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  • Latin name: Ursosan
  • ATH code: A05AA02
  • Active ingredient: Ursodeoksikholevy acid (Ursodeoxycholic acid)
  • Producer: Missile defense. Prague MED.TSS (Czech Republic)


Structure of medicine following:

  • active component — ursodeoksikholevy acid;
  • additional components — starch corn, silicon dioxide colloid, gelatin, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide.

Release form

Medicine Ursosan is on sale in solid capsules of white color. In capsules white powder.

Pharmacological action

Drug is gepatoprotektorny, it also works as cholagogue, hypolipidemic, immunomodulatory, cholelitholytic and gipokholesterinemichesky means.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The structure causes action of this medicine. Its active component – ursodeoksikholevy acid. Wikipedia and many other websites call this drug quite so. Ursodeoksikholevy acid has high polar properties and creates the non-toxic mixed micelles with toxic bile acids. It leads to the fact that ability of a gastric reflyuktat to damage cellular membranes at emergence a reflux esophagitis and biliary a reflux gastritis decreases. In addition drug Ursosan creates the double molecules entering cellular membranes of hepatocytes, epithelial cells of a gastrointestinal tract, holangiotsit. These molecules stabilize them and do unreceptive to influence of cytotoxic micelles.

Active agent of medicine also reduces the content of bile acids which are toxic for hepatocytes, and stimulates the cholepoiesis saturated with bicarbonates. Thanks to it the cholestasia disappears intra hepatic. Ursodeoksikholevy acid reduces a litogenny index of bile and concentration of cholesterol by means of preventing to its absorption in intestines, reduction of secretion in bile, oppressions of synthesis in a liver. As a result cholesteric gallstones are dissolved. Means also prevents emergence of new concrements.

Drug works as immunomodulator due to oppression of an expression of HLA-2 and HLA-1 antigens and improvement of a normal killerny lymphocyte activity. Besides, it interferes with development of fibrosis in people with primary biliary cirrhosis, and also with an alcoholic steatogepatit and a mucoviscidosis. Reduces probability of emergence of a varicosity in a gullet, slows down a senilism and death of cells.

Active agent of medicine is soaked up from a small bowel by means of passive diffusion (extent of absorption of about 90%), and in an ileal gut – at the expense of active transport. The maximum concentration is reached approximately 60-180 minutes later.

Extent of communication with proteins of plasma to 99%. At the continuous use ursodeoksikholevy acid becomes the main bile acid in blood serum. Therapeutic effect of drug depends on its content in bile.

Drug is split in a liver with formation of such products of a metabolism as a glycine and taurinovy conjugate. They cosecrete in bile. About 60% of the general dosage are removed with bile. A quantity of active agent is also transported in a large intestine where it is split by bacteria. Lithocholic acid in small degree is soaked up from a large intestine, sulphated in a liver and removed as a sulfolitokholilglitsinovy or sulfolitokholiltaurinovy conjugate.

Indications to Ursosan's use

At forums quite often are interested from what tablets can help otherwise. Specialists do not recommend to accept them without consultation with the doctor. Only it can define whether there are indications to Ursosan's use. Besides, it selects the necessary scheme of treatment.

If to you appointed tablets Ursosan, indications to use, as a rule, the following:

  • uncomplicated cholelithiasis;
  • need of prevention of recurrence of a lithogenesis after a cholecystectomia;
  • acute hepatitis;
  • alcoholic disease and primary biliary cirrhosis;
  • dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways;
  • cystous fibrosis of a liver;
  • biliary dispeptic syndrome;
  • toxic damages of a liver;
  • chronic active hepatitis;
  • not alcoholic steatogepatit;
  • atresia of intra hepatic bilious ways;
  • primary sclerosing cholangitis;
  • biliary reflux gastritis and reflux esophagitis;
  • need of prevention of damages of a liver at reception of hormonal contraceptive drugs and tsitostatik.


