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  • Latin name: Vagisan
  • ATH code: G02C
  • Active ingredient: Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri
  • Producer: Jadran-Galenski Laboratorij d.d. (Croatia)


Peroral and vaginal capsules Vagisan contain Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri. For peroral capsules the total quantity of these lactobacilli corresponds about 1х109 WHICH. Vaginal capsules include respectively 50 mg of lactobacilli.

In addition for peroral capsules: anhydrous glucose, MKTs, potato starch, magnesium stearate, gelatin, titanium dioxide.

In addition for vaginal capsules: fruktooligosakharida, MKTs, lactic acid, gipromelloza, talc, the polyacrylic acid, silicon dioxide, calcium lactate, titanium dioxide.

Release form

Drug Vagisan is made in the form of peroral capsules No. 15 and vaginal capsules No. 7.

Pharmacological action

Supporting and filling balance of vaginal microflora.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The microflora of a vagina of the woman who does not have problems with health normal contains more than 20 forms of various microorganisms, and the considerable part them is the share of Lactobacillus. These lactobacilli create acid medium in a vagina, take active part in maintenance of balance between salutary and conditional and pathological microorganisms (mushrooms, bacteria), and also strengthen and develop protective qualities of a mucous membrane of a vagina.

Influence of the various external and internal factors which are the reason of a hormonal imbalance including: the decrease in immunity which is observed against various pathologies; the pregnancy (which is also reducing immunity and changing hormonal balance); antibiotic treatment and reception of some other drugs (hormones, oral contraceptives); insufficient or on the contrary excessive hygiene of generative organs; infections of urinary tract; misuse of tampons; frequent change of sexual partners which negatively affects microflora of a vagina, and often becomes a pretext for active reproduction of pathological microorganisms, as leads to forming of dysbacteriosis of a vagina.

Lactobacillus entering peroral and vaginal capsules Vagisan represent characteristic bacteria of natural vulval microflora that allows them to keep and recover its lost balance. These lactobacilli promote maintenance of normal acid medium in a vagina, prevent fixing of disease-producing bacteria on its mucous, and also increase endogenous protection.

Indications to use

Vagisan appoint for treatment of puberal women with patholologically the changed vulval microflora at:

  • the weakened immunity;
  • pregnancies and after it;
  • the postponed sexually transmitted infections;
  • antibioticotherapias;
  • administration of drugs, affecting quality of vulval flora (for example, oral contraceptives);
  • urogenital infections (in complex treatment);
  • therapies by hormonal drugs;
  • the frustration caused by a stress.


Vagisan is contraindicated to use at personal high sensitivity to its ingredients.

Side effects

In rare instances, because of personal sensitivity, observed allergic manifestations.

Vagisan, application instruction

Peroral capsules (tablets) Vagisan are appointed to puberal women (after 12 years) on 1-2 pieces at 24 o'clock (or according to the recommendation of the doctor). The capsule should be swallowed during food and to wash down 100-200 ml of water. Duration of such therapy most often equals to 2-4 weeks.

In case of Vagisan's reception during an antibioticotherapia, the necessary interval between use of these drugs has to make not less than 120 minutes.

Vaginal capsules (candles) Vagisan need to be used once in days, it is desirable before going to bed. For this purpose one capsule is driven in a vagina, trying to place it as it is possible more deeply. Duration of such treatment is usually limited for 7 days.

It is the best of all to start therapy right after periods. In case of dryness vulval mucous before use allow wetting of a capsule in water.


There is no information on significant negative effects of overdose by Vagisan.


Purposeful studying of interaction of these lactobacilli with other medicines it was not carried out.

Terms of sale

Vagisan can buy without presentation of the recipe.

Storage conditions

Long-term storage of peroral and vaginal capsules demands temperature of 2-8 °C. When passing therapy with use of peroral capsules their storage at 25 °C is allowed.

Period of validity

24 months from the moment of production (for all dosage forms).

Special instructions

Before use of any of pharmaceutical forms of Vagisan it is necessary to pass consultation at the doctor.

It is possible to use Vagisan only for treatment of the women who reached puberty.


Analogs of Vagisan per se are not presented on the former Soviet Union.

For this time under the similar name it is possible to buy Vagisan the gel intended for intimate hygiene. This gel effectively liquidates dryness of a vagina, even that which is observed at a menopause. Thanks to the lactic acid which is a part of gel its natural microflora remains and supported normal rn an intimate zone, and also. Effects of gel take off a sensation of discomfort, an itch, pain, burnings which were caused by dryness of a vagina protect mucous membranes from microcracks and irritation, relieve of discomfort at sexual intercourse and promote intimate contact.

Also under a trademark Vagisan it is possible to buy the intimate soap which is specially created for maintenance natural rn the sexual female sphere and including lactic acid and ingredients of a plant origin (a calendula, a camomile) possessing antiseptic and antiinflammatory efficiency.


  • Vagisan gel for intim.gig. moistening 50mlyadran (Croatia)
  • Vagisanjadran (Croatia)
  • Vagisan kaps. levers. No. 7yadran (Croatia)
  • Vagisan kaps. 1 billion KUE No. 15 ndsyadran (Croatia)
  • Vagisan Wednesday - in for intim.gig. 250mlyadran (Croatia)
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