Fatigue of legs

The fatigue of legs periodically disturbs also people who do hard manual work, and those who are engaged in exclusively sedentary work. If legs are tired and hurt after considerable tension, it speaks simply. Nevertheless, continuous manifestation of this symptom as a result can lead to development of serious diseases — a varicosity, thrombophlebitis.

How the fatigue of legs is shown?

If at the person the frequent fatigue of legs, pain, feeling of weakness and discomfort in extremities is noted, then in medicine this the state is defined as "a syndrome of tired legs". According to the statistics, this state is observed approximately at 75% of women and 25% of men who already were 35 years old.

At the patient suffering from this syndrome regularly legs very much are tired. Standing there can be severe hypostases, periodically the person is disturbed by spasms, he feels an onychalgia. Except that at the patient legs quickly are tired, he can feel periodic discomfort in the form of "goosebumps" in legs, numbness of a shin and fingers, heavy feeling, burnings. There can be a feeling that foot "get out".

As a result, it is heavy to person who has similar problems to be engaged in work, to be exposed to physical tension. Sometimes pain and fatigue of legs is so strong that brings discomfort even at night, preventing the person to have a rest and be recovered fully.

Why the fatigue of legs is shown?

It is possible to call many factors which provoke the fatigue of legs and all unpleasant symptoms connected with this phenomenon. Strongly legs at people who have a large number of extra kilos are tired. Such problem is characteristic and for those who daily go much, transfers heavy things.

Speaking about a problem of fatigue of legs, it should be taken into account a hereditary factor surely. Why legs quickly are tired, often explains disturbance of functions of vessels. Such diseases very often are hereditary.

Ноги устают и болятSpecial attention should be paid on daily footwear. The fact that women suffer from fatigue of legs much more often partly explains carrying footwear on a high heel. So legs constantly stay in a condition of tension that as a result conducts to fatigue and pain. But even when carrying footwear on a flat sole of a leg can strongly be tired if footwear close or very free.

Not only those who go much, but also the people ignoring physical activity suffer from fatigue of legs. The sedentary life steadily leads to the fact that blood and a lymph stagnate that as a result leads to pain in legs and to feeling of strong fatigue. By the way, legs at those who got used to sit are tired quicker, showering a leg on a leg.

Physical trainings — a fine measure of prevention of fatigue of legs. However this statement is fair only if this is not about an overstrain and excessive loadings. Too heavy trainings quite often become that factor which conducts to fatigue of legs owing to an overstrain of muscles. Similar is observed at people who play sports professionally, and also at those who are not able to choose intensity and duration of fitness trainings correctly. If the person overtrained, then except fatigue in legs he notes concern, sleeplessness, a high susceptibility to infections.

In hot days at the person legs are tired when walking much quicker. The heat steadily leads to dehydration, and for overcoming of this phenomenon it is necessary to use enough liquid.

The fatigue of legs is characteristic of the people having diseases of kidneys, diseases of bodies of a small pelvis. It is a characteristic symptom which is shown at patients with a varicosity, at those who have flat-footedness. All diseases which are connected with decrease in a blood-groove in legs steadily cause feeling of fatigue in legs. This disease of peripheral arteries which develops owing to blocking of arteries atherosclerotic blood clots. Treatment of fatigue of legs is in that case permanently connected with therapy of the main illness. As a rule, this illness elderly people, and also the malicious smokers sick with a diabetes mellitus, people with high rates of level of cholesterol have.

The feeling of fatigue in legs can be connected also with autoimmune diseases at which development the immune system begins to attack cells of own organism. So, at a rheumatic polimialgiya of the patient feels strong fatigue of muscles of legs and pain owing to immune attack to cells of this area.

To think of why legs are tired and what to do if legs are tired, often it is necessary pregnant women. In this case legs are tired as a result of the hormonal changes which are actively happening in an organism of future mother. Manifestations of fatigue of legs at a menopause are also connected with hormonal reorganization.

How to get rid of fatigue of legs?

Что делать если устают ногиIf legs, then the first that needs to be made — to provide small rest to extremities were tired. For this purpose it is necessary to sit down or lie down for half an hour, at the same time legs have to be in sublime situation that outflow of a lymph and blood happened more intensively.

But before practicing removal of fatigue of legs in the different ways, it is necessary to learn what reasons provoked this symptom. If the person has symptoms of varicosity, hypostases of the lower extremities constantly develop, then he surely should visit the doctor who will establish the correct diagnosis. Proceeding from it, the specialist will already make the decision how to take off fatigue from legs and what means most effectively will help to clean weight legs.

To take off the fatigue in legs which is not connected with serious diseases it is not always necessary to use leg ointment or other medicamentous means. It is initially necessary to choose daily footwear very carefully. You should not save on this subject of clothes unambiguously as the convenient and correctly picked up pair of shoes can relieve of a problem of fatigue of legs completely. Optimum height of a heel — three-four centimeters. But whatever was the heel, all the same for all day it is undesirable to go in such footwear. Better at least for some time to replace it with convenient slippers or flats.

Every day it is necessary to carry out several times special gymnastics for legs. The people inclined to manifestation of fatigue of the lower extremities, will be helped by massage and trays for legs for fatigue. These procedures will help to transfer easier daily loadings and will remove a fatigue load after an unlucky day.

It is easy to carry out exercises for legs even in the middle of day of work as become very simply. Staying in a sitting position, it is necessary to pull initially several times socks of legs on itself, and then to pull them from itself. The following exercise — rotation of a stupnyama from left to right and from right to left. It is necessary to complete a small complex, having passed on a floor by the tramp, at the same time smoothly from a heel on a sock. It is recommended to rise to office workers at least once 20-30 minutes from a chair and to go 2-3 minutes. It will promote active blood circulation.

Сильно устают ногиIt is possible to eliminate an onychalgia by means of a tray in the evening. There are many effective remedies which add to trays for legs. It can be herbs (a camomile, a plantain, a horsetail, linden flowers), sea salt. Such trays accept 10-15 minutes. One more option — a contrast tray. For this purpose take two basins — with hot and cold water. It is necessary to keep in them legs for 2 minutes serially. It is necessary to finish acceptance of a tray in cold water. After a tray for legs it is necessary to lie down surely at least several minutes, holding legs slightly higher than the level of the head.

Massage by a foot — one more excellent means allowing to take off fatigue of legs. The most optimal variant — to carry out such massage after a tray for legs. It is necessary to warm up at first a foot, and then each finger separately. After carrying out massage it is desirable to apply on a foot good cream for fatigue of legs. As responses testify, complex use of trays, massage and cream against fatigue allows to cope with this problem effectively. Patients with a varicosity cannot do such massage.

To pick up tired leg cream or gel for fatigue of legs, it is better to consult initially to the doctor and to tell in more detail as the syndrome of tired legs and what feelings accompany it is shown.

Also compresses which need to be done for the night are suitable for removal of fatigue of legs. The compress which is taking off fatigue of legs consists of honey and several drops of essential oils of mint and rosemary.

At manifestation of strong fatigue the doctor can sometimes advise to carry medical compression jersey. Its carrying is shown to people with a varicosity as by means of such jersey it is possible to prevent emergence of hypostases. There are also special orthopedic pillows for legs on which it is necessary to put extremities during a night dream.

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