This medicine cannot be used at hypersensitivity to its components, a nonfunctioning gall bladder, chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis, acute cholecystitis, cirrhosis (at a decompensation), an acute cholangitis, acute infectious diseases of a gall bladder, diseases of bilious channels, pregnancy, feeding of a breast, zhelche - gastrointestinal fistula, gallstones with the increased maintenance of Ca2+, inflammatory diseases of a small and large intestine, a liver failure, a renal failure, an empyema of a gall bladder, obturation of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways.

Side effects of Ursosan

About side effects appear infrequently. Nevertheless, if there were any undesirable reactions, it is necessary to see a doctor surely.

The following side effects of Ursosan are known:

Calcination of gallstones is in rare instances possible.

Application instruction of Ursosan (Way and dosage)

The application instruction reports to those to whom appointed tablets Ursosan that it is necessary to accept them orally, at the same time washing down with liquid.

Medicine has different schemes of reception depending on a disease. For those who are interested how to accept Ursosan: to food or after – it is reported also that it individually depending on indications to use.

In case of diffusion diseases of a liver and cholelithiasis the course of treatment can last from several months to several years, a day dosage usually of 10-15 mg on 1 kg of body weight of the patient (2-5 capsules). At cholelithiasis the day dosage is accepted once just before a dream. Treatment is carried out before dissolution of stones, and then 3 more months in order that stones were not formed again. At diffusion diseases of a liver the application instruction of Ursosan reports that the day dosage needs to be divided into 2-3 receptions. Means needs to be accepted during meals.

After a cholecystectomia and for the purpose of prevention of a repeated cholelithiasis, as a rule, appoint 250 mg 2 times during the day. The course is expected several months.

At primary biliary cirrhosis medicine is taken in a dosage of 10-15 mg on 1 kg of body weight of the patient a day. If it is necessary, it can be raised to 20 mg on 1 kg. The dosage needs to be divided into 2-3 receptions. The course of treatment lasts from 6 months to several years.

If at the patient not alcoholic steatogepatit, accept 13-15 mg on 1 kg of weight of the patient a day. The dosage needs to be divided into 2-3 receptions. The course of treatment can last from 6 months to several years.

In case of biliary a reflux gastritis and a reflux esophagitis medicine is taken on 1 capsule (250 mg) a day just before a dream. Therapy is carried out from 10 days to 6 months. If there is a need, it can be prolonged till 2 flyings.

At damages of a liver, an atresia of bilious ways and an alcoholic disease of a liver the day dosage makes usually 10-15 mg on 1 kg of weight of the patient. The daily dosage needs to be divided into 2-3 receptions. The course is expected half a year, year and more.

If the patient has primary sclerosing cholangitis, the doctor appoints, as a rule, 12-15 mg to 1 kg of body weight of the patient a day. If necessary the dosage can be raised to 20 mg on 1 kg of weight. The general day dose is divided the patient into 2-3 receptions. A reception course – of half a year till several years.

At a mucoviscidosis drug is accepted in dosages on 20-30 mg on kg a day. The dose needs to be divided into 2-3 receptions. The course lasts of half a year till several years.

For children of 2 flyings the amount of the accepted drug in day is established by the specialist individually. Usually appoint 10-20 mg to kg a day.

For the purpose of elimination of the expressed and dangerous jaundice specialists in certain cases appoint this means and the newborn. Therapy is expected 2-4 weeks. The application instruction of Ursosan reports to newborns that a dosage for children of this age – a quarter of a capsule every day. The powder which is in it pours out on a saucer. Then it is divided into four equal parts, one of which is given to the baby. Previously it needs to be dissolved in water or breast milk. If treatment takes place successfully, the course can be reduced to 10 days. At the same time it is necessary to watch every week the content of bilirubin in blood. On average, in a week its level decreases by 50 units. After concentration in blood will become 100 mg/ml, medicine can be cancelled.


About overdose by this drug it was not reported.


Antacids with Al3 + and ion-exchange resins are capable to reduce extent of absorption of medicine. Hypolipidemic drugs, estrogen, and also Neomycinum or progestins increase cholesterol level in bile and reduce extent of dissolution of cholesteric bilious concrements.

