The exhaustion of an organism is a peculiar physiological state which arises owing to too vigorous activity. Overfatigue of an organism is expressed in reduction of working capacity and decrease in a vitality. Full recovery of an organism is required to return to usual way of life.

How the exhaustion is shown?

Sometimes as a synonym to the term "exhaustion" the word "fatigue" is used. However these definitions are not equivalent as the fatigue is only a subjective feeling which shows exhaustion.

The physical and intellectual (mental) exhaustion is defined. Intellectual overfatigue is expressed, first of all, by reduction of productivity of intellectual efforts, dispersion of attention. At physical overfatigue functions of muscles are broken.

Subjective and objective signs of exhaustion are defined by physicians. The most precursory symptom is the feeling of fatigue, desire to sleep. Physical overfatigue of various degree is expressed at adults and children by reduction of the muscular endurance and force broken by coordination of movements. For performance of certain actions the person at whom symptoms of overfatigue of an organism are noted needs to spend much more energy.

Initial signs of overfatigue of an organism at brainwork are expressed by problems with memory, impossibility to quickly process information, to concentrate on the solution of the main issues, etc. The reasons of overfatigue are in that case connected with long and active brainwork as it, for example, it happens at pupils before examination. The basic physiological reasons of overfatigue of physical character – an organism overstrain. For example, such state can arise at the athlete, at the driver after long flight, etc. In certain cases after very heavy loadings it is at the same time observed both physical, and mental forms of exhaustion.

The exhaustion can be connected also with specifics of work: it comes rather if the person works monotonously, in an identical pose, and at the same time it strains the same muscles. External signs of fatigue can appear from behind false sensation of comfort afterwards after work in a static pose.

ПереутомлениеIf the condition of overfatigue is regularly noted at the person and prevents it to conduct full-fledged life and to work actively, it is necessary to go surely to an appointment with a request to explain what reasons of exhaustion are actual in your case and that needs to be done to get rid of this state.

At defective rest or at constant very strong loadings there is a chronic physical and nervous overfatigue. Specialists are inclined to distinguish also intellectual and mental exhaustion of the person. People of young age have continuous intellectual resets and a condition of exhaustion provoke development of neurosises. Very often the exhaustion of school students is so expressed. At those who are inclined to continuous sincere disorders and alarm mental overfatigue is shown.

Considering the fact that working capacity and exhaustion are closely connected, it is necessary to turn surely attention to signs of such state and to take necessary measures. If the fast exhaustion is very often noted, and recovery does not happen even after rest, it is worth going for consultation to the specialist.

Parents shall have accurate concept about exhaustion and overfatigue at children not to miss the first extent of overfatigue and to try to help the child. At preschool children and pupils of elementary grades strong overfatigue develops quicker, than at the adult. This state sometimes comes just owing to hours-long sitting behind a school desk, too big daily loadings, etc. Chronic overfatigue at children is expressed by a number of signs. The child becomes scattered, inattentive, loses assiduity, breaks discipline during lessons. In certain cases the child can even have temperature from overfatigue, weakness, headaches, weakness is noted. Very often additional treatment of overfatigue is required to children who brought any disease recently. But it is necessary to consider that such state can be also an illness harbinger.

Why the exhaustion is shown?

Физическое утомление и переутомлениеThus, serious exercise, intellectual and emotional stresses, improper feeding, deficit of a dream and good rest, complexity of adaptation to certain conditions, a hypodynamia, etc. are basic reasons of overfatigue.

The exhaustion occurs at the person owing to long or too intense activity. The exhaustion during the work is shown owing to different types of activity: the organism overtires both during the static work, and during the dynamic work. The physical exhaustion develops during the muscular work, intellectual – at vigorous intellectual activity. Monotonous activity, monotony of actions leads to overfatigue. The person has a desire to leave work or to reduce loading degree. At muscular exercises of people overtires as in his muscles the reserve of power substances decreases and at the same time decomposition products collect. Respectively, rest allows to get rid of lactic acid (decomposition product) and to recover normal work of a skeletal muscle and other muscles. The normality and a muscle work comes at active recreation quicker.

