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  • Latin name: Validol
  • ATH code: C01EX
  • Active ingredient: Left menthol solution in mentit isovalerate (Levomenthol solution in menthyl isovalerate)
  • Producer: LLC Lyumi, Evrofarm, Dalkhimfarm, PFK Updating, JSC Pharmstandard, Farmagen (Russia); JSC Farmak, CIAO Darnitsa, JSC Zdorovye, PAO Lubnyfarm (Ukraine)


According to Wikipedia IUN (international unlicensed name) of Validol – left menthol solution in menthylisovalerate, a chemical formula – C15H28O2.

Composition of Validol in tablets: 60 mg of solution of left menthol in menthylisovalerate – active ingredient. Additional components: calcium stearate, sucrose.

Composition of Validol in capsules: 50 mg or 100 mg of solution of left menthol in menthylisovalerate – active ingredient. Additional components: pharmaceutical gelatin, methylparahydroxybenzoate, glitserol, propilparagidroksibenzoat, the purified water.

Release form

The main forms of production of Validol are tablets No. 6 or No. 10 in the blister or capsules No. 10 or No. 20 in the blister.

Pharmacological action

Vasodilating, sedative.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Validol is the complex substance received during process of dissolution of menthol (left menthol) in menthylisovalerate (mentilovy ether of isovaleric acid). In case of sublingual use of validol for what tablets or capsules of drug should be put under language, its pharmacological action is shown thanks to influence of its two active ingredients – menthol and menthylisovalerate.

Effect of menthol in an oral cavity directionally on irritation of the nerve terminations, sensitive to it, which are on a mucous membrane. It is proved that such irritation leads to reflex vasodilatation (including coronary vessels).

The effect of menthylisovalerate is shown thanks to its ability to stimulate in TsNS development and further release of peptides (dinorfinum, endorphine, kinin, enkephalin) and a mediator of a histamine, pain which are regulators and vascular permeability. In this case cumulative influence of these substances works as the anesthetizing and sedative connection.

As a result of the general influence of active ingredients of validol observed pain decreases, peripheric circulation improves, and also (sedative) action is shown soothingly from what validol helps at various painful states connected with cardiovascular system.

Absorption of active ingredients of drug in an oral cavity happens very quickly and already in a few minutes their maximum concentration circulate in a system blood-groove. Validol influence, in case of its sublingual use, is felt in 3-5 minutes.

Partial transformation of validol resembles in a liver with formation of products (glucuronides) removed with bile and urine, and also with the air exhaled by the person.

Indications to Validol use

Indications to use of Validol are:

  • conditions of hysteria;
  • functional cardialgias;
  • various neurosises;
  • feelings of headaches,
  • arising against therapy by nitrates;
  • syndrome of "motion desease" (including displays of nausea/vomiting at air and/or a sea sickness).


Before that how to take a pill or capsules of Validol it is necessary will get acquainted with contraindications to their reception which include personal hypersensitivity and to ingredients of a dosage form of drug and pathology of intolerance of sugars (in case of their presence at a dosage form).

The tableted drug forms often include sucrose as an additional component from what Tabulettaes Validoli should be taken with caution to the people suffering from a diabetes mellitus.

Side effects

In case of personal intolerance there can be allergic manifestations, including itch/rash on integuments, a Quincke's edema and the small tortoiseshell.

Use of validol in big dosages and throughout a long span can lead to developing of dacryagogue, dizziness and nausea. These manifestations, as a rule, disappear at decrease in dosages or the temporary termination of therapy.

Application instruction of Validol

Before to begin therapy with Validol, advise to establish a personal susceptibility of an organism to its ingredients and depending on their portability to define how many it is possible to accept tablets or capsules in 24 hours and whether reception of big dosages in this case is harmful.

Capsules and tablets Validol, application instruction

The application instruction of Validol in capsules and tablets recommends their sublingual (under language) use. Any of forms of drug should be placed in an oral cavity under language and to hold there to its full rassasyvaniye. One tablet (60 mg) or one capsule (50 mg or 100 mg) is considered a single dose. The average number of daily receptions makes 2-4 times, the most admissible dosage in 24 hours are 600 mg (10 tablets; 12 capsules on 50 mg or 6 capsules on 100 mg). It is better to limit duration of the alternating courses of therapy 7 days. At zero or insufficient efficiency of drug in 5-10 minutes after its full absorption it is necessary to consider the possibility of use of other HP.

The application instruction of Validol with glucose is identical to the above-stated description.


Reception of high doses of drug leads to the fact that Validol lowers pressure or increases risk of emergence of side effects and their expressiveness.

Overdose, that is use of excessive quantity of tablets or capsules for once, strengthens both positive, and negative effects of medicine and can lead to sharp decrease in the ABP, disturbances of cordial activity, forming of severe headaches and the expressed nausea passing into vomiting, to overexcitation and even suppression of functionality of TsNS.

In this case, depending on observed manifestations and their intensity, it is necessary to carry out a symptomatic treatment.


Parallel use with opioid analgetics, psychotropic HP, etanolsoderzhashchy means and drugs for an anesthesia increases their effects.

The combined reception with nitrates reduces the feeling of a headache arising against their use.

Combined use with anti-hypertensive HP can exponentiate their efficiency.

Terms of sale

All pharmacological forms of drug belong to nonprescription drugs.

Storage conditions

Usually specified range of comfortable temperatures of storage is equal to 8-15 °C.

Period of validity

Depending on the producer and a form of release period of storage of drug varies within 2-3 flyings.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

In a case when for any reasons use of Validol is impossible, doctors can advise its following analogs:

To children

Because development of painful states at which Validol is appointed is most often observed at mature age, experience of its use at children is insufficient for recommendations to use in this age category.


  • Validol 50 of mg No. 40 of a kapsulylyuma of Ltd company
  • Validol 60 of mg No. 10 of a tabletkifarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
  • Mg validol 60 with glucose No. 10 Tablet/Irbitsky HFZ/Irbitsky himfarmzavod of joint stock company
  • Validol 60 of mg No. 6 of a tabletkialtayvitamina of closed joint stock company
  • Validol 100 of mg No. 20 kapsulyminskinterkaps

Drugstore of IFC

  • Validol tbl 60 mg No. 10, Tatkhimfarmpreparata (Kazan) Russia
  • Validol tbl 60 mg No. 16, Updating of CJSC Pfkrossiya
  • Validol kaps 100 mg No. 20, Minskinterkaps (Minsk) Belarus
  • Validol with glucose tbl 60 mg No. 10, Pharmstandard-Leksredstva of joint stock company (Kursk) Russia
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  • Validol10
  • Validolfarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Validolfarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Validoldarnitsa (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Validollugansky HFZ (Ukraine, Luhansk)


  • Tab. validol 0.06g No. 10darnitsa
  • Tab. validol 0.06g No. 10darnitsa
  • Tab. validol 0.06g No. 10darnitsa
  • Tab. validol 0.06g No. 10darnitsa
  • Tab. validol 0.06g No. 10darnitsa


  • Validol of 60 mg No. 10 of the tab. sublingv. Farmak (Ukraine)
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