highest precision of diagnosis. Tests from a vagina, from a mucous urethra, from the channel of a neck of uterus are similarly applied to research. Also for the analysis the prostate secret, morning urine is used. From this material in the special environment ureaplasmas are grown up. It is possible to define by bacteriological crops, ureaplasmas are how sensitive to a specific antibiotic.

Also the immunofluorescent analysis, a method of a direct immunofluorescence is applied to diagnosis of ureaplasmosis. The specific method of research is defined by the attending physician.

Treatment of ureaplasmosis

Treatment of ureaplasmosis is not always carried out even in case of detection of ureaplasmas in a human body. Only after the results of the analysis testimonial of existence of a large number of the activator, the doctor appoints the corresponding therapy.

In case of planning of pregnancy by the woman treatment of a disease is carried out preventively with the purpose to prevent danger to future child and the pregnant woman.

Treatment of ureaplasmosis is carried out mainly with use of antibiotics. At the same time the attending physician, being guided by analyses on sensitivity of an ureaplasma to an antibiotic, defines specific drug which most optimum is suitable for treatment. It is important to consider also the fact that at repeated therapy of this illness in case of resuming of an infection drugs which were used for treatment earlier will not approach any more. Ureaplasmas have ability to adapt to antibiotics.

Antibiotics are appointed in the form of tablets, candles, injections. It is very important obligatory to carry out in parallel treatment of both partners that infection did not occur again. During treatment of ureaplasmosis disturbances in a condition of intestinal microflora are possible. For the prevention of it the eubiotik and products containing bifidobacteria are appointed. Also in the course of treatment sick appoint immunomodulators which recover immunity of the patient.

As auxiliary methods the physical therapy, massage of a prostate, instillation of a bladder is often appointed. During therapy of ureaplasmosis it is important not to have sex, not to use spicy and spicy food, alcoholic drinks. The patient has to realize accurately what is ureaplasmosis and to follow all recommendations of the attending physician.

After passing of a course of treatment it is necessary to check whether it was succeeded to get rid of an infection completely, having used for this purpose one of diagnostic methods.

Two weeks later after the end of reception of antibiotics it is necessary to carry out the first analysis. A month later one more analysis for control of a state is carried out. If the ureaplasma is found during one of control researches, it is required to complete a repeated course of therapy.

Ureaplasmosis and pregnancy

УреаплазмозUreaplasmosis and pregnancy – extremely undesirable combination. Therefore when planning pregnancy each woman without fail has to take care of inspection on identification of a number of infections among which — ureaplasmosis. It is important to cure a disease before pregnancy, first of all, in view of the fact that pregnancy is a powerful stress for the woman's organism. Therefore ureaplasmas which are in an urinogenital path during pregnancy can provoke development of ureaplasmosis. And it diseases exerts extremely negative impact on incubation of the child. The ureaplasma can become the reason of premature births. Besides the infection can develop vnutriutrobno, and infection of the child with this disease often occurs at the time of delivery. During passing on patrimonial ways the child catches an infection.

Besides, treatment of ureaplasmosis happens to use of antibiotics which influence affects a condition of a fruit negatively. Such therapy in certain cases can even provoke an abortion. Therefore ureaplasmosis and pregnancy should not be combined.

In certain cases at women the inflammation of a uterus and appendages, an endometritis which provokes ureaplasmosis develops, and pregnancy, as a result, comes to an end with heavy puerperal complications.

In case of infection with an ureaplasma during pregnancy or before its approach it is necessary to address the specialist who will appoint carrying out the analyses allowing to define whether there is in an organism an infection immediately. As a rule, the pregnant woman for whom ureaplasmosis is diagnosed appoint a course of antibiotics. However it is important to consider that therapy with use of antibiotics is admissible only after the twenty second week of pregnancy. Each woman has to consult with the doctor to define how to treat ureaplasmosis. With its help drugs will be picked up. At the same time it is important to consider specific features: state of health of the woman, course of her pregnancy. Besides, in parallel with a course of antibiotics follows it is charming to accept the immunostrengthening means for the purpose of avoiding of consecutive infection.

Modern diagnostic methods and therapies of ureaplasmosis allow to treat pregnant women successfully. And if treatment of ureaplasmosis takes place correctly, then pregnancy is not put at risk. Therefore, infection with an ureaplasma during pregnancy is not a reason for its interruption. Understanding what is ureaplasmosis, and this illness is how serious, it is important to address the specialist who will define the correct tactics of treatment and will help to keep pregnancy and health of future child in time.

Prevention of ureaplasmosis

Prevention of ureaplasmosis assumes following to the principles of prevention of diseases which are transferred sexually. In this case it is the most important to use a condom at all sexual contacts, and also not to allow accidental sexual contacts. It is very important to reveal an illness in time and to see a doctor to receive adequate treatment. To warn repeated infection, both partners shall be treated.

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