The urethritis is a disease of which manifestation of inflammatory process in an urethra is characteristic. The brightest signs of an urethritis is the expressed pain in the course of an urination, and also emergence of allocations from an urethra. This disease is diagnosed for sick both floors.

Types of an urethritis

The urethritis – an infectious disease, therefore, its development occurs owing to influence of the infectious agent. Viruses, mushrooms, bacteria, etc. can be that. Also in especially exceptional cases diseases of a beam, toxic, allergic urethritis and some other its types meet.

Depending on that owing to what influence of the activator the urethritis develops, distinguish two different types of a disease: uretrita specific and nonspecific. In the first case emergence of a specific urethritis is provoked by sexually transmitted infections (chlamydias, gonokokk, a trichomonad, an ureaplasma, etc.). Such infections can be combined with influence of other viruses, mushrooms, bacteria, at the same time in an organism there can be several infections. In this case the illness becomes complicated what, as a rule, the person does not fix when the acute stage of an illness passes into chronic.

The nonspecific urethritis is shown owing to influence of opportunistic microflora. Its emergence is provoked by stafilokokkam, streptococci, colibacilli, fungi, etc. The disease in both cases develops and shown almost equally. But it is very important to consider that in case of detection of a sexually transmitted infection all sexual partners of the patient need to pass inspection and a course of treatment.

Features of an urethritis

УретритAs a rule, manifestation of a specific urethritis happens after sexual intercourse. However it happens that the person catches and for a certain time becomes the infection carrier. In that case the illness can prove at any time. Owing to sexual contact also the nonspecific urethritis can be shown.

The reason of development of inflammatory process in an urethra to become failure of immunity of a wall of the channel. The urethra is constantly infected, hit of an infection comes through blood, from intestines, from skin, from other places. Especially strong infection happens in the course of the sexual intercourse. Therefore, while the wall of an urethra can cope with an infection, the illness does not develop. But at the slightest failure of operation of protective mechanisms there is an inflammatory process which is followed by all accompanying symptoms.

There is a number of factors which often become contributing in the course of developing of a disease. First of all, the urethritis at men and at women can arise owing to single or continuous overcooling. Emergence of an urethritis is influenced by existence at the person of an urolithiasis. When sand or a stone moves ahead through an urethra, developing of injuries of walls and the subsequent emergence of an urethritis is quite possible. Too heavy exercise stresses, an irregularity of sex life contribute to a penis injury illness. However, too high sexual activity and frequent change of partners can also provoke a course of a disease. Too frequent use of spicy food, and also the put too much salt, acid dishes, marinated vegetables, a large amount of alcohol is not recommended. Getting to urine, substances from similar food irritate a wall of the channel. As a result there can be an inflammation or be shown progressing of already available illness.

Insufficient drink is frequent to become a provocative factor of manifestation of an urethritis: irregular urinations provoke a delay of bacteria in an organism, exactly urine washes away them from a bladder wall. At a neskolkochasovy break between urinations the risk of development of an inflammation considerably increases. Also the urethritis can be shown against the chronic inflammations arising in an organism.

Thus, there are many factors which can become afterwards defining at development of an urethritis. Therefore, this disease can arise at any person.

Urethritis symptoms

уретритAlready at the very beginning of a disease pronounced symptoms of an urethritis are shown: severe pain and gripes, burning sensations and an itch at an urination. Also in the course of an urination of people can feel any other discomfortable manifestations. Similar feelings arise also in generative organs, and in a crotch.

One more important symptom of an urethritis is an emergence of allocations from an urethra. They can have various character. So, depending on what activator provoked an urethritis, allocations happen very plentiful or very scanty. During an exacerbation of an illness of edge of an external opening can inflame and stick together. However in certain cases development of an urethritis is not followed by allocations at all.

At each subsequent exacerbation of a disease the inflammation strikes everything Bol essential part of a mucous membrane of an urethra. Therefore urethritis symptoms with each aggravation become more and more pronounced. Therefore if an illness not to treat by means of adequate methods, emergence of complication of an urethritis is possible.

If to consider urethritis symptoms from the point of view of their manifestation at each of types of a disease, then some differences of a clinical picture are noticeable.