If the condition of fatigue constantly pursues the person, with the question "explain what reasons of fatigue of muscles", it is necessary to address the doctor surely. The specialist will conduct preliminary survey which will allow to define that the constant exhaustion is connected with any specific reason. Besides the doctor will tell what has to be overfatigue prevention in the future.

Long mental work, bad working conditions, emotional overloads, noise, physical diseases can be the reasons of exhaustion of psychological character. If in a condition of overfatigue of people continues to work, then gradually it develops exhaustion which can be both acute, and chronic. Often exhaustion of both forms is noted at athletes who actively prepare for competitions.

It is important to understand that the exhaustion can be a symptom of serious diseases – a diabetes mellitus, hepatitis C, oncological illnesses, a depression, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, etc. Therefore it is extremely important to pass full inspection and to define whether the state of health of the person is normal. During consultation the doctor surely pays attention as to some subjective indicators (fatigue, the general discomfort), and to objective signs (loss of weight, pulse increase, fluctuation of arterial pressure)

How to get rid of overfatigue?

Утомление организма при работеTo avoid overfatigue, the person, first of all, has to show consideration very much for own health and "listen" to organism signals of fatigue and an indisposition. No kinds of physical exhaustion can be disregarded. If the person regularly tests exhaustion at an exercise stress, it is necessary to reduce its intensity and vital speed in general as the physical overfatigue conducting to exhaustion can develop afterwards.

To warn exhaustion, it is important to organize rationally work, to alternate active work to rest, to equip a workplace so that it was most convenient to work on it.

Specialists claim that active recreation allows to prevent overfatigue more effectively. The person needs to alternate brainwork to a physical activity or exercises constantly. It is important to do a full-fledged lunch break in the afternoon and not to be busied at this time.

It is necessary to remember that the organism overtires rather at static activity of muscles that is when they constantly stay in a condition of tension. Not to allow it, it is important to alternate a static and dynamic muscle work, to periodically find time for rest.

If the person feels the first signs of fatigue at physical or brainwork, he needs to pay surely attention to it fully to have a rest, switch the attention to other types of activity. It is impossible to allow chronic overfatigue.

If the person often gets tired, feels broken, he can try to apply some recipes of traditional medicine allowing to normalize an organism and to raise the general tone. Favorable impact on an organism is made by tea with honey and milk, broths of mint, cowberry leaves. It is also recommended to prepare teas and infusions from a root of a glycyrrhiza, a purple cone-flower. It is recommended to drink garnet and grape juice, and also freshly cooked juice from beet and carrots. Important there is as much as possible time to be in the fresh air, to pay attention to food, to enter into a diet vegetables, fruit, berries.

Favorable impact on an organism at overfatigue is made by hydrotherapeutic procedures. It is possible to take the weakening bath in the evening or to make a contrast tray for legs (to serially lower legs in cold, in hot water). It is desirable to do rubdowns by cold water in the morning, and the tempered people can practice douche. Effectively the bathtub with needles extract, with essential oil from pine needles recovers forces.

Prevention of exhaustion of children of preschool age consists, first of all, in adjustment of an optimum day regimen for the child. And small children, and at school students have to have a full-fledged dream, the normal food including dishes, useful to an organism. Parents need to watch carefully that, load of the child is how adequate. To avoid visual and muscular overfatigue, it is important to school student to alternate types of activity, to have a rest periodically from occupations. Measures of prevention of overfatigue at children provide that at the child preschool child studies should not be continued more than 15-20 minutes, and the younger school student has to have a rest from active intellectual loadings everyone half an hour. It is impossible to assume that the child spent much time in front of the monitor as there is a risk of development of a so-called computer visual syndrome. The exhaustion, its types and prevention at the child is an important subject about which it is necessary to talk to the pediatrician and to listen to his councils.

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