Terms of sale

This medicine is released only according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to keep capsules in the dry, unavailable to children and well protected from penetration of sunshine place. Optimum temperature condition at the same time to 25 °C.

Period of validity

Four years.

Ursosan's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

The name of analogs of this medicine is provided in the following list:

All analogs of Ursosan have the features of action and use. No of them can be replaced independently without consultation with the doctor. The price of analogs can be different depending on quantity of medicine in one packaging. However in most cases cost is higher than them, than the described medicine in similar quantity.

Let's consider some analogs of Ursosan in more detail.

Ursofalk or Ursosan – what is better?

In most cases specialists consider at the choice between these two preparatma that the first means is better after all. It is confirmed with many clinical supervision, responses of patients and long-term practice. The people accepting both means note that Ursofalk is had easier. And specialists report that it dissolves gallstones quicker and improves a condition of a liver. However in what Ursosan and Ursofalk's difference for each case, it is possible to understand only in practice. There are people for whom such medicine as Ursosan will be suitable more. So it is possible to appoint at first Ursofalk's course, and if treatment was not rather effective, to pass to other drug. Thus, it is possible to choose the best method of therapy.

Ursosan or Essentiale — what is better?

As a gepatoprotektor Essentiale is much more efficient for maintenance of functions of a liver. Besides, this means has no so many side effects. So for those who choose drug in need of normalization of function of a liver doctors in most cases recommend the second means. Ursosan is more expensive and has smaller effect on cellular structure.

Urdoksa or Ursosan – what is better?

Urdoksa – means of a domestic production which is Ursosan's generic. However all necessary components for its production are bought abroad. Thus, all components in it same, as well as in original drug. So answer to a question: "Urdoksa or Ursosan – what is better?" – does not exist. Actually, it is full analogs, and the difference between them consists only in the manufacturing country. Many, however, choose domestic means as its cost is much less.

Ursoliv or Ursosan – what is better?

Both drugs have the same main component. Some patients transfer one drug better, and some – another. In this situation individual efficiency can be checked only in practice. All this depends on features of an organism so it is necessary to begin to accept one of means, and if it did not help, to pass to another. The objective signs helping to define effectiveness of each of these drugs do not exist. Many patients prefer to try each of means, and then choose the most effective.

Ursosan for newborns

About this drug demonstrate that it in the presence of the corresponding indications is effective for newborns. At high concentration of bilirubin physiological jaundice can develop in blood at babies.

Ursosan in this case has the established scheme of use.


  • Ursosan of 250 mg No. 10 kapsulypro.med.tss Prague a.o.
  • Ursosan of 250 mg No. 50 kapsulypro.med.cs Praha
  • Ursosan of 250 mg No. 100 kapsulypro.med.cs Praha

Drugstore of IFC

  • Ursosan kaps 250 mg No. 100 *, Pro.Med.CS Prahachekhiya
  • Ursosan kaps 250 mg No. 10 *, Pro.Med.CS Prahachekhiya
  • Ursosan kaps 250 mg No. 50 *, Pro.Med.CS Prahachekhiya
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  • URSOSANPRO.MED.CS Praha (Czech Republic)
  • Ursosan of a capsule of 250 mg No. 10promed of Farm (Czech Republic)
  • URSOSANPRO.MED.CS Praha (Czech Republic)
  • Ursosan of a capsule of 250 mg No. 100promed of Farm (Czech Republic)


  • Ursosan kaps. 250 mg No. 10promed of Farm
  • Ursosan kaps. 250 mg No. 10promed of Farm
  • Ursosan kaps. 250 mg No. 10promed of Farm


  • Ursosan of 250 mg No. 100 KAPS.PRO.MED.CS of Praha a.s. (Czech Republic)
  • Ursosan of 250 mg No. 10 KAPS.PRO.MED.CS of Praha a.s. (Czech Republic)
  • Ursosan of 250 mg No. 50 KAPS.PRO.MED.CS of Praha a.s. (Czech Republic)
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