So, at an acute urethritis at men and women the main symptoms is strong burning and pain in the course of an urination, existence of plentiful allocations from an urethra, hypostases and noticeable reddening of lips of an urethra. At a torpid urethritis subjective frustration are observed. They are not shown accurately, in certain cases are absent completely.

In case of a subacute urethritis there is a reduction of pain and hypostases in an urethra, the number of allocations also decreases. Only in the morning the crust which is sticking together an external opening of an urethra is sometimes shown. Urine has a transparent shade, in it purulent threads can meet.

At a chronic urethritis which is shown owing to the wrong approach to treatment or total that absence the neurotic phenomena are possible. Most often at this form of an urethritis there are small allocations from an urethra. They become more plentiful on condition of existence of some factors provoking an exacerbation of an illness. It can be plentiful alcohol intake, excitement, overcooling. Urethritis symptoms in a chronic form are often similar to signs of a torpid urethritis.

The urethra inflammation in general is characteristic of a total urethritis. Symptoms of this form of a disease are similar to symptoms of prostatitis. At the same time it is important to consider that in the absence of therapy symptoms of an urethritis can independently disappear. However at each following exacerbation of an illness its symptoms will be expressed even stronger. As a result the patient can have serious complications of an urethritis.

Complications of an urethritis

In the absence of necessary treatment the urethritis at men can be complicated by a number of the phenomena. First of all, the acute urethritis can take chronic shape. Development of the inflammatory phenomenon of a prostate (prostatitis), an inflammation of a small egg (orchitis), inflammatory process of seed bubbles (vesiculitis) is possible. Owing to an urethritis the balanitis, a balanoposthitis can also develop, the urethrostenosis is possible.

At an urethritis at women as complication disturbance of microflora of a vagina, cystitis, the inflammatory phenomena of uric ways is possible.

Diagnosis of an urethritis

УретритFor the correct treatment it is necessary to establish the diagnosis, first of all, correctly. First of all, the doctor tries to find out what reasons provoked emergence of an urethritis at the patient. So, different laboratory researches are applied to establishment of an infestant (a smear, DNA diagnosis, PTsR). Often the doctor appoints carrying out ultrasonic research of bodies of a small pelvis for an adequate assessment of their state. Being guided by the received results, to the patient a certain therapy is appointed.

Treatment of an urethritis

In order that treatment of an urethritis was the most effective, it is necessary to define, first of all, what infection provoked inflammatory processes of an urethra. At treatment of an urethritis the same schemes of therapy are used, as at treatment of the milkwoman, clamidiosis, gonorrhea and some other diseases of a reproductive system. For fight against pathogenic microorganisms use different medicines. First of all, it is antibiotics, and also means with antifungal and antiviral action.

It is important that treatment of an urethritis happened in parallel at both sexual partners in view of high probability of a transmission of infection during sexual intercourse.

Both specific, and nonspecific urethritis treat, being guided by the identical principles. Similar classification is important from the point of view of specific selection of drugs for therapy of an urethritis, and also for understanding whether there is a need for treatment of the sexual partner of the patient.

If the combination of an urethritis and cystitis is diagnosed for the patient, then the integrated approach to treatment is important. At the same time the doctor surely appoints use of physiotherapeutic procedures, and also instillations of medicines in a bladder and an urethra. Process of treatment can last as several days, and several weeks: it depends on severity of an illness.

The correct approach to treatment is important and from the patient. Effectively not only drug treatment, but also observance of the diet ordered by the doctor, abstention from alcohol, plentiful drink.

After the course of therapy is ended, and all symptoms of a disease disappeared, it is necessary to carry out without fail analyses repeatedly for control of a condition of the patient. It will help to be convinced that the infection managed to be destroyed.

Prevention of an urethritis

As measures of prevention of an urethritis it is important to adhere to healthy food, having excluded abundance of hot, salty, acid dishes, alcoholic beverages from a diet. Also the correct drinking mode is important: every day the person has to use enough liquid. An optimal variant – the use of simple still water. If necessary it is possible to apply diuretics – lime tea, cucumber, blackcurrant and cranberry juice, parsley for this purpose will approach.

It is also necessary to avoid overcooling, to wear warm and convenient clothes in the winter, not to allow problems with a chair, to watch carefully hygiene of generative organs. In the presence of symptoms of an inflammation it is necessary to address at once the specialist to cure an illness at an early stage